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  1. Added three more for Shaun Clancy. Cover recreations featuring: Captain America, Shang Chi, and the X-Men
  2. Added John Livesay's quest for Batman Family #19. Added Michael Lustig's JLA 140, 141, 142
  3. Added a link Shaun Clancy's 39(!) Iron Man cover recreations. Many done by one or more of the original artists.
  4. Added Michael Faber's re-assembly of Marvel Team-Up 110
  5. I think you need to start drawing digitally, Scott.
  6. Added 7 themed collections from Mark Levy (3 single character and 4 book rebuilds). Added a single character theme (Hot Mummy) from Richard Boom
  7. An article from today's NY Times: After a flurry of more than 180 bids in the final hour, a JPG file made by Mike Winkelmann, the digital artist known as Beeple, was sold on Thursday by Christie’s in an online auction for $69.3 million with fees.
  8. Added Daniel Burtis' colLEXion of Lex Luthor art
  9. A little more inheritance squandering has occurred! This time, Thom Zahler Cartooning created a daily piece of art featuring couples suggested by his Patreon members. I naturally suggested Sugar and Spike and equally naturally bought the created piece! For the heck of it, I also used my cover template and made it - like my Jeffrey Brown S&S meet Darth Vader piece - pseudo, faux S&S 100 cover. In the description, you will find a link to all of the couples. Check my couple out by clicking on the image:
  10. My favorite Peanuts era. I still have my left nut, but it's not worth much at my age.
  11. Added @malvin's Incredible Hulk 340 cover recreations and his "Batman vs. ..." theme.
  12. @malvin, you are now recorded in the Hall of Fame for Themed Collections. Yes, you are now listed on The Themed Art Collections Thread. If you have others, I'll add them. Everyone, I'm always interested in adding more to the list.