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  2. I can’t see how it could grade 9.6 if that damage was already there. Not with the wear on the bottom right corner as well....
  3. On certain days, at certain times, and involving certain people, it is all of that
  4. I do occasionally. I recently sold a #1 cgc 8.5. If you want first shot, you can go register on the website and use the want list feature. You will get an email as soon as one is added to the site.
  5. I know a guy who can help with that ....
  6. I dont think so it wasn't loose in the well from what I can remember but I will double check it again..
  7. I consider AF15 a 1/2 point book. By that I mean that every 1/2 point bump is big money. A lesser graded copy will never out sell a higher as you can see other books this happens a lot. So it’s always worth a shot.
  8. You know me. I could care less about the profit otherwise I would have parachuted and banked an easy six figures. Just following this crazy thread on values. I knew you would cop out on the estimate.
  9. Do you still have your books?I was just looking through my 79/80 Dungeon Master and Monster Manual last weekish. Yup, still do. I've been selling off a bunch of stuff but I'm keeping the older books
  10. 4 book Economy submission, w/pressing. Received by CGC on 10/11/19. Still in Received status. No fast track. No ccrd charges yet. 5 book Economy submission, w/pressing. Received by CGC on 10/24/19. Still in Received status. No fast track. No ccrd charges yet. 2 book Standard submission w/pressing. Received by CGC on 10/24. To CCS and back to CGC on 10/30. Went to SFG today, 11/14. No fast track. Ccrd charged for Pressing. Assume grading charges will be along shortly. Scott
  11. Are you sure that top edge damage isn’t SCS?
  12. There’s an entire 500 page booklet of just extras. I collect a lot of omnis and hard covers ... I’ve never seen ao many extras. This beast is going to take some time to digest!
  13. I wasn’t even considering your reasoning or intentions. I’m just calling balls and strikes of the posted book. Pressing will improve the book, but as @RockMyAmadeus said, there’s likely not enough that can be done to push it to a 9.8. I agree with him.
  14. lizards1 is down in the dungeon - he's had greggy tied up for weeks. That's why the only key greggy can reach is We're working on putting a lizards3 in him.
  15. I’ve always felt that when you are very serious about a mere 1/2 point bump and it’s evident that the book has areas to improve, then I strongly suggest sending it to Matt Nelson for a prescreen. If they say it’s worth a shot, then go for it. I feel that’s what they are there for. To evaluate and get that bump. You are paying so I expect their product, which is professional advice and expert cleaning and pressing should result in a bump more than 50% of the time. Otherwise what’s the point of their existence?
  16. I didn't buy it for a grade bump I got a good deal on it and I am quite ok with a 9.6 not looking to flip was just thinking of pressable defects and what would actually get a grade bump wanted to see what others thought the corners I guess are the deciding factor for sure that they are blunted.
  17. Now I know for a fact that the 1.8 was never pressed. I bought it in 1998 and had it in a bag and board and in a top loader until 2011? when I sent it in. This was before I really understood pressing and didn't know who to send it to or who to trust. Would it benefit from a press? Who knows? Are the grading restrictions tighter? There is a big difference in value between a 1.5 and a 2.0. I am not interested in selling this one ever out of the three... This was the one I really saved up for to buy.
  18. It could only be better if Orman's first name was Clint...
  19. These kinda books are the classic example that lure the owner or prospective buyer in. Clear and evident damage that looks like it can be fixed with a press. Makes you think. And only then will you truly understand the definition of gift grade. Also makes me wonder if the graders are now looking at books the same way a flipper might. Stains and CBCs are bad, but pressable defects are good and the book gets graded to its potential.
  20. Yeah, That's what I saw too. Was hoping maybe the person who bought it, or someone that knew them may be on the boards. Who knows?!
  21. not that I can see I will look at it under a loupe tonight
  22. We fought as hard as we could,even if we tried the 40K chemo,we were told it would only MAYBE add another year of life,and at what quality?Really made me lose faith for a while. She was so gentle,I'm 112 pounds in this pic,but she came everywhere with me and made sure I got my sunshine and fresh air.Pineapple pulls me like a marionette! And here's a much loved by me funny to lighten the mood,sorry for the emo folks.Got looking through old pics posted here. Edit @Comicopolis what a great,great t shirt,no?
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