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  1. Howdy Ho! The following books are SOLD! by PM Jim Bowie 18 Fightin' Air Force 3 Frontline Combat 1 Sunset Carson 1 Frontier Scout Dan'l Boone 10 Lash LaRue 58 See how easy that is? Send an offer, buy some books! T Minus 90 minutes and counting until SOFT CLOSE
  2. (Pours a generous dollop of GlenGrant single malt, smiles indulgently at the crowd, relaxes for the first time in days)
  3. And THAT, Ladies and Gentlemen, is very much that. I'll start sending invoices along about 7 PM, so you have the afternoon to look over what's left. Feel free to make bundle offers or lowballs on anything but the OFF 2, I'll either accept them, counteroffer, or poke fun at you. As always, my sincere thanks to everybody who participated, hung out, made rude comments or jokes, etc etc I hope you had as much fun as I did. SOFT CLOSE AT 7 PM EDT, HARD CLOSE WHEN THE LAST INVOICE IS SENT
  4. And Jolly runs the table at the end! Midnight 5 is SOLD! Adventures Into Mystery 8 is SOLD! Thanks Jolly!
  5. THIS IS IT! LAST BOOK IN THIS MARATHON THREAD! Let's take a moment to thank Jim Clark for keeping all these books, and then let's smack him around a little for all those scrawly signatures, Adventures Into Mystery 8 Last issue. There's some minor general wear and a tiny chip out LH BC,, but that's it. Flat, clean, tight spine and CF, glossy, offwhite - white pages, Let's go out with a nice one. Asking $90, FIRM SOLD!
  6. Midnight 5 Dogear and spot of rubbing lower FC, dogears and a light stain lower LH BC, small piece out at upper staple BC and upper staple is rusty with a hint of migration. Flt, tight, glossy, white pages. Asking $20 SOLD!
  7. Spellbound 34 Last issue. Miswrapped a bit front to back, big ol' dogear upper RH FC, small one lower RH FC, couple chips out uoper edge BC, bit of general wear. Flat, tight, clean, glossy, white pages. Asking $50 SOLD!