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  2. What timing! Now if only they had allowed the director to complete the story to match his vision.
  3. I never changed my parameters. You did. "I know you are, but what am I?" Come on. Nobody was talking about 9.8s selling for $10-$15, and you know it. Nobody was talking about raw apparent books in 9.8, and you know that as well. Don't change the parameters just to "prove" someone wrong, just because you were challenged. It's actually a very common way to judge value change since it is an agreed upon grade and assigned value that can be properly tracked. Looking at raw's from pictures on eBay is the effective way. Then you ought to state that in your position upfront. "This book is on fire in 9.8!" rather than merely saying the book is "on fire." $10-$15 for average copies on eBay for a 35 year old book is not "on fire."
  4. It always is. Computer screens can never replicate the colours, size of the painting, how it’s displayed and any framing done to it. You really do need to see art in the flesh to get the full impact of its appearance (and history). Any scans of original art are great but I’d love to see this one in person. Just another reminder that a higher grade Eerie #23 still eludes me....
  5. I don’t know if this helps, but this is a thin market. While lots of people may buy something occasionally, I don’t think you have anything close to the number of regular buyers of, say, old comics, let alone old cars. I also suspect the number of large ticket regular purchasers is less than 1,000 at any given point in time, not counting dealers. I am also not counting purchasers like me who swim in the low end of the market; there are probably a lot of us. So, wild swings should be expected on high end items, particularly if you start segregating the large purchasers into subgroups like Kirby fans, EC, etc. To me, an expensive Kirby piece is worth nothing because I would never buy it. The impact of a thin market would explain what you saw. Sometimes, an expensive piece sits for years—yet the price goes up. I saw an Adams cover which the dealer wanted $13,000 for (no, not Coollines). When he had it for sale two years earlier, it didn’t sell for $8,000; and he would have taken less. And that isn’t even too expensive. The bottom line is that this stuff is not a good investment vehicle unless you get something the market treats as hot, or comes with special background, like early Ditko. And that’s why there is no true value to most comic art.
  6. I didn't consider it this way until now. This actually makes sense. It was like Lost where each of the major characters gets a chance to wrap up their part of the story.
  7. I watched Season 2 Episode 1, and really liked it. This show is fantastic how it makes an old story so fresh.
  8. Wildstorm 1, 2, 2 variant, 3 NM - $15 (includes shipping)
  9. One character in particular getting a bit of a bump up in comic book collecting value from this movie, I think.
  10. Went to the midnight show. I really really liked event. I also had some of the same problems I've always had with Russo Brothers MCU movies, and they seem a bit more accentuated here as this was a movie that pulled out all the stops. Going to see it again tonight in IMAX 3D. My first impression takeaway is that it was one part a continuation of the story from Infinity War, one part the final two hour episode of a beloved long running TV show. That sums it up for me.
  11. Juuuuuuuuuuust a bit outside (GPA & current expectations)!
  12. Stabbity Bunny 1-7 NM - $35 (includes shipping)
  13. I think the hobby is growing with people finally being able to afford the books they grew up with. I grew up loving Wolverine and the X-men and recently got back into the hobby(about 4-5 years ago). The first book I had to have was Hulk 181 with GSX1 and Xmen 1 not far behind. I've since upgraded several times because there are so many copies out there and plan on keeping mine for awhile. Also, if you'e a marvel junkie (like I am) the mutant books are still super cheap compared to the rest of Marvels A-list characters(Spidey, Hulk etc.). Plus, there are a bunch of other bronze books getting some crazy attention lately like WWBN32:
  14. It doesn’t matter you are who you are. It shows what kind of human being you are. Goodbye now.
  15. Black Monday Murders 1-4 NM - $20 (includes shipping)
  16. No Luke, I am your father.
  17. Reborn #1 CGC 9.8 - $100 (includes shipping)
  18. If you are spending a grand on a book, buy a graded copy and you will know exactly what you are getting.
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