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  2. If my eyes roll back any further in my head I'm afraid I'm gonna have an orgasm
  3. Kav is dearly missed as he is one of the top contributors the boards ! his knowledge about original art is as strong as anyone anywhere and i hope he returns soon he is actually too good for these boards, some people give him grief for absolutely no reason other than spite
  4. And in this case, after Endgame, Carol Danvers will be both. You may not think it's a good idea, but that's the direction Disney is going with. On Avengers backpacks and lunch boxes and birthday plates, Captain Marvel will be front and center on all group photos.
  5. This seems a bit dramatic to me, as I'm sure this will be proven false in the very near future. (At the very least, when the calendar strikes 2020, this will definitely be a false statement ) Have you come here for support, or are you coming here to vent frustrations? I assume the latter, as no details have been provided on the former. Regardless, if you haven't already attempted any troubleshooting, you should try combinations of refreshing, reloading, updating, and switching your internet browser. In my experience, the USPS website doesn't like old cache/cookies, and it dropped support for older browsers last month (or maybe the month before). In my experience, Chrome works better than Firefox, which works better than Edge. If all that fails, a little patience goes a long way. I highly doubt we'll go the remainder of 2019 without having a means of shipping internationally outside of going into a post office.
  6. It's also true that just about everyone on the planet doesn't view their country the way foreigners view it. It's just human nature, not confined to Americans.
  7. Denys Cowan Question #32 pg 15 Thank you to Mr. Carter for helping me acquire this piece.
  8. I believe it's a form of (fancy name for) a magnifying glass.
  9. I believe this was Ross Andru’s first work on Spider-Man, from May 1967. (A survivor from my childhood collection.)
  10. Please forgive my ignorance, but you mentioned "a power 10 loop." What is it?
  11. Hey, I appreciate it! Are you thinking it'd come in at a 9 - 9.4 just based on the spine of the book?
  12. I have had good experiences with HA and Comic Link, though I mostly made my purchases from HA. I have not really used Comic Connect and though I have not used Metro, I know two people who had some unpleasant experiences. As far as vendors at cons probably in no particular order: Dale Roberts, Reese's, Dave and Adam's and Harley Yee I have always gotten great stuff from them and they have treated me right.
  13. Advanced Settings > Sellers > Specific Sellers > Exclude
  14. I'd like to see the indicia/publishers notification - agree it does look different from the US version. Maybe @Get Marwood & I has some insight ? Update: According to the GCD, it is a reprint: -bc
  15. Dawn has a mailing list that she will announce commissions through. I've only seen her offering pre-show commissions this year so far.
  16. I liked the 'Back in Black' storyline, and Garney's art. A few good stories here and there after 300 but nothing to rival the first 185 issues really. I see the old stuff and new as completely separate. You can't compare the later sophistication to the simpler, but far more charming early books. It's all wrapped up in age too. And nostalgia.
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