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  1. haven't checked in on this thread in awhile, and as an early defender of John's all I can say is that it's disappointing to see it for sale now. I believe him when he said he didn't get the check until a much later date but.... offering the book up for sale at a higher price, not sure what I could even say here. Disappointing.
  2. I'm looking forward to seeing what will be available to buy, but not sure on the dealer list yet.
  3. I mentioned this to Hari the other evening, and as someone who's been buying up a bunch of stuff over the past year, I think placing these values makes it difficult of value v. what you'd have to pay to get it. Although A level panel pages do come up in auction, it's certainly not consistent for many of these examples, and I'd wager that privately to get really good examples in the current market you'd have to be willing to over pay these values, at least a little. If there were people selling at these numbers listed here for many of these pieces, I'd happily spend away.
  4. You could say that about TMNT 1 (which jumped for zero reason) and probably other books as well. There's no specific impetus but the book still moves up. The market dynamic right now is driving for keys and classic stuff in a direction that has people consuming at an incredibly quick rate. There's not always a logical procession it seems in today's market.
  5. I dropped out around $2300 so I was definitely prepared to go high, then I realized, why bother going higher. But last sale wasn't relevant to me as you always have to be willing to push up to the next level if you think the book exhibits really nice qualities for the grade. I think it'll be hard to get one again around $1150 unless you have a private collector who isn't tracking the market carefully or there's a weakening in the overall market. This is the most iconic bronze Superman cover, so I think it's got a fair amount of upside. I don't think you'll have to pay quite this high to ge
  6. I'm going to be somewhat intentionally vague about answering. I've paid very aggressively to get into art and buy pieces that I thought were very nice and high end, to some degree regardless of what others have thought of the relative value. Sometimes I'm right, some times I'm wrong. I have and would not hesitate to put all cash new money into certain six figure pieces. The ones that I have paid high on, I have zero regrets. Having access to material is one of the keys in comics or in art or in any collectible, and by spending aggressively, I've found it has certainly shaken top end thing
  7. I've received on 10 and three 9.9s over the years. Wasn't trying for those grades, just lucky. As others have said, rare, but they do exist.
  8. This section is for books exclusively available only here on the boards. there's another section for books you have listed on ebay.