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  1. Brace yourself for a real DPS unlike any you have ever seen. Not for sensitive people so I put it in the spoiler. It is work safe, however. Now, open the spoiler and steel yourself for the ultimate thrill.
  2. I recently started using Microsoft Lens as well as CamScanner (I have the pro-version). I think CamScanner does a better job with colors than Microsoft Lens, but I find MS Lens simpler to use especially for exporting images to my Photos archive on my iPhone. It is free without ads. Yes, CamScanner for Android had cyber-security issues (since corrected), but the iOs/iPhone version did not.
  3. I have a TPS from the wonderful book, Huck, by Mark Millar and Rafael Albuquerque. It's quite a tale of a simple farmboy gifted with abilities beyond those of mortal men who spends his days doing good deeds privately until he is outed. I wish there were more. These are the last three pages of the first issue. Starts off as a normal day, but then... Click to embiggen.
  4. Justice Society of America 11 pg 4-5 (JSA, JLA, Kingdom Come Superman) by Dale Eaglesham (p) and Ruy José (i) The JSA, the JLA, and Kingdom Come Superman on two pages. I just wish the head shots were included. For this fan of DC comics, it doesn't get much better. I really liked Dale's work on this series. Click to read all about it and get a bigger image.
  5. They are reading: Raina Telgemeier - Guts (#1 on NYT graphic novel list), Drama, Smile, Ghosts, etc. Ben Hatke - Zita the Spacegirl series, Little Robot, Mighty Jack series Mike Maihack - Cleopatra in Space series Faith Erin Hicks - The Nameless City series Art Baltazar and Franco - Superman of Smallville & too many others to mention Jeff Smith's Bone and so many more We live in the age of great reprints and wonderful new books. I read and enjoy all of the above - I'm sixty-three, but good stories are good stories.
  6. Coloring commission from Mike Garland, Nick Pitarra's designated colorist. Here you see Nick's original and Mike's digitally colored version. Click to read all about it.
  7. Mike Garland has been the colorist on a number of Nick Pitarra's projects. Add one more to their list.
  8. If you would like to take better art pictures on your phone, I can recommend Microsoft Lens (free) and CamScanner (free option). Both will allow you to square the photograph.
  9. Matthew Clark does a lot of layouts for jams. I was very happy with mine. Click his name to go to his Facebook page.
  10. Another thought. Contact an artist, e.g., Matthew Clark, about doing a layout that other artists can use to base their contribution. It can make for a more dynamic scene and reduce the time for the artists that are completing it - which might lead to a lower cost per figure. I did this with a Sgt. Rock jam and the figures weren't terribly expensive and everyone praised the layout.
  11. I prefer not to on my commissions. Oddly, I'm quite willing to have it personalized on my hardback books. What's up with that?
  12. Good point. If the artist is uncomfortable with the lettering part, skip it. You can have it done by a pro later if you wish.