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  1. Oldest held published page/cover Intended for Sensation 83 in 1948, it wasn't printed until Amazing World of DC Comics 2 in 1974. This one of the tiers saved by Marv Wolfman decades ago. Click the image to learn more. Longest held published page/cover The front cover to All-New Collectors' Edition #C-53 Rudolph the Red- Nosed Reindeer Cover Original Art (DC, 1977). I also own the back cover. Click the image to learn more.
  2. Maybe. That's why tax accountants and tax lawyers are well paid. If I'm right, Jim is looking at a circa $300K tax deduction. He should check it out.
  3. If he has a flat rate for 9x12 that are pre-done, I agree, that would be the FMV. If he does commissions for that rate, that's where the problem occurs. Being able to choose the subject has value. If an auction exceeds his commission rate, clearly you can deduct the amount above that. However, "pre-dones" are typically cheaper (offer less value) than buyer specifies so, perhaps, we should look for an FMV lower than a posted commission rate. I've never looked at his rates so I don't know which case applies.
  4. Why not. He donated a piece of art that has a FMV. I know that for the charity gala's that my wife has worked, the people that donate to the silent auction deduct the FMV of their donation. Same situation for Jim.
  5. So, I'd say that the auction prices are FMV. No deduction for the buyer.
  6. Jim posted later that his misunderstood what he was told. The buyer can deduct the amount over the fair market value. Jim can deduct the FMV from his taxes. The problem for a buyer is that this is an open auction, pretty much be definition, the winning bid is the fair market value for the item. Moreover, given what Jim charges for a straight commission, these may be thought of as being sold for less than FMV. All in all, don't expect a tax benefit. Disclaimer: I'm not a tax expert, but I have slept at a Holiday Inn Express.
  7. I have the courage, but not the money. For S&S to happen, I'd have to win an auction (~$7.5K), specify S&S, and win that auction (~$2.5K assuming moderate interest and no punishment bids). At the low end, that's $10K and might be $15K. Way to rich for my blood - besides, I have a house to remodel!
  8. I'm most impressed with the character of the man, but the art's not bad either. I'm very unlikely to bid on anything, but they are fun to see. Oh, Bizarro and Dr. Fate are my favorites so far. I'd prefer the Bizarro without the speech bubble.
  9. A friend of mine just posted this piece. The signature looks familiar, but I can't place it. Thoughts?