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  1. Yep. Roger Petersen, Leonard Litteral, Bill Thade and I have been kind of turfed out. Just can't afford the booths. Darryl Dean dropped out last year. Unfortunately, MCCC has been turning into a media show, and comics are nowadays an afterthought. Cosplayers don't buy comics, they parade around enjoying the ambience and attention. Celebrity autograph seekers don't buy comics, they buy photo ops and autographs from celebrities. Most Marvel movie fans don't even know that comic books exist. I hope the show remains a success, but my interest has waned year after year as I find less and less to buy. This is the first year since it started 30 years ago that I haven't set up, or at least attended (one year I was broke with no comics, ) but there's just not enough left for me to pay the price to attend, and too pricey for me to display. Ahh well, 3Rivers in Pittsburgh was fun a week ago, and Cherry Capital next weekend should be fun too.
  2. Easy, big fellow. Just a payment or an explanation will do.
  3. Submitting your name for probation 2 members active in this conversation (including you) EmilC Not read yet catrick339 Read: Just now Report reply catrick339 Started conversation: April 25 Hi Emil, It's now been well over a month since I sent you your invoice for my early March sales thread. I haven't seen a single response from you, although you were online March 31, well after you received the invoice,. You have until next Wednesday, May first, to either send payment, or at the very least, respond to me or I will be submitting your name to the Probation/House of Shame thread. Rick Santman catrick339
  4. Howdy Jeff, Weird, the links worked fine when I tested them. And it's been ten days since I sent Emil his notification, unless I'm missing something? Here's the cut and paste, first the invoice thread, then his notification. Catrick's Cornucopia, invoice #25 2 members active in this conversation (including you) EmilC Read: March 26 catrick339 Read: Just now Report reply catrick339 Started conversation: March 19 Howdy Emil, Thanks for shopping in my thread! Check or money order to the following address: Rick Santman xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx. xx xxxxx Check or MO preferred, but if you just gotta pay by Paypal, send payment to: $8 Priority shipping to the USA for one to four books, well packed in a padded envelope. $16 boxed Priority for larger quantities. Canada or overseas to be determined. For the bargainminded I can ship one or two books First Class for $4.50 Just to remind everyone, CHECK OR MONEY ORDER GREATLY PREFERRED. I just plain don't like Paypal. I make it to be six books for you this time: Doll Man 18 $100 Comic Cavalcade 39 $25 Whiz 65 $50 Archie Annual 4 $30 Brave & Bold 32 $25 Amazing Spiderman 22 $15 subtotal $245 Box Priority $16 Total $261 Please remember to mention your invoice # or the item purchased, and get me your proper mailing addy. Thanks again for the business! Rickster catrick339 Quote Edit Report reply catrick339 Replied: April 8 Howdy Emil, Coming up on three weeks, haven't seen a response yet. Is everything all right? Rick Quote Edit Report reply catrick339 Replied: April 16 Hi Emil, Been four weeks since you received your invoice, and I haven't seen anything yet. I need to see payment within the week, or at least some communication showing either payment coming or a response saying you're no longer interested, SOMETHING. If I haven't gotten a response or a payment by next Tuesday, I'll be opening a thread over in the proper forum to discuss the situation. Rick
  5. If he doesn't show up and take care of business in another couple weeks, I'll probably do so. I suspect something has gone wrong in his personal life, we've done a few successful deals previous to this one, and he's disappeared entirely from the Boards for well over a month.
  6. I'm posting regularly over in the WANT TO BUY thread, I'd forgotten this one was here, I'm looking for the first two outer folds for Action Comics 2. I have the full cover wrap, and the rest of the interior already, who has a coverless copy with a CF or two missing? I'm prepared to shower dollars down on your head if you have a copy or run across one. Here's my wonderful wrap:
  7. Good evening, I'm here to nominate EmilC for probation. He bought a nice stack in my last thread in early March, I sent his invoice the day after the thread ended, and haven't heard a thing since. Invoice sent March 19th. I sent him a friendly reminder after a couple weeks, and a less-friendly reminder a couple weeks after that. No response. He seems to have dropped out of sight since then, with only one visit since, on March 31st I sent him his notification by separate thread on April 25th, five weeks after his invoice, haven't heard anything. It's now ten days past his separate notification thread, with no response. Hope everything's okay, but I would like to hear from him, even if it's just to cancel the transaction. I have $245 worth of books sitting here in limbo.
  8. Thanks Brains, his separate notification was sent April 25, 5 weeks after the original invoice. I waited another ten days before posting this. Looks like the last thing I need to do is start a new thread then, with the nomination. Honestly I don't care if he gets added to the PL or not, but it seems to be the proper procedure to follow to get the word out that he's not taking care of business.
  9. Wups, I misremembered it. That was ANOTHER cartoon villain mouse. That catchphrase is from a Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinx cartoon. Mark of the Mouse (think Zorro) Turns out Klondike Kat's nemesis was Savoir-Faire, whose catchphrase was "Savoir-Faire is EVERYWHERE!"
  10. Theme song from a cartoon villain mouse circa 1963. Can't remember his name but he was the nemesis of Klondike Cat (think Sergeant Preston) Famous quote: "I'll make MINCEMEAT out of that mouse!"