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  1. Baker Romance

    Here is the 7.0 from ComicConnect. Though I paid a lot more than $550 for it. At the time, I thought I had taken leave of my senses after winning it.
  2. Silver Age Key Monopoly Game

    There are a few available on Ebay.
  3. Baker Romance

    I'm a fan the WTR 3. I rank the top 5 as: 17,8,5, 3, 2.
  4. Harvey Horror Warehouse copies

    In addition, I should add, those BC 50 copies were not all top grade. The nicest I picked out was about a F/Vf copy. The others ranged from VGF to FN/FN+. Not all the files from the warehouse were HG. There were mid-grade and lower ones to be found.
  5. 2nd String DC Sci-Fi

    I think the MIS 24 is one of the harder issues to find in grade. After 30 years of collecting them, my only copy is a lowly VG with faded coloring. Nice books from you and Beaumont!!!
  6. 2nd String DC Sci-Fi

    Outstanding Bob! Is it a pedigree?
  7. Harvey Horror Warehouse copies

    All the Harvey horror titles were represented in the warehouse find. But, not a copy of every issue. You can just check the CGC census records issue by issue and see several high grade copies of some issues and a lack of HG on some other issues. I was buying them back in the 80's, mainly from the old Sparkle City and another NY dealer who had multiple copies of the keys (BC 50, CC 19, 23, etc.). I remember handling 5 copies of BC 50 trying to determine which was the one nicest copy for me to purchase. Of course in hindsight, I should have bought them ALL!
  8. Baker Romance

    I think the TR # 13 is a far better cover than the #14. Well, it came back today and needless to say, I am pleased. Plus the OW/W pages!