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  1. Danny Dupcak is a name previously unknown to me. Lots to read here though.
  2. I vote for images that I like. Cost and artist really don't factor in - whether or not I want it for my collection does matter.
  3. You might want to join the FB group called Fanzine History and Appreciation. There are some very knowledgeable folks there.
  4. I've thought about putting it in SQL Server Express, but I haven't seen the need - yet. Of course, projects like that are the best way to learn something new.
  5. I'm glad that George feels up to doing this. That makes me happy.
  6. I had a pleasant exchange with Sharon of comics-warehouse about this auction. Here's my summary: She has this on consignment and the consigner is “very experienced" She realizes now that: This is not the piece from the Hake’s auction. This did not belong to Frank Toscanini at any point. She wants to remove the item from sale and has asked the bidder to cancel their bid so she can do so without incurring eBay’s fees. She’s intends to update the description to prevent further bids (as of 1:55pm Central on Jan 20 that has not happened) She believes that Joe drew it She trusts JSA She has "no time or interest to look at the chat boards” to check the authenticity of her offers She wants out of the OA game because it is too “risky." Here's a transcript of our conversation
  7. I keep an MS Word document with instructions on how to handle the art on the event of my death. I print it out periodically and place it with my will and other documents of import. I also have a spreadsheet where I paste the MS Word table to do calculations, e.g., $ / year. I thought about using SS only, but decided to use both because it's easier to have text and such in the Word document. For anyone that cares, I'm happy here are the fields that I keep for each piece of art: Title of Art - same title that I use on the CAF and this is linked to the CAF entry Artist(s) - penciler and inker and colorist if colored Source - Where I bought it, e.g., ebay, Dealer - Spencer Beck, Direct, ... Type - Commission, Pre-Done, Published Page, Published Cover, etc. Price - Price paid less the next three BP - Buyers Premium, if any Tax - Sales tax or duty S/H - Shipping and Handling Date - Date received Comments - Any comments, e.g., gift from Kathy Views, Cmts - I track this and the CAF comments to feed my model of what pieces are the most popular with the viewing community The spread sheet leverages a lot of these columns including views and comment to calculate a ranked popularity. If you want a copy, PM your email address and I'll send them along.
  8. Another site that I like is Mike's Amazing World of Comics. It's Newstand (shows the comics for any given month) and Creator Search features are excellent.
  9. On this FB thread, Richard Halegua wrote: So, authentic signature and amateur drawing. There's more to the story here where ComicLink wrote about a Superman 1 reproduction:
  10. Easily the most complicated piece I've seen by Joe if it's real.
  11. Jack of Hearts - hands down. Can you imagine this 100 times per issue?
  12. This is why I use spoiler tags for this slightly off-topic and long replies. Just click the "eyeball" icon and type away!