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  1. Just speaking from my experience , MCS usually grades their books a half grade lower than I would grade them. You just have tp be careful of some of their pricing of commissioned books.
  2. It looks good enough to get a 9.4 IMO. That isn't disastrous.
  3. I don't think anyone will tell you if that is a 9.8 without being able to hold it in their hands and get a really good look at it. The most I would say is it looks like a 9.4
  4. I did not know that thanks. I agree with them.
  5. With that stain I would presume to get 6.5. But otherwise, it presents well. CGC may surprise you with a 7.0
  6. I would say 6.5. corners are a bit worn and there is a little wear around the staples and spine area.
  7. With microchamber paper to make sure the pages don't brown.
  8. How much do you really have to have an X-Men #1 is it your grail book? Are you just looking at it investment wise? If it is investment only I would probably pass.
  9. Nice white pages, but I would say 3.0 because of the back cover stains.
  10. The only thing I would worry about is someone who knows nothing about comics but is buying the comic as a gift. Maybe a wife buying a book she knows her husband always wanted and she only knows what the cover looks like.
  11. Thanks! I spent ten minutes trying to post a crappy video and you have a library worth of photos! Those are great pics by the way....
  12. Here are some old Jimmy Olsen and Superman books from the Help! movie.
  13. 5.5 Maybe higher. I'm not sure how much the overspray will effect the grade.
  14. I see a color breaking crease above the top staple. My guess would be 9.0 without a press. 9.4 with a press.
  15. There is a lot of speculation going on with this book since Marvel obtained the film rights. The same is true for FF48. I would expect both books to hold interest until an official word comes from Marvel Entertainment. The popularity of the titles will then rest on the shoulders of the film industry and the hopes that a Silver Surfer Movie or a Wolverine vs. Hulk movie (just examples) are successful at the box office. I personally don't see these books dropping in value unless the quality of Marvel films takes a page out of the Disney playbook. ( Star Wars).
  16. Marvel Spotlight #2 Werewolf By Night. I don't get it. I know it lasted 43 issues, but werewolves were around way before marvel created one.
  17. I think the close up pictures make it look a bit worse than it actually is. I would grade it 7.5.
  18. I'm leaning toward 6.0 just for the amount of discoloration on the back and front left corner.
  19. I think of the Batman who Laughs as DC's answer to Venom. I expect he will be around for awhile. But who can really predict the future?