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  1. All right, I have one last shot in my locker, JIUW-wise. It's actually pretty impressive, the Hive Mind has posted durned near half of the covers from the series in just a couple days
  2. Hmmph. Buncha wanna be Playas. (Flexes fingers, starts typing)
  3. Oh YEAH? (Cracks knuckles, starts digging through scans)
  4. Oh, look! I found a little cache of creepy covers early days in my scan files. That's Mystic #2
  5. Alas, the last of the westerns. I have more Atlas books scanned somewhere within my files, but this is the end of the concentrated pile from last Fall.
  6. Change of pace. NOT western, NOT war, NOT teen humor,
  7. A buddy of mine is looking for a copy of the poster pictured, wants it as a gift for his son. Does anyone have a copy for sale? Post here or PM me. Thanks!