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  1. sorry, that was for people who follow on twitter. i am a cop, currently suing my service over corruption cover up issues. (and seriously, think they’ll give a mess). just asking guys and girls on the board to keep an eye out.
  2. Hey, dont know whether this is the right thread but im sure someone will let me know if it isnt. Someone entered one of the outbuildings on my farm in the past 8 weeks (i know, ive just not had cause to go in there) and took a load of stuff. Tools etc. All can be replaced. However those bastards took my Sideshow Collectables Silver Surfer statue I was storing in there also. It has slight damage so ill know its mine. This is up in Canada, near Toronto. I put a tweet out today, but if anyone sees one come up for sale let me know. Heres the tweet -
  3. I know it’s only a 1.0, but I love this comic.
  4. Meant a Zurzolo sale. But he put it on Facebook shortly after I posted this.
  5. Hey all. Long time since Ive posted. Looking for a really low grade TOS # 39, slabbed. Thanks in advance. Anything considered as long as its got a blue label.