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  1. I agree. I did pick up the some of the number ones from the ACG titles, but parted with them awhile back. Just cannot compare to their competitors at the time.
  2. I may be willing to part with my copy. There is no browning or tanning. Inside covers have a little yellowing, paper borderline ow to cr/ow. There is a H2O stain on the lower edge bc that goes to the inside bc. Also, same staining to bottom inside fc. The highest grade by CGC is a lone 5.0. Structurely, this copy is right there, maybe a little better. I've had previous interest in this copy from some of my other collector friends. Let me know if you have any interest. Just to let you know, $1K will not do it.
  3. First take it wins the book over any pm offers. price includes USPS shipping within the USA prefer check/mo for payment please. returns in 7 days only in condition as shipped. price is $2150 I recently upgraded this issue and now can offer this beautiful copy. One sharp book with ow/w pages. Kirby's cover is one of his finest for composition and depth, IMO. Ditko's coloring of the hues of blue just add to an outstanding pre-hero issue. The upper left corner is slightly blunted. The scan makes it look much worse. The corner is straighter than looks in the scan.
  4. Personally, I cannot pick one. I love them both. Each has its own uniqueness. The candle light or as mentioned the smokey cauldron.
  5. Which shrunken head cover do you like better? Both, of course, by the master Mr.Bailey.
  6. Here is my copy of IC #1. Bought this from a Heritage auction advertised "signed by Kinstler".