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  1. Al White is a film director and critic, and has been sharing some of what he saw take place at TIFF where critics were excited to tear up Joker in advance of the film premiere.
  2. I wonder if this film could help influence Disney to revisit its R-Rated film stance since it is a Fox Searchlight Pictures production?
  3. Due to the reaction towards Joker by a portion of the TIFF critics, JoJo Rabbit took the even award. Joker wasn't even the TIFF runner-up this go-around.
  4. Outstanding eight episode. And certainly not for the squeamish.
  5. It is interesting how the show transitioned. Too bad the forum setup doesn't allow thread edits after a year.
  6. Collider (super-Disney friendly source) review. Phoenix is just incredible - mind-blowing - didn't like how she felt afterwards though - but doesn't make Joker a bad movie. 3.5/5 overall