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  2. Dazzler #1 Printing Error CGC 9.8 $110 Two pages printed in black & white instead of color
  3. Fandango has reported over 4000 screenings have already been sold out this weekend, and theaters are scrambling for more screens. Projections of possibly 900 million WW, and breaking the 300 mil mark domestic. So is anything else actually goi g on this weekend?
  4. Winston Churchill ' You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth!'
  5. Regardless, after Endgame and Game of Thrones this weekend, gonna be a lot of nerd tears flowing.
  6. Hello all looking for a little help. I was trying to figure out which vol a certain book is. It' the amazing spiderman annual that came out Sept 2018 it was a symbiote suit story. On site lists it as a vol 4. Even though it came out after issue 5 or 6 of the current vol 5 run. I was just curious what is its official placement vol 4 or vol 5.
  7. Ya I wasn't sure to ask myself. I looked in that subform. But I didn't see a specific spiderman or marvel thread. So why I thought to ask here.
  8. Back cover scans available upon request. There a few books marked as "Reholder Candidates", these have some scuffing and if you want them reholdered(no extra charge) just let me know.
  9. All these books are from a collection that was put together from about 1978-1983, the father of one of my comic collecting buddies would speculate on books we were interested in at the time(X-Men, Byrne, Miller, #1s, etc). I ended up purchasing the bulk of what was left years ago and sent a couple of invoices in recently for grading. I do have multiple copies available of some of the posted books. The rules: I accept first unconditional here in the thread or PM, text, email, phone call or smoke signal from comicdonna, timestamp wins. Payment due within 7 days unless arranged before "I'll Take It". I accept Paypal, checks, MOs(sorry no International money orders). Please do not edit "I'll Take It" posts or post "I'll Take It" unless you are going to complete the transaction. I'll accept returns within if item is not as described, undisclosed restoration within 30 days, no returns on slabs. No HOS or Probation list members please. Shipping in US is $12 for 1st, $2 each additional slab, PM for International details.
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