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  2. Everybody knows Doc Ock is based on Roy Orbison! I see that there is a page up for auction in three days time featuring Ross's art. Doc Ock as a Flasher... Aunt May: " Oh my giddy Aunt...When you said get a load of this!" " The least you could have done was FOUR warned me."
  3. I will be posting new close up pics of the spine and tear seal. they went over the whole spine and not a professional. had this book at least 35 years so someone had their way with it. back then I just bought books to read. those pics were posted before I noticed the color touch and tear seal, which is why I pulled the book.
  4. It had to do with taping the artwork down to be photographed for the plates, then they just would razor cut the art off the board it was mounted to. It was done for speed and convenience, as artwork was still thought of as worthless back then. As the production processes changed, that practice was thankfully stopped.
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