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  1. #Aquaman has broken through the $750M international box office mark with a $14.3M weekend.
  2. About to finish the last episode. What a wild and entertaining season. That Episode 12 opener was just wild, with the Marilyn Manson 'Say10' soundtrack enhancing the ambulance scene involving that crazy hitman (avoiding spoilers).
  3. Bosco685

    DEADPOOL 2 (2017)

    Ryan Reynolds at the Beijing launch event handing out Deadpool apples.
  4. Glass receiving a B Cinemascore just means this could be just as deep as Unbreakable and it takes time for people to digest the movie messaging. I don't think the average person considers Unbreakable unwatchable. But back then...
  5. Friday's $2.5M domestic will lead to $300M any day now. Massive!
  6. Well this list is going to get much simpler come March 2019.
  7. Death by dumbbell. WOW!
  8. Bosco685

    Venom Movie

    #Venom without even any Spider-Man appearance. Incredible!
  9. Two episodes in and this is really good.