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  1. never mind I see it, I will take the AS 8
  2. do you still have the label for the AS 8.
  3. Listen, as a long time critic of House, I think the SOL has run, and given my interactions over the years, the contrition he's shown, and his efforts to make restitution, I think he's paid his due. I know others may feel differently. That said, as mentioned above, be careful who you make this deal with.
  4. Sorry tom I didn't see in the original post or in the listing for the specific book that those two books were otherwise on hold. It doesn't appear anywhere in your listing, so if I wasn't supposed to BIN apologies.
  5. Appreciate the response, I already have an 8.0 and an 8.5 so I'm just trying to trade up.
  6. Title says it all. Looking for a high grade ASM 11 -- will pay strong for the right copy (meaning strong eye appeal with ow/w or better pages). 9.0 -- $7500 9.2 -- $12000 9.4 -- $20000
  7. Hey Harry -- if you are just getting the book reholdered, it doesn't need to be cracked. If you want a different designation on the restoration, I believe you have to have the book regraded, but I could be wrong -- and if it is regraded, then yes, it could drop etc. I'm not sure how they could redesignate the classification without looking at the whole book again especially with restoration. You probably could put this in the Ask CGC section too.... Hope you are doing well Harry!