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  1. Best wishes and get well soon.
  2. I have SS books where the signature are smudged and it came back a 9.8 and 9.6. The lower grade was for the tape pull and not the smudges. You mentioned the book was once a blue label 9.8 that was cracked out. Who did the cracking, did you do it yourself or did someone else do it? The tape pull happened during the cracking and when the book was getting prepped for the signing. Or it was damaged during the grading process. If you submitted this book to a facilitator or directly to CGC, you should contact them to see if you can get reimbursement. Why should you look for another copy?
  3. Actually, Terry Stewart was president of Marvel Comics from the late 80's to around 96 when the company went bankrupt. A lot of people blamed him for the bankruptcy. There was a comic that was released by the original 7 Image creators, (Mcfarlane, Lee, Liefeld, Larsen...etc) that blamed him for them leaving Marvel and creating Image. The comic had something to do with the original 7 Image creators not getting enough credit and not getting enough in residuals, when their books were selling in the millions.
  4. My one and only win from the last Heritage Signature auction.
  5. Roger doesn't have the back issue stock he once had. Very poor management on his part. Pinocchio is a ripoff. Even if you're in Brooklyn, don't go there. Use to sell me FN Sliver-Age Marvels at NM prices back in the 80's. I haven't been back since 93. I still live in the same area. Since you're going to be in NYC in a week. Your best bet is the Big Apple Con, Christmas Show on Dec. 14th. It's in mid-town Manhattan, right across from Madison Square Garden and Macy's near 34th St. All types of dealers will be there. From high-end Gold and Sliver Age (Overstreet advisor type) dealers, to bulk dealers trying blow out their overstock and collector/flipper/dealers selling their extras. https://www.bigapplecc.com/
  6. Where is the list of dealers? Most of the big dealers will be at Rhode Island Comic Con this weekend.
  7. Tales From the Crypt #41, Graham Ingels