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  1. Have fun with it. I've really enjoyed the actors cast in each role and the storyline. Hawk and Dove's origin does have a sad moment. Be ready for that.
  2. It's fun to happen across these Youtube channels where someone hears older classics for the first time. The surprise on their faces there was good music before now is entertainment in itself. The original: Their reactions: It becomes new entertainment in itself watching their shock. They just need to see it used in a film soundtrack.
  3. Incredible the amount of horsepower these films bring to bear where an additional $500M in Domestic Home Theater disc sales roll into an already massive revenue stream. Streaming is the way of the future. But no way is it replacing all of disc sales in the next 10 years. Unless the industry really nails down Digital Sales to a much wider worldwide market like never before. Including lower income families that can't afford broader bandwidth or even paying all these monthly fees for Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, etc.
  4. Some Disney executive received a call from a fanatic claiming to be a 'big investor' who tried to convince him the Home Theater Market disc sector was going away in the nest decade. So he pulled up just the Avengers to benchmark reality (Domestic-only sales). Oddly enough, the wild laughing as he hung up was that extra-special touch.
  5. Forgot about those online retail chains including Walmart Dot Com and other outlets I guess. So 'outside the scope my debate range'.
  6. Let's see if Disney passes on more revenue with the Home Theater Market. Because - you know - it isn't into this for the money after stalling Black Widow repeatedly for box office revenue results.