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  1. Here are my Jeremy commissions for your viewing pleasure. Click the image to get a bigger picture.His work is incredible. CPG Herself Pirate Ship CPG vs. Grandfather Clam (his very first CPG commission)
  2. FWIW, Brian did write a book about John B and his art. HC: John Buscema: Michelangelo of Comics Deluxe Hardcover (only 300* copies and there is a print of a JB drawing with Joe Sinnott inks that came with it) SC: John Buscema: Michelangelo of Comics Deluxe Softcover Neither book is easy to find nor inexpensive, but it is fun. * My copy says 750, but the Amazon copy says 300. You choose. I'm not sure what you mean. Per Brian's checklist, JB did two Spider-man stories that I see: Amazing Spider-man 1999 Annual Spectacular Spider-man 121 Mike's
  3. Remember, if you have a theme that you'd like to share, make a comment on the Themed Art Collections thread and I'll add it to the master list. Then take a few minutes to checkout some of those wonderful collections!
  4. So, there's the $220M bitcoin man and now a $270M bitcoin man.
  5. I understand. I simply prefer self-reinforcing because virtuous does imply virtue. Still, I know the other term is more accepted.
  6. Re: virtuous circle whereby people feel (and are, on paper) richer and more confident by the day I'm not sure how virtuous it is. If it were really doing good, it would drive employment and, maybe, wage growth. As much as I love OA, the employment that I drive in my purchases is pretty small.
  7. One of my grails appeared in this auction, but went for way, way more than I'd pay for it. The splash to the first comic that I ever read. The splash page which one wag (me) described as a page only a letterer could love one for $50K! The better page from my POV was page 21 and it went for a bunch less $38K The last page from the book went for $26K. I'm sad, but ten years ago Kathy bought this page from the book for me as a birthday gift for $3K so I'm not too sad. Click the image to read all about it.
  8. Well, if you have his newsletter, you do pretty consistently get 40% off his mile high prices and sometimes 60%. I still think he's right - 30 years old makes things collectable.
  9. Chuck Rosinski of Mile High Comics says that comic related material becomes valuable 30 years after it is created. He attributes it to a combination of factors - collections lost or destroyed, higher earning power, memories/nostalgia. I think he's right. 90s material + 30 years = now
  10. I just looks like the photo to me so I assumed mechanical means.
  11. I'd always assumed that Amy's face wasn't drawn, but added mechanically (photoshop or whatever). Was it really on the board?
  12. I'd call it a panel page. Yeah, one is a little bigger, but not what I consider a splash.
  13. If you haven't read the material in the first post on the Pricing Comic Art - Updated thread, you should.
  14. It went for a lot of money (surprise!). From a letter to the mailing list from Dear all, there’s a new record price for a cover by Hergé: 2.6 plus fee = 3.000.000 Euro for 34 x 34 cm in gouache!