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  1. Baker Romance

    probably the piece off the bottom corner prevented any 1K bids or more. It truly is though, a fantastic Baker composition
  2. Gold Age Romance Books

    Thanks Dale Glamorous Romances 67 is sold
  3. Gold Age Romance Books

    You got it, will add it to the pile. Thanks!
  4. Gold Age Romance Books

    These books are still available: Untamed Love #3 - $100.00 SOLD Strange Confessions #1 - $325.00 Strange Confessions # 4 - 150.00 True Life Secrets # 23 - 225.00 Love Secrets # 2 - 60.00 Hedy Devine # 26 - 150.00 Love Problems #16 - 35.00 SOLD Love Problems # 18 - 35.00 SOLD Thanks for looking! Will try to post more tomorrow evening.
  5. Gold Age Romance Books

    Here are the final books for tonight. Glamorous Romances #67 - Ace Publ. 1953 Clean tight copy with ow pgs. Lt. sp. wear, otherwise FN+ $42.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD 1954 Glamorous Romances # 77 - Ace Publ. 1954 Tight solid FN copy with ow pgs. $ 35.00 Georgie # 29 - Timely 1950 Kurtzman "Hey Look" VG copy with supple ow pgs. Nice colors $ 35.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD Young Love # 4 - Prize Publ. 1949 Exc. colors with supple ow pgs. Solid FN+ with some minor wrinkling to bc. $75.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD Darling Love 1 - Close Up Publ. 1949 Solid clean copy with supple ow/w pgs. Lt. sp. wear consisting of transverse stress lines. Lt. sunline bottom bc. No tears, no chips. Very nice and hard to find in this shape. $195.00
  6. Gold Age Romance Books

    Georgie 17 and Date With Judy 9 sold
  7. Gold Age Romance Books

    Cindy Smith 39 is still available I will post more tonight. Watching football right now!
  8. Gold Age Romance Books

    You got it Rick. Nickelspot took the TAT 4, sorry.
  9. Gold Age Romance Books

    Ok, I have you for the 2 TAT and for the TR 34. Correct?
  10. Gold Age Romance Books

    Ok, saved the best for last. True Love Pictorial # 6 - St John 1953 Baker c/a plus Ric Estrada art Solid and tight with outstanding colors and ow/w pgs. Well, I have 2 copies of this issue, both nice. This one is about a half grade less than my other copy. Very nice spine, minimal wear. Sm. chip low rt. corn., faint stress lines upp. rt. corner fc. Nice almost flawless bc. Tough to grade. WITHOUT the small chip, its a F/VF. $750.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD
  11. Gold Age Romance Books

    Cindy Smith # 39 (13) Timely 1950 grey tone cvr. general wear for vg copy with ow pgs. Cvr. firmly attached, no major issues. $50.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD Teen Age Temptations # 1 - St John 1952 Baker c/a plus 2 Ric Estrada strs. Nice crisp ow pgs. on this copy. Yeah, there is the H2O stain on the fc/bc. It slightly leeched through 2 pages front and back. 2 sm. edge chips fc, 1/4" upp. left corn. chip, faint upp. rt. corn. stress lines. If you can live with the staining, this is structurally a nice decent collectible copy. $450.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD Teen Age Temptations # 4 - St John 1953 Baker cvr. Low grade copy with nice ow pgs. Cvr. firmly attached. 11/2 inch tear fc edge. Some lt. creasing fc/bc, lt/mod. sp. wear. Overall, VG/VG- $250.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD Teen Age Romances # 34 - St John 1953 Baker c/a Decent collectible copy with cr/ow pgs. Cover barely attached at upp. staple, detached at lower staple. 1/2" long low left corn. chip. Call it a Good. $250.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD
  12. Gold Age Romance Books

    Ok, going to post more in a little while. Baker alert Baker alert I decided to part with a few St. John dups. and other misc. titles. No grails.