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  2. Avengers #58 CGC 9.2: $275 I don't know if this book was pressed or not. Three last GPA sales were $480, $300 and $225
  3. That's who I went with when I sold my Action run. I was very pleased with payment and service.
  4. The dealers who get highest marks from your's truly are Frank Cwiklik from CC/Metropolis and Bedrock City's own Richard Evans. There are many other fine dealers whom I respect as well, but none stand taller from my perspective.
  5. Avengers #51 CGC 9.2: $125 I don't know if this book was pressed or not. Three last GPA sales were $118, $129 and $150
  6. Cool. Haven’t been there yet. Have to check it out next time I am in town.
  7. Avengers #195 NM- : $20 1st app. Taskmaster (cameo) I am 99% certain that this book has been pressed. Hammering the price for that reason.
  8. Newbs should use Google and stop littering General with these questions.
  9. Now where do you suppose he wants to place that hand?
  10. I'd go 3.5/4.0 on copy #1, and 2.5/3.0 on copy #2. Although besides the CCA box, other spots look funky to me, as in possible color touch, especially the crease above "Worlds".
  11. T minus 2 and a half hours, and counting....nine bids from seven boardies....thank you all....someone is going to grab a whole stack of fun
  12. Not sure who has the better Audi spot, Carol Danvers or Peter Parker...cause this one was pretty good, too...
  13. Wasn't chewed. Doesn't look like bug or rodent damage. Pulp paper dried out over the years of attic storage that broke off little by little is what it looks like. This typically happens to sports and non-sports cards stored in a hot attic for 40, 50 years, they start to fracture and break apart to the touch. For the purposes of grading, I'd simply factor those as I would missing pieces, which they are. The cover is all there, bright and attractive, as is the back cover, margin to margin anyway, so due to the spine roll and missing pieces, I think 2.0 is the right technical grade, although on ebay, presented in a mylar, even with a full description of the defects and pictures that clearly show them, because it's a G.A. Tec and the cover very presentable, it may bring as much as a 4.0 price if a few bidders engage over it.
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