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  1. Silver Age Batmans? There were a lot in the room. plenty 9.0+ and plenty with ow/w or better. Plenty CGC graded. I should know, I bought 3 of them.
  2. I think some of these points are fair, but it's not entirely accurate. First, I sell the overwhelming majority of my books to other dealers. Second, there are many reasons to sell to a dealer and a lot of reasons why collections still go to dealers and not auction houses. Primary among them is that many auction houses simply won't take a lot of run of the mill collections. So the ASM 31 4.5 you mentioned, the auction house is going to be very ambivalent. These type of middle of the road collections are better served by selling to a dealer because you won't get your best price necessarily at auction, and it will take a fair amount of time to get your money. Many people want to simply sell their books and be done, not be collecting money for months on end. I've had zero problem sourcing material, but I am buying differently and from a range of sources. It's gotten more competitive, but certainly by no means impossible. I'd simply say that selling to dealers is still a viable option. Many sellers of their collections believe everything is worth top dollar and have the mis perception that they will max out at every auction and achieve full guide prices. This is also completely false. But that perception has made it more difficult to sell or for a dealer to buy a collection. Now the point that you can do better buying online than at a show, well, I think that's been true for some time now. Especially with respect to NYCC. If you go to NYC or San Diego, the prices are going to be very aggressive and to many of the more savvy on these boards, outrageous (from some vendors). But there are plenty of small regional shows out there, but they are hit or miss. No high grade keys or A level books available from multiple vendors -- if you're looking for a 'deal' though, that is the place to score them.
  3. Found plenty of keys in New York, Bought plenty of keys. Tons of stuff at most booths. Early Batmans in mid grade is a little specific, that can be variable show to show. Lots of stuff disappears to other dealers as well before the doors open. Also there were some guys walking around who were selling keys to other dealers. The market is hot so many dealers bought things that went very, very quickly.
  4. If I have an expensive package, particularly one worth in excess of $10k in books, I ask them and pay for overnight shipping with signature confirmation. I've had dozens and dozens of packages shipped from CGC and a grand total of zero ever lost or delayed -- but I either elect ground (rarely) or overnight (almost always).
  5. Rusty Scupper is ok, kind of a tourist trap. I'd recommend in harbor east (a 15 minute walk) where there's a ton more -- the inner harbor in general is really a land mine. As you walk down Pratt St. There's a Capital Grille, Fogo, and some other higher end chains. In Harbor East I'd recommend Tagliata (Italian really good), Charleston (if you want to splurge) or Azumi.
  6. I should have also mentioned that my girlfriend got to meet one of her favorite celebrities, Scott Patterson, who played Luke Danes on Gilmore Girls. She was so excited and it made the show that much more enjoyable. We saw Scott later out at dinner and he came up to us and greeted us again -- could not have been a nicer guy.
  7. I went to both Chicago and Keystone. Vendors were pretty happy at both shows, but Torpedo I think had a slower show as there weren't the super big buyers in the room and the expense with travel for them to do the show. The smaller vendors had a good show. I found more than enough to buy. Multiple Hulk 181s, WWBN 32s, a slew of books that will grade out well, some solid on site returns. I will say that there weren't a ton of people there friday but every dealer seemed happy. My margin buys were far better at Keystone. Now that said, I spent more money at Chicago and the books I bought were higher priced (x-men 1, TOS 58, FF 49 several rare horror and romance etc).
  8. The Baltimore show remains my favorite in the country. Still one of the best.
  9. Nik was a great guy and one of the true innovators on the boards in terms of selling. His threads attracted a lot of attention because he knew how to grade and he wasn't afraid to give deals to forumites. I wasn't super tight with him but I did consider him a friend. He once came all the way to a show he wasn't planning on attending in NYC because I wanted a book and he offered to hand deliver. That's the kind of guy he was. I hung out with him at dinners and lunches and thought he was a heck of a guy. I really don't know anyone who had a bad word to say about him When I say I miss the old days, this is what I'm talking about. We were a real community back then. We valued getting together in person. The forum sales area wasn't to squeeze every last dollar out of every book, and it seemed a lot more fun. Nik was one of the guys who lived that philosophy. Nik was an inspiration for all of my sales threads. He and flaming telepath were the first of the regular feeding frenzies.