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  2. Happy Easter. Got off yer keister and call yer seester. And after dinner listen to sum Meester Meester.
  3. Picture Stories from the Bible Old Testament edition #'s 1-4 (full run) plus first edition of Complete Old Testament edition. Conditions vary, see next paragraph. Take the lot for $50 #1 about VG, #2 looks mid-grade but has extra staples and appears trimmed (tough book, not in Gerber), #3 GD due to piece missing last few pages, #4 VG, Complete edition VG.
  4. I've had several warnings and even a couple of vacations (can't remember if it was one or two) over innocuous, silly things that normally wouldn't move the needle by the old moderation team. One of my vacations was in the middle of a sales thread, which irritated me to no end because I really didn't do anything wrong. There are a few tools around here that deserve to be put in their place in the wood shed but I just put most of them on ignore now. They're not worth the effort. I guarantee you that if I did what someone just did in your sale thread, I would get a vacation. FU, Liz You're welcome!!!
  5. Double cover and off register on both covers. In addition to the double cover the book is in very high grade. The covers have very good color strike, and I love the razor sharp corners.
  6. Ok, I have a Basement open over in Crickets ... I mean, Mixed.... So I'm inviting all to check that out (dollar books abound!) but I'll put the gold here. Relists and a couple new items in both places. First wins, tie or indeterminate goes to the thread. Payment: Money order or check. I do not have paypal. Shipping to U.S. or Canada is actual; U.S. usually priority, or first class for a single book. Don't be listy Including the little one in my head. Returns: Notify within three days of receipt; get it back in the same shape on your dime.
  7. I got the e-mail for this a just shook my head. This will open them up to all kinds of shenanigans.
  8. This is why ST 110 has fewer graded copies. Demand and value has been higher for TOS 39 so more copies have been graded. ST 110 has a long way to go to reach that point. Not having Dr. Strange on the cover hurts a bit as well, but it is not a key you get asked for at most shows........
  9. I IZ STAGANT?!?! WUDY IS NO STAGANT! WUDY IS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  10. Lovin that green lantern #51. Such an undervalued key.
  11. Charlton kept the Westerns going for quite a while into the sixties too, of course. Here's some pictures to make up for the lack of 50's examples. Why did you stop at 1959 by the way Scrooge?
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