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  1. I was thinking 4.5 but it looks a bit worse on this thread. 4.0
  2. There must be something I'm not seeing... It looks 7.5/8.0 to me.
  3. I was thinking 6.5 to 7.0. Getting that back cover cleaned would certainly help.
  4. That may be the sellers grade but CGC would give it 6.5 at best.
  5. Is that a crease under the green box? I would say 7.0
  6. That's a tough decision. Which one do you think you will regret selling the most?
  7. I just like the look of swamp thing better. Why does the man thing have a nose like the Snuffleupagus?
  8. Did you ever think one comic book could have over 30 covers and some collectors would be enough to actually buy them all?
  9. Well then I guess we can just take an eraser to it until both the White out and the date stamp is wiped clean. Thanks for the clarification..
  10. It is an attempt to improve the book just like rubbing an eraser over a pencil mark and removing the pencil mark along with the ink on the cover. Would you call that restoration?.
  11. It's a really nice looking book. I think the pieces missing would drop it to 6.5 but might grade higher.
  12. I don't think it would be classified as restoration as it is not improving the book but just creating another problem for the book.
  13. if you want to try your luck for a 9.8 it might just be easier to pick up another copy before they get any higher in price.
  14. 6.5 If those are rust stains or some type of foxing they won't come out.
  15. Better question is "do I want to spend the money for it?" If you are hoping to flip it in a year then save your 20 bucks.
  16. There are so many out there that they might as well be considered as a variant cover. Maybe a 1/25 book or less.
  17. I was thinking the circular indentation on the back is a manufacturing error. if not then it may drop to 9.4. Even with the black ink (which can be removed easily if you really wanted) and the extremely small crease on the front, I don't see it grading anything less then a 9.4.
  18. The biggest issue is the shadowing on the front and back. I would call it at 7.0. The seller was being kind with his grading. The page quality is very good as well.
  19. Wow. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but I would estimate at least a one point drop in the grade.