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  2. Thanks thats really helpful - in other words in theory its not a big big drop like a rip or some bodge retouching. It begs the question to me about any kind of dings/non-breaking creases: how the heck do you know if its factory stuff or not and what do you do if you buy from scans but when you inspect it its got dings - couldn't the seller claim you did it..?
  3. Shazam is not as funny as the trailers would indicate (which is a positive, IMO) and the 3rd act is very mediocre. It's still good, though. Aquaman was always gonna be CGI-heavy. Either you live with it or you don't. Can't hold that against you, but I think it's a mostly-good movie outside of that CGI army battle trope in the 3rd Act. DC's gold lies in their Justice League characters and their villains. They need to focus on them and stop dishing out these turds like Suicide Squad and "Birds of Prey" (which is really just a Quinn film). They're really shooting themselves in the foot with these productions.
  4. There are people who feel he was not talented?!?!?!?! I don't know if I can get along with such people. Happy Birthday John! Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do sir!
  5. Haha… I know Andrew quite a bit, I love his humour.
  6. Just getting pics ready, but disclaimer on the trading. Books I am open to trade for: Fantastic Four 1, Fantastic Four 5, X-Men 1, Tales of Suspense 39, Journey into Mystery 83, ASM 1, Hulk 1, Chamber of Chills 19, and other books of that caliber.
  7. It's okay. You can report me and get my posting removed. Or move on and get a life.
  8. I have a CGC 8.5 first print, White pages for sale. You can see it on my Instagram page.
  9. Rules No Probies or HOSers. I also may ask for references dependent on post count and membership length. in the thread Trumps all. As most on here I am willing to negotiate depending on the book and the offer, but I ask people do not message me asking me what my lowest price is. There is really no way I can respond to this where my price is going to just drop a tremendous amount and likely not at all. I rather you just message me with what you are willing to pay and if we don't agree, that is completely fine. I promise if you are polite, you will not offend me. Currently shipping in the USA for the below prices. International must PM me prior to claiming to discuss shipping. Unless specified that shipping is included: Please add $15.00 for shipping for Slabs. All slabs will be shipped in a USPS Medium Priority Box and well protected. Shipping for Raw Books will be $7.50 for the first 3 via USPS Priority Shipping. Returns will only be accepted in the instance there is damage. If you have any reservations on the quality of a book, please just ask first. Payment: PayPal, Wire, Check, M/O
  10. You would need to start your own WTB thread. This is like going into someone's FS thread and start listing books.
  11. Let's pretend that the comic is otherwise a 9.8 grade. It seems like something, because it not only impacts the cover - but multiple pages, may might bring it into 9.4 range. If we're pretending it's anything below 9.2, then it may bring it a 0.5 grade lower. If it's this visually obscure, but there upon inspection, that's usually the criteria for me. Again, this is all uncertain without photographic evidence. Just trying to help the best that I can.
  12. Marvel Graphic Novel #3 (Dreadstar) CGC 9.6 s/s Jim Starlin - $175 1st printing
  13. Ha, 1Cool and I are friends. We like to trade jabs on here.
  14. Ahhh yes MOS was solid, my bad. I tried Aquaman but it was just too heavy on CGI for me. I haven’t seen Shazam yet either, I guess my enthusiasm has taken a punch. Their animated stuff is really good tho!
  15. I know how to spell Sokovia, I've seen the movies. It was funny to myself to write Segovia as if the Ultron battle took place in a town in Spain, instead. Anyway... Captain Marvel is an Avenger. She became an Avenger when she showed up at Avengers HQ responding to Nick Fury's official call and fought alongside the remaining Avengers when they sought out Thanos on his retirement home planet in Endgame. Five Years Later in the movie, Carol, Rocket, Nebula, Okoye, and James Rhodes are taking orders from Natasha at Avengers HQ. They were active Avengers. Stark and Rogers, on the other hand, were not active Avengers, but still Avengers. And the Sokovia Accords didn't matter at that point. The Accords were dead. Ross was most likely dead. Everything changed after Thanos' snap. Carol Danvers was and is an Avenger. She also inspired their name.
  16. Thanks - tough to get a pic of it. From a scan it wouldn't show at all which is a bit worrying as you could get scans on a book and it could have bends/factory dings and you'd never know till it arrived - and the book might have cost £10 000.
  17. Woohoo! 9.2 and shipped. Not complaining and can’t wait. 😃😆😁
  18. exactly.. even if its a unwitnessed signature that gave the 9.8 a green label.. the green label stigma is that its a lower price because of a green label where in this specific case it should be near the same as a blue, but buyer uses the green label argument to negotiate a lower price.
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