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  1. Looking for a nice high grade NM+ or better copy of deathstroke 1 from 1991
  2. Yeah I'm looking for more raw copies but heritage only sold it twice since 2011 and those were low grade.
  3. I'll share this one because it's an underrated cover.
  4. Sam wilson captain america 7 Steranko Captain America 25 McGuinnis 25 per pm
  5. Am I the only person who notices that GA stuff is getting out of hand in the auction world? It feels like all of the raw books that are being auctioned are getting ridiculous numbers, especially on eBay. I would be terrified to spend that much on a raw book on there. This book is a perfect example. Its at over 10k, and it's not even graded and being sold by a person who doesn't have much experience selling comics. For all we know, there could be a page missing from the book.
  6. Here's my entry attempt. Bought it off the boards a few years ago. Glad to have something, especially before the book exploded like it did. Had it with someone to get restored, but opted against it.
  7. it would become a qualified book , with married cover Wouldn't a green label with married cover be worth more than a brittle copy?
  8. Another question. I see alot of books with brittle pages from the golden age. I and many other people refuse to buy books with slightly brittle or brittle pages. However I always wondered if it was possible to take a brittle copy and take the cover off and marry it to a coverless copy that has good page quality? How would that change the grade? It seems like brittle pages also bring the grade down significantly. Would the cover also be brittle if the pages are?
  9. Long shot, but looking to complete a copy I just bought. Just need the 2 center wraps. I know they're out there, so giving it a shot. Thanks