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  1. saddened to hear this news, but like some others, I knew that Bob had been sick for some time. A genuine comics enthusiast, I usually saw Bob at the chicago shows and always enjoyed chatting with him. He was one of the guys who loved the DC 'Oregon' books and we both used to still rave about how awesome they were even years after they had been sold. I think Pete from Comics4Less may be handling the sale of his collection so he may know more about the position of the family. Lost a great guy and a really long time, knowledgeable collector.
  2. I'm not sure if he will have it, but if anyone can help you with that it's Bob Stevenson. He's not a huge board presence but you can find him on FB in different comic groups. PM me and I can reach out to him for you.
  3. I agree with folks that this was a blatant attempt to game the system and the responses were over the top and misguided. But Dylan is also a college kid. It doesn't excuse the response or the behavior, and all you can do to send a message is discontinue doing business with him, but eventually he did make the appropriate response. I think we've all reacted or done something we wish we hadn't especially at a young age. I don't know that continuing this thread and beating this over and over again is the right approach either. He made a mistake, he's correcting it.
  4. I prefer the panel page. It has a marquee action sequence and it's very well drawn. The splash is nice too, but no villain really, so probably a close tie since Colan is more associated with DD than spidey, though with Spidey in the action sequence is impressive. The pin up does nothing for me. The rendering and images themselves are just ok, and not particularly well drawn.
  5. Ankur -- As someone who is somewhat new to art and willing to spend very high sums of money for the right piece(s) I guess my feeling is that I'm not sure there's a right answer to the idea of 'not overpaying' and the 'rules' or 'guidances' you're suggesting. First, what is any piece of art actually worth -- it's all made up. At some point or other, most of the major collectors holding great pieces have 'overpaid' and sometimes significantly. This is also true in fine art, but in speaking to many of the folks who have historically developed over time, they were all told they were crazy to pay x at one time or another. Second, I have no problem paying aggressive for the pieces I like and this had led to things being offered that I'm not sure would otherwise be offered. Frankly, I don't care if someone thinks I 'overpaid' because this is the only one like it -- so I can't say well it's 'overvalued' except to say it's beyond my own personal analysis. Third, there are disagreements all the time in pricing. An example is one where you were recently shopping a piece that was offered to me at roughly half of what you were selling it for. Does that make you wrong or 'over valued'? Maybe, maybe not. Same with other pieces you've actively promoted. Now when other guys talk and say you're crazy for pricing that high or you're overvaluing it significantly, it may or may not be true. Should everyone stand their ground with you? Of course not, if it's something you really want. There's a tremendous amount of subjectivity in art. Valuation is very difficult to tell -- and while it's true there are some examples the other way where we could go to extremes, most art is priced in some sort of etherial gray area which makes it absolutely impossible to determine who should be walking away and who shouldn't. If there's a piece I want, I have a price I want to pay. Just because you have some idea of what it's worth on the market doesn't mean I or anyone else should be following it. And I say that the same for your pricing of art -- you price plenty of pieces others are very critical of, and I don't think they're right and you're wrong.
  6. I actually agree with you Terry (as it pertains to the Covid-19 or otherwise. Sure Planned Parenthood will be calling you soon to thank you for your support too as that's what a legion of women have been saying for decades.
  7. No I'm comparing his cost of goods to anyone else. You're characterizing it as a surcharge, and I would not. He's saying he believes the cost of the book is x. that's what's happened at auction. The two are the same regardless of the fees because of the reflected or reported cost of the book is the same. I don't have an issue with it, and I think it's certainly your right to not buy comics from dealers or auction houses or whatever.
  8. It's already factored into the price, there's no surcharge on top -- a dealer has the ability to incorporate it already. At auction, they separate it. It's not 'undisclosed', it's factored into the price, same as every other product that exists. They factor in the whole cost of goods and the profits their shareholders often demand.