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  1. That's All folks. Thanks for looking and to those who made purchases!!!
  2. Last 2 books. STARTLING TERROR TALES # 8 - Star Publ. 1953 LB Cole cover Exc. colors with cr/ow pgs. some lt.mod. tanning to edges of inside fc/bc. Staples popped fc only. Cover is attached. lt. tanning along sp. area bc. Nice presenting VG+ $ 325.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD TEENAGE ROMANCES # 24 CGC 6.0 OW/W 3RD Highest Grade M.Baker C/A Fabulous copy and strictly graded! $1050.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD
  3. TEENAGE ROMANCES # 20 - St.John 1952 M.Baker cover and some fabulous art among the 4 strs. in this issue. Lt/mod. sp. wear, 3" crease goes up from bottom middle of fc to lod man's beltline. lt. moisture stains upp. edge fc plus lower rt. corner bc. 1/2' tear bc. 2 sm. chips bc. These over-sized issues are difficult to locate in nice grades. VG/VG+ $650.00
  4. AUTHENTIC POLICE CASES # 33 - St. John 1954 M.Baker "Gun Moll" cover Superb colors, nice gloss with ow pgs. Minor sp. wear upp.left corner fc. chipping along outer edge bc and into last page. Date stamp bc. Very nice and tight copy. $450.00 THE HAWK # 10 - St. John 1955 Baker cover and 2 nicely drawn strs. Brilliant colors with crisp ow pgs. There is a 1" tear upp. edge fc with a little discoloration below ING. Some other minor stress lines on fc and lt. creases upp. rt. corner. Very presenting VGF $ 375.00
  5. WOMEN TO LOVE - CGC 7.5 OW Realistic (Avon) 1953 Scarce one-shot 2ND Highest Grade. Great colors on this fabulously scarce issue. $1650.00
  6. STRANGE FANTASY # 12 - Ajax-Farrell 1954 Nice colors with ow pgs. Bottom staple popped from FC only. Lt. sp. wear, tiny chip outer edge fc, tiny tear fc. VGF $ 375.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD STRANGE FANTASY # 14 - Ajax-Farrell 1954 Scarce last issue Exc. colors with ow pgs. Tight solid copy that has some black color touch in 3 spots on fc. Beautiful near flawless bc. Diagonal crease lower rt. corner, faint crease upp. rt. corner. VGF $275.00
  7. PRISON BREAK #2 - Avon 1951 CGC 5.5 WHITE pgs. 3RD Highest grade. Terrific Wally Wood cover with Kubert and Kinstler artwork. $475.00 TERRIFYING TALES # 11 - Star Publ. 1953 CGC 6.5 Terrific LB Cole cover $650.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD
  8. SPACE WORLDS # 6 - Atlas CGC 5.0 OW/W 2ND HIGHEST grade! Talk about a tough book in grade. Surprisingly HTF book. $450.00 SOLD SOLD SOLD JESSE JAMES SIX-GUN JUSTICE Avon One-Shot 1952 CGC 6.5 100 pages giant sized. Kinstler covers and art. Tough book. $ 375.00