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  1. yes indeed paratrooper... and I was meaning to contact you.. I'm working on a box of aviation pulps.. do you want to see pics of parachutists if there are any? I'll take the X-Men 1-24 and the one that starts with X-men 94. If you don't mind giving me a day or so to get my PayPal sorted out. I haven't used it in a long time. Sure, let's see what you have on the parachutist side.
  2. I'm sure the answer to the question is obvious, but I just want to be sure. Do they contain all of the content from issues "X - Y" as listed on the bottom of the cover?
  3. Hello, In the TMNT 1 thread another boardie said that this Ebay sale is actually a third print, and that he could tell by the color. I was wondering if any knowledgeable turtle heads could spell out how to tell the differences between all of the different printings. In the auction above I can't see a difference in the color between 1st and 3rd print. Is there a way to tell just by the cover the difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd? Are there ways people try to alter later printings to try to pass them off as first prints? Pictures would be great, but any useful information would be greatly appreciated.