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  1. Hey guys! Sadly, I’m getting out of the OA game, selling off the last of my art. These are the remaining Invincible covers I have. Listed them on CLink, but if you’re interested, DM me. Invincible Covers
  2. It is a nice piece. Not sure what interiors are selling for these days, but if $1,200 is in line with recent sales, especially for a Negan page, you shouldn't have a problem moving this. GLWTS!
  3. wrong thread. Try here: https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/forum/45-original-comic-art-marketplace/
  4. Any other interest or offers, anyone? I’m going to move some of this stuff to eBay BIN on Monday. Happy Holidays!
  5. ALRIGHT.... let's see how this goes. Would love to get some stuff shipped out tomorrow! Hit me with what you got.
  6. Invincible 1-100 (missing issue 37) VF to NM. Also includes Noble Causes #3 and 5, 3 issues of #110, AND the issue 100 variants. $600 Plus, many are signed by Kirkman, Walker and Ottley.
  7. I’ll be posting more stuff around 9 tonight. I missed a few boxes that I have to go get at the storage unit.
  8. Going to list the Invincible run tomorrow night. Gotta go back to the storage unit and get the rest. Also going to list Y The Last Man 1-60 and some other goodies. stay tuned!!!