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  2. MCU seems to be strip mining its catalog of characters.Morbius, Moon Knight, She Hulk, Ghost Rider, etc are just a few examples. What do you think are possible potential characters or just characters you would love to see? I would love to see DEATHSTROK done right. Also some favs that would be cool to see is ELECTRA, PALADIN,MAN WOLF and FOOL KILLER.
  3. If I have to pick... my Top 10 Vampirella covers in no particular order are: 1, 5, 19, 21, 36, 78, 82, 85, 103, Vampirella Special
  4. Spec drek flippers, so-called "investors", etc. Usually - not always - the brainless ones. I will concede that newer collectors may be drawn to a story based on whether a movie they enjoyed was inspired by a certain run. Like Thor: Love and Thunder may attract people to the Lady Thor runs (although they're garbage IMO).
  5. The part of this ball point sketch that I keep staring at is Thor's boot's...tongue, I guess? That slashing diagonal line of shading is divided into two sections to indicate that the fabric is bending, which is pretty advanced for a forgery...unless it's copying something Jack did that all the time. Which he didn't. I've been combing over Thor pencil pieces and he seems to have done the shading on this part of the costume every which way, horizontal, vertical, etc. So...I dunno.
  6. I mean who is actually buying these books? It can't be collector's since we are notorious for paying as little as we possibly can so who it it?
  7. I admit, I just came in here and saw the last few posts. Pardons for not getting all the context. I will back out of here slowly now... -slym
  8. It is a shame that such magnificent books had to suffer, but without copies like this, I could never own one!
  9. My apologies. Can you direct me to the current thread then? Thanks.
  10. Yes, this is precisely why I don't have any interest in a 6" Joe line. GI Joe is (imo) the best action figure line of all time because of the sheer breadth of vehicles, playsets, accessories they were able to create along with all of the various characters. They had perfect playability. True, I don't really "play" with my toys much anymore, but that's still a big part of the appeal for me. 6" Joes may look cool, but they just aren't Joes to me. We'll see. They may be too undeniably cool to resist when they come out, but right now I'm not feeling it. I DO hope they succeed, so maybe some day we can get more 3 3/4" figures down the road.
  11. It seems these days that even a whiff of a TV or movie deal that is based on a comic will skyrocket the value of the comic overnight. What I am asking is does the value of those comics HOLD in the long term after all the books are sold. And does the books continue to go up even AFTER the release of the movie or TV? It seems that this might actually discourage new collector's and over-inflate true values. What is your opinion? Anyone get burned or made out like bandits?
  12. How about you two come to Toronto this year as well Love the new avatar Greggy.
  13. Just read a very old interview where Stan is talking about Ditko. He mentions how he spoke to Steve about a one time return to do a Spidey story and Ditko responded by saying he wouldn't do another Spider-Man story until Martin Goodman paid him the royalties he promised him. Seems there might be more than one side to the story.
  14. Currently on ComicLink, low bids. Cheers. White Knight Page 1 - Joker VS Batman White Knight Page 2 - Rogues Gallery Superman/Batman 2 Cover by Ed McGuinness
  15. One thing I'm super-curious about with a 6" Joe line is if and how they do vehicles. I collected Joes as a pre-teen, and I think I loved the vehicles more than the figures. The problem with the 1:12 scale as compared to the 1:18 scale is that the vehicles end up being HUGE. Imagine a 1:12 scale USS Flagg--it's over 7 feet long now, but scaled up to 1:12 it'd be over 10 feet long! The same applies to the Black Series Star Wars 6" figures. They've mostly avoided the vehicles I loved to buy for 1:18 scale figures as a kid, but they did do one 1:12 scale TIE Fighter, and it was HUGE. Here are a few people standing next to one...those side panels look over half as tall as that woman behind it:
  16. +1. Would say the previous owner of this book could not afford to have the back cover margins replaced and drawn /painted in-fill so just had the front cover margins 'pro' done. Susan Cicconi's rate would be too high for this much cover re-creation and in-painting by hand.
  17. Awesome Show...Don't Miss Out!
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