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  1. Makes the stolen 4.5 ToS39 hurt just that little bit more.
  2. Per title. Looking for a Saga 1 first printing. Ideally in 9.8 grading. Inbox if you have one you want to get rid of. Cheers
  3. Im getting this for well below GPA. Is it worth taking the risk with the rusted staples?
  4. Will rusted staples keep damaging the book over time?
  5. Thanks everyone. The book is actually graded at a 2.5, which is odd considering it presents really well. I wonder if it’s not the rusted staple that knocked it down.
  6. Hi all, Im currently in talks with someone to purchase this book. Its currently graded by a local grading company that has a less than ideal reputation. My concern is whether a) its restore and b) its graded fairly. After I get a few opinions on here, Ill post what grade it currently has. I was able to get scans of the book in its case. If its close to what its graded currently, Ill buy to crack it open and get graded by CGC.
  7. Bought a FF67 from Rick and it was shipped fast and securely all the way to Australia. Thanks again Rick!
  8. Now that I think back, its very possible I missed it. Makes me sad. Very sad.
  9. Long story short, I purchased a Saga 1 9.8 from a fellow boardie 4 few years ago. It arrived with a cracked case during shipping and the seller refunded me a small amount. I stored it in a box ever since until I took it out today to look at it. It looks like the cover page is ripped at the staples. Im unsure if this is due to air escaping or what, but Im super bummed. Does anyone know how bad the grade will be now? Attached images.
  10. Whats a fair price for a FF52 in 7.0 grade? Noticed one sold here a few weeks ago for $895, but others have sold for more on eBay. Unsure to what price I should be expecting.
  11. Sorry to bump an old thread, but does anyone know how their grading compares to CGC? After a key book thats graded 2.5 by Halo, but unsure how itll stack up in industry standards.