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  1. I'd love to have a Tom Swift, Jr. cover. This one would work. The series had a big impact on me. I'd be happy to have a Tom Swift, Sr. cover, too.
  2. For clarity, I was referring to the folks in the book which weighs them by impact on society not which comic creator has had the most impact. Though that's an interesting topic.
  3. There's a book that I like - The 100: A Ranking Of The Most Influential Persons In History by Michael Hart. It's an interesting ranking because it ranks people by their impact on society. Not on being the best or the worst or the best looking or the smartest, but on their impact. A list of comic book artists ranked by their impact on succeeding generations would be interesting. Anyone want to try to pick number one? Milt Caniff? Someone else?
  4. If I had to pick four that meant the most to me growing up, they would be Swan, Sprang, Kirby, and <two many others>.
  5. All the details are in the Description on the CAF page, but here are the highlights: It’s a Kickstarter perk that delivered on time I wish I’d bought a bigger piece. Neither of these are common occurrences.
  6. I'm pretty sure a list with comic strip guys (short form) and comic book guys (long form) is apples and oranges to start. Still, it's not a bad list. I wonder if anyone has built a "coaching tree" for these guys to see how many others picked up their style. That would be interesting.
  7. Deaccessioning is a common procedure in museums to raise funds. You can pretty much assume that anything you donate that isn't in their major area of interest will be sold. If you want to avoid that, you need to include enough cash to fund the care and feeding of your collection for eternity.
  8. One standard answer - hidden because I don't want to bore everyone that has seen it before.
  9. Itoya's in a custom storage cabinet. The layout of my CAF matches the storage in my Itoya's. That organization is reflected on the first page of my CAF.
  10. Worse, I talked to the artist and the books were printed and made it to Hoveke's garage and then it stopped. I suspect that he ran out of money to mail the books and pay the income taxes. That was pretty common in the early days of Kickstarter. The artist, Ben Risbeck, offered to send me a copy, but I declined since it would be unfair to everyone else.
  11. And you can enter and vote as a free member.
  12. Regarding copic colors, they do look great when applied. However, they are not archival and will fade. The best you can do is keep them out of the light. From their website: ▼ Will Copic ink on artwork fade over time? Dyes are artificial material made through chemical processes and are not usually as archival as pigment products. In general, dyes are susceptible to ultraviolet rays. Copic inks are a dye and Copic-colored images will fade under direct sunlight or fluorescent light. If your artwork with Copic will be put up in well-lighted area, it is better to seal it with a UV blocking seal. So be careful.
  13. A few thoughts: Minimize the effort required to enter I'd prefer to have a button appear on the CAF items posted during 2018 that allows me to enter it with one click. It would remove the oldest Lowry entry auto-magically. Minimize the effort to vote. Navigation improvements I find myself opening several on my first pass. It would be sweet to have a panel where I can "send" the interesting ones and have those images enlarge to closer viewing. Building on that "panel" concept, I'd like to be able to order them and hit one button to vote. Minimize the effort to put a comment on the item in its CAF Gallery as opposed to the Lowry. There should be a link that takes you to the original or the original is what we see in the Lowry. I don't pay attention to the owner name during voting, but if it's a problem to people, I don't care if it's dropped, but I would would it to be retained on the winner's list. Historical data would be great. The flag would be fun especially if we could search on it (year, category, flag) from the main page. Hope this is useful.