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The first superhero books to which I was exposed were Amazing Spider-Man #139-140 (Ross Andru art) and Werewolf by Night #3 (Mike Ploog art) - that was back in 1978 when I was five years old. These books lay hidden in a pile of Disney books at my grandparents' house and life would never be the same again. 
In 2009 I got married, and I have two sons and a stepson. I work as a neuropsychologist and an associate professor of General Pathology; in 2006 I got my Ph.D. in neuroscience.

My CGC book collection started with some CGC 9.2 comic books in 2007, and over the years these books got upgraded to 9.6 or 9.8 - and then I started buying original comic art :-) It's hard to say that you don't get just slightly addicted to books and art, but I still think of it as a good thing. I truly love my books and art, and I only buy books and pieces that mean something special to me ("And that's why you'll never sell anything and I'll have all the trouble selling everything when I become a widow" my wife keeps complaining). 

I care about preserving the books and art. After all, I'm just the current owner and I do feel some responsibility trying to preserve these items so that they can be enjoyed for many decades to come. My sons also like the art, several pieces are placed in our comic book library and I'm hoping to inspire the next generation. 

My collection of original comic art can be seen here: