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  1. I know I'm late to the party, but this product is all I use for slabs any more HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  2. catrick339

    Dd1 st110 sgt1 ff5 ff48

    I first read that as 100% and was willing to take them both,
  3. That's it kids! CLOSED.
  4. All right, Gang! Invoices are all sent, this thread closes IN ONE HOUR, 9 PM EST
  5. Journey Into Unknown Worlds 25 is SOLD! via PM!
  6. Last call, Gang! I'm starting on invoices, and this thread will have a HARD CLOSE tonight at 9 PM EST.
  7. Werewolf by Night 1 is SOLD! Thanks 3319!
  8. is SOLD! per PM. THAT'S the way to do it, send a PM, snag a comic!
  9. And that. my friends, is that. Don't forget the true meaning of Christmas, Rick needs to pay for a snazzy new refrigerator, Dig around a bit, send some PM's or offers, or FLY THAT FLAG! I'll send out invoices tomorrow afternoon.
  10. Journey Into Unknown Worlds 30 CGC 7.0, offwhite pages. Asking $200 FIRM.
  11. Last book coming shortly, BRB
  12. Heroic Comics 88 Pulled lower staple, plenty of general wear. Interior is nice, white pages. Sorry, no Frazetta in this one. Yours for $10
  13. Superman 75 Good sized tear upper LH FC, upper RH of book is critter chewed, the further back you go the less chew. The last six leaves and the BC aren't touched at all. Otherwise flat and clean, tight spine and CF, white pages Asking $150
  14. TRUE 3D 2 Two pairs of original glasses still inside. unused. Flat, clean, tight, glossy, white pages. Touch of general wear. Asking $40