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  1. SO! It took me a whole lot longer last night to get everything typed up than I had expected, and then I had to go through with a customer and fix my mistakes, I never DID shut this thread down entirely, I went and had dinner and a nap instead. THIS THREAD IS CLOSED FOR REAL, HARD CLOSE. Thanks as always to The Usual Gang Of insufficiently_thoughtful_persons, both newbie and seasoned pro, Fine fun thread, with plenty enough weird stuff to make both me and the crowd happy, Thanks again, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  2. I hung onto a complete wrap for World's Finest 2 for YEARS with nary a whiff of a coverless copy, finally sold it last year, and lo and behold, I just traded some early Thor JIM's for a complete WF 2 and an Archie's Madhouse 22. All Things Come To Rick...eventually,
  3. Six Gun Heroes 45 is SOLD! Jim Bowie 19 is SOLD! Thanks Keith!
  4. SOFT CLOSE Please make your final selections and begin moving toward the exits. Invoices will start rolling out immediately.
  5. T minus 25 minutes and counting to soft close! Go pick that carcass!
  6. (Scratches head) What the devil?! Well, it was late at night after a long week, (Gallops off to grab scan)
  7. I only have one real collecting goal this year, Been searching for a loooong time now, I'm looking for a coverless ACTION 2 with the first two leaves in nice shape, absolutely any other chaos or mayhem is acceptable, even preferred, just to save some cash. I got a complete cover wrap several years back in a big ol' box of parts, and have managed since then to get the rest of the interior, I just need those two outer wraps to make up a complete copy. Most of you have probably seen my posts in "wanted to buy", or "I wanna get married". The search still c
  8. Our Army at War 24 is SOLD! Our Army at War 28 is SOLD! Thanks BS!
  9. SO! Coming up on 11 AM here in Michigan, and we're coming to the end of this thread. Here's the last bargain for the crowd: Anything listed on the last recap, page 39, is for sale at 20 percent discount. PLEASE NOTE. THIS DOES ***NOT*** INCLUDE THE TOM MIX KIT, OR YESTERDAY'S DC LISTINGS! Other than that, feel free to go nuts. Soft close at 2 PM, when I start typing up invoices, hard close when I type last one, likely at around 3:30 PM or 4:00 PM Been a great fun thread, with enough tomfoolery to keep me happy,
  10. Our Army at War 43 is SOLD! Our Army at War 23 is SOLD! Thanks Jeffro!