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  2. I had a similar plan, however, two plus years into retirement, I have made little headway in selling more than I buy. I have longevity in the genes, so 58 is still pretty young, however, nothing is guaranteed. My dad was super healthy and active, and he was randomly killed one day, way before he would have "naturally" died. That was a shocking wake up call to how quickly plans can change. On the moving boxes around bit, it is a pretty good alternative to lifting free weights - just practice good form, and it will be good and healthy for you.
  3. I hopefully ( tentatively ) will have my first thread in many years tonight around 7 Central. Not written in stone. You guys know how my threads use to do and they move pretty fast and furious and are fun. I am going to start liquidating just parts of my personal collection. Just need to thin things out. Am not getting out of comics, just want to lighten the load. We will see how it goes and I will be parting things out as the year progress's. So first thing will be some X -Men books #4 - #54 I think and a few Thor Annuals. Might be a bit rusty so have some patience till I get back in the swing of things. Later freaks.
  4. They also did it on Forever people 1 in a couple cases.,Which begs the question,who is final authority of FA and what does that mean for your graded copies of FA's?
  5. Basically Bran is king, but Tyrion won, there is no way around that. Bran clearly shows he is disinterested in being king, and Tyrion is the person who convinces the remaining loads as who should take the thrown, and then is elected Hand. That in and of itself is a second questionable decision behind making Bran king. Despite Tyrion being my personal favorite, he failed twice at that job. The cynical part of me says it is very convenient that the fan favorite character comes out on top. I also question if based on timeline and ages if this ending would work in the books. This series of events takes place over about 6 to 8 years. In the book Bran is 5 or 6 years old when the story starts, so that would make him as young as 11 and as old as 14 when the story ends. No mater what his experiences and evolution in to the three eye raven, that is not the individual any adult would pick as a ruler. It makes somewhat more sense in the show where he is 3 or 4 years older, but it is still a stretch.
  6. I understand why you feel that way because he is a tool, but think of the comedy gold here!!!
  7. @Hollywood1892 I have a midgrade Forever People 1 (5.0 or so) I will sell you! I also have a 8.0!
  8. A simple solution to the "preview" vs. "first appearance" problem would be to take the definition back to the beginning AND to reflect the actual market. This "preview" of Action Comics #1 appeared in More Fun Comics #31 ... which established a very clear example of a "preview" which COULD be considered the first appearance. NOW, using that fact, we can see that More Fun Comics #1 most recently sold for $1,195 for CGC 2.5 and $1,076 for CGC 3.5, for an average of $1,136 for an average grade of CGC 3.0. The most recent sale of CGC 3.0 Action Comics #1 was $498,750. THEREFORE... A very clear preview of an upcoming comic/character for the most famous example of all time dictates that GIVEN THE SAME GRADE, the preview book should be 439 times CHEAPER than the actual first appearance, even though the preview occurred earlier. If anyone claims that a preview should be more valuable than the first appearance divided by 439, they need to first correct the market for More Fun Comics #31 and Action Comics #1, then get back to us with updated numbers.
  9. The showdown. Now it makes sense that they are trying to turn Frank Castles Cosmic Ghost Rider into an intergalactic Deadpool.
  10. Also once the Unsullied released Jon what reason did he have to go to the Night's Watch anyway? If he had just done whatever after that what could they do? Bran or Sansa could just pardon him and that's that. Which they vividly illustrated at the end anyway. He didn't stick with the Night's Watch, he just wandered off from Castle Black I assume to be King of the Wildlings.
  11. Strange Tales 147 - 1st App of Kaluu. Very nice copy! NM- $100
  12. Threadsurrecting or threadminescing,its all the same to me! It was a very dry spell and I picked the locks on the vault. Unfortunately last night I found myself looking up copies of Forever people 1 and alot of available 9.8s, though they were selling on Ebay for about a thousand above FMV and they are to much for my liking anyways. Besides by the time I have money for them JL 2 will be out and they will be $2000.00 more than they are now. Sad really.
  13. Marvel Feature 11 (VF) + Marvel Feature 12 (FN/VF) both with very nice eye appeal $50
  14. I can tell you about my recent experience that will add to your concern. I planned on attending C2E2 in Chicago. I had four books (Amazing Spider-Man #101, #194, #300, #361) that I wanted graded, so I entered these books into the online form, where I indicated that I would be dropping them off at C2E2. I printed out the form and stored it with my books. On Friday, March 22, 2019, I dropped off these four books at the CGC booth. Somewhere around the first week of April, I called to find out my books would be marked as received, and I was told that employees were still unpacking books from that show. I waited 2-3 more weeks, and called again. At this time, I was asked for my order number. I told the person that I was not given any information regarding an order number or an invoice. The person I talked to insisted that I should have been given an order number and an invoice. I waited another week, and I called again and asked to speak with a manager (I believe her name was Melissa). I told Melissa that I could remember the person to whom I handed my books (she was a female employee with a very distinctive feature). Melissa told me that when books are received, they are put into a bag with the order form I brought with me to the show. Melissa also believes that my books are somewhere on the premises, but someone is going to have to look through pile after pile to find my books. Lastly, Melissa told me that I would not be charged for the grading, which is nice. So, as of today, it has been 60 days (41 workdays) since I dropped off my books. I honestly have no idea if these books will ever be found, and I also don't know what legal recourse I will have, since I was not given an order number, an invoice, or an receipt when I dropped off my books at C2E2. Has anyone else had an experience like this? If so, how was it resolved? Did you find the resolution to be acceptable? Thanks! Joe
  15. Should be a permanent timeout in my opinion.
  16. So...the reborn Azor Ahai.... Turned out Jon was the reborn Azor Ahai.... Lightbringer turned out to be (go with me on this) Tyrion. Lightbringer could not be forged until it was used to kill the wife of its her death Lightbringer was born. Tyrion's mother died giving birth to her death Tyrion was born. Jon was do what must be done to prevent darkness from overtaking the world. He tells Tyrion as much in Tyrion's cell. Tyrion, "arms" Jon, using his only gifts (knowledge, logic, and words), and gives him the weaponry needed to do what must be done. Hey, the showrunners suck, so I am gonna twist this pretzel of a plot into something that means something, somehow....
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