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  1. And while I'm begging, I picked up a pretty interesting box of incompletes yesterday, looking to mate up the following: Need interior Crime Mysteries 8 Action 154 Jumbo 126 Captain Marvel 80 Need full cover wraps Jumbo 159 Fight 70 All American Western 75 Rulah 25 Fight Against Crime 18 Tales From The Crypt 42 Uncanny Tales 16 Mysterious Adventures 17 Mysterious Adventures 20 Crime Mysteries 11 Journey Into Mystery 15 Beware 7 Dark Mysteries 18 Mystery Tales 14 Mystery Tales 17 Mystery Tales 18 Black Cat Mystery 47 Tomb of Terror 12 Men's Adventures 25 Marvel Tales 120 Forbidden Tales 25 Uncanny Tales 17 Need copies with CFO or clipped coupons, etc first pages or last pages missing The Hand of Fate 21 Vault of Horror 24 Pretty good score, there's a whole bunch of PCH goodness in that stack, and I actually got complete copies of Mysterious Adventures 22 and Mysterious Stories 2 out of the bunch...along with a whoooole bunch of Looney Tunes, Woody Woodpecker, WDC&S, etc. Who has some covers or bits to match up?
  2. STILL looking for the first two wraps for Action Comics 2. Give me one last cheap thrill before I die!
  3. Well, that last one has *some* yellow on it...
  4. (Blushes just a teeny bit, tosses up one more pair)