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  1. Another article on the Godzilla and Toho Big Monster films. Turns out they included War of the Gargantuas in the catalog. Godzilla Movies Streaming Guide for HBO Max
  2. Now, where there is an English edition is where they took Godzilla (1954) and made the American version as Godzila, King of the Monsters (1956). The latter is in English.
  3. I finished all 10 episodes just to experience everything near-term. It's a satire of big government, modern events and the military establishment. Although not a steady flow of comedy, it still have some really funny scenes throughout to keep you coming back. Will most probably land a Season 2 if Netflix and the creative team want to keep it going. There are some many themes they can tackle across those three focuses.
  4. Planes aren't dumb. People are dumb. Although the personal plane concept for better human air intake had potential.
  5. Big blowup today between Grace Randolph and the director of Birds of Prey, Cathy Yan. The former tried to peddle the pud pic in the diamond story. Turns out the entire rumor was made up. And to further confirm the story was fake, Grace tried to pull other movie insiders into the conversation and they confirmed she made it up. But as long as it was WB/DC negative, people relished in repeating this.