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  1. OK, last book for today. PICTORIAL ROMANCES # 20 - St John 1953 Baker cover plus a 16 page story. SOLD SOLD SOLD Scarce 100 page issue. Some diagonal creases lower rt. corner. Some foxing on bc and small spot on fc. few lt. stains inside covers. Nice ow pages. Book is firm and tight. VG+ $750.00
  2. PICTORIAL ROMANCES # 19 - St John 1953 Baker cover plus 2 strs. Scarce 100 page issue. Nice colors with ow pgs. Firm tight copy with a small bit of color loss to left of the young woman's head. Some lt. creasing lower rt. corner. 1/4" tear lower edge fc. Sm. abrasion top edge bc. Solid spine. moisture stain to lower edge fc. Structurally, a VGF copy. $750.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD
  3. Here is one you don't see everyday. AMAZING STORIES - 1957 one-shot digest. Ziff-Davis 20 Million Miles To Earth based on a Columbia Pictures movie that featured special effects by the great Ray Harryhausen (spelling?). Tight solid copy with ow pgs. Has a few art pgs. inside of the creature in action. $250.00
  4. ATOMIC WAR # 3 - Ace Publications 1953 H-Bomb cover Super duper colors and gloss with ow pgs. Frickin' commies never knew what him them. 1/2" tear lower edge fc, otherwise a F/VF copy. $650.00
  5. AMAZING ADVENTURES #1 - Ziff-Davis 1950 beautiful painted cover and with art by Schomberg, Wood, M.Anderson and Whitney!!!! Exc. colors and gloss with ow/w pgs. Mod. sp. wear. Overall, a tight solid FN copy. $ 400.00
  6. OK, back at it. Just a few more books for the day. STRANGE TERRORS # 1 - St John Bondage cover Spectacular colors with nice ow pgs. Beautiful tight solid copy with a very small tear lower edge bc. Near flawless bc. Scarce in this condition! Call it FN+ $595.00
  7. Waaah, oh well , it is just a child’s paper funny book. many thanks!!
  8. Going to take a break for awhile. Will dig a few more for tonight. Thanks for looking!
  9. OK, here is an affordable copy of an LB Cole grail book. CATMAN # 31 - CGC 3.5 OW Nice colors, 1/4" lower spine split. Back cover is a little dirty. $1295.00
  10. JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY # 39 - Atlas Everett cover and Wally Wood art Exc. colors with ow pgs. Some Marvel chipping along outer edge. Solid tight copy in mid-grade condition. $200.00
  11. STRANGE TALES # 45 - Atlas terrific Everett cover with Krigstein and Kamen art Beautiful colors with ow pgs. There is a 21/2" diagonal cr. on the bc. Otherwise, a FN+ $225.00 There are some ink spots on the man's face to the left. SOLD SOLD SOLD