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  1. I can recall the Fuller Brush Man coming down the street I lived on and stopping at every house to try to make a sale. Also, I recall the Electrolux and Kirby Vacuum companies having a salesman making rounds. My mother actually bought a Kirby vacuum and I thought it was very strange that a vacuum had an attachment to sharpen knives.
  2. I feel like an old friend has passed away. I still have a gift subscription I gave to my son.
  3. The unused Ditko Amazing Spider-Man #35 cover was another butt cover.
  4. I completed several goals over my collecting history. At one time I had the non Superman and Wonder Woman DC hero titles from the Silver Age to the Bronze Age, including complete runs of Aquaman, Atom, Batman [#100 up], Beware the Creeper, Brave And Bold [#1 up], Captain Action, Detective [#225 up], Flash [#101 up]. Forever People, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Justice League of America, Kamandi, Mister Miracle, Metal Men, Metamorpho, Mystery in Space [#53 up - the Adam Strange issues], New Gods, Phantom Stranger, Plastic Man, Ragman, Rip Hunter Time Master, Showcase [#1 up], Swamp Thing, Tarzan [#207 up], Teen Titans, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen [Kirby issues] and many World's Finest [since Batman was co featured] but not all. I also had all the Marvel Silver Age to Bronze Age hero titles, including Amazing Fantasy #15, Amazing Spider-Man, Amazing Adventures [1970 title], Astonishing Tales [1970 title #1 to #20], Avengers, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Captain Savage, Champions, Conan, Combat Kelly, Daredevil, Defenders, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four, Fantasy Masterpieces, Incredible Hulk [#1 to #6 and #102 up], Iron Man, Iron Man & SubMariner, Journey Into Mystery [#83 up],Kazar, Man-Thing, Marvel Feature, Marvel Preview [magazine], Marvel Spotlight, Marvel Super-Heroes [one-shot], Marvel Super-Heroes [series #12 up], Marvel Tales, Marvel Team-Up, Nick Fury Agent of Shield, Not Brand Ecch, Rampaging Hulk [magazine], Savage Tales [magazine], Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos, Silver Surfer, Strange Tales [#101 up], Tales of Suspense [#39 up], Tales to Astonish [#27 and #35 up], Thor, Warlock and X-Men [#1 to #66] and many issues of the pre-hero Marvel titles but not all. I do remember having copies of Tales To Astonish #13 which introduced Groot and Strange Tales #89 with Fin Fang Foom. Most of these were sold in 1989, with only a few titles retained by me. I also succeeded in completing my set of all the non Marvel, Atom Age and Silver Age comics with Steve Ditko art. The majority being Charlton titles.These I still have.
  5. Sorry, I'm a retired plumber who likes to read about physics. You touched on the two topics I know about.
  6. The coriolis effect on the direction water drains from a sink or toilet is negligible.The direction water is introduced into the fixture or imperfections in the casting of the fixture account for much more influence, as well as whether the fixture is level or which direction it is out of level. Put simply, the coriolis effect on direction of water drainage, clockwise or counterclockwise, is a myth.
  7. Haven't you ever seen Rene Magritte paintings?
  8. I do not think winning should be a criteria for greatness, at least in a team sport. Last year Jacob deGrom won the Cy Young Award in the National League with a 10 wins and 9 losses record. He didn't win the Cy Young Award for his pitching record but for his ERA, which was 1.70 and his dominance of the hitters he faced. Similarly, Ted Williams was one of the greatest pure hitters to play baseball but the Red Sox never won a World Series while he played for them..
  9. Obviously NOT the Flash Gordon #1 which Al Williamson signed. That copy is buried in one of my boxes. I provided a scan from GCD to illustrate the large white area of the comic.
  10. Years ago, probably back in the 1970s, I got a cover signed by Al Williamson. It was Flash Gordon #1 and there was a large area of the cover that was white, making it a candidate for a cover autograph.
  11. In 1993 Pizza Hut had VHS video tapes of the X-Men cartoon series that came with mini comics. There were four issues. My Comics Shop has pictures of the covers but they are not in stock.
  12. I realize it's a tad late to comment on this painting but I just read the posts because it was resurrected. That said, that is not a chair in the painting but a "kneeler." Notice how the right rear foot raises the cushion on which the girl is kneeling only inches above the floor?
  13. Although I had read many comics before I actually bought one myself. I believe Superman #132 was the first comic I bought in a store.