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  1. The squandering of the daughters' inheritancecontinues. At the age of 10, I bought the first appearance of The Inferior Five in Showcase. I was really puzzled. I didn't know the word inferior, I didn't know about parody and satire. Who were these people and why weren't they as capable of as the Justice League!?!? Eventually, I figured it out and really grew to enjoy the book. A friend (thank, Miki!) alerted me that several pages were for sale at Anthony's Comic Book Art. As it happened, they were priced in my impulse zone and, ironically, were from the same issue as the page I left at Logan Airport a few years ago. Anyway, welcome to the Inferior Five, the home of Merryman, Awkwardman, The Blimp, White Arrow, and Dumb Bunny. Click to embiggen
  2. Joe Kubert - WWI or WWII Action Rush Heath - WWII Action Maybe an air battle with the Enemy Ace by Kubert Maybe a tank battle by Heath
  3. Seems like a grail for the right guy. If only there were such a guy - @Rick2you2
  4. I confess that I have a weakness for All-Ages books with OA perks on Kickstarter. This one is Land of Toons (written by Kevin Chilcoat and everything else by Hayley Russell and Andrew Morrice) and its quite interesting. Our heroes are Ted the Zookeeper and Mangus the Monkey and they start out making B&W cartoons from a --script. Things go well until they and everyone else see their ratings drop, people vanishing, and a wall appearing. Ted and Mangus decide to find out what is going on. The first two issues are out and a KS (see the Description) is funded for the printing of the third issue. This was my perk.
  5. I do have the write-up as an MS Word file if anyone wants a copy. Just PM me with your email address.
  6. I do have the write-up as an MS Word file if anyone wants a copy. Just PM me with your email address.
  7. He does at home commissions on occasion. Contact Spencer Beck at / The Artist's Choice.
  8. There are two: My Swan Superman My JLA 29 page I've told these stories a thousand times and you can get the details in the CAF Description by clicking on the images, but here's the summary. My paternal grandmother setup a small trust fund for her adopted children upon her death in 1967 (I was 10). After about 38 years, the trust had done its job and the balance was to be distributed among her three natural children. By that time, my dad had passed so his share was split among his four children. For the first time in more than 30 years, I had some free cash. Kathy and I decided I could spend it as I wished. I'd discovered Heritage and there this was along with a Sheldon Mayer Sugar and Spike one-page story. I bid something on both, but decided that the Swan was going to go out of reach so I bid the balance on the Mayer. I lost, but the Superman was mine on my highest bid! Thanks, Grandmother. At the Comic Art Show in 2010, Kathy and I made an appearance and found 5(!) pages from my very first comic - Justice League of America (1st Series) 29 featuring the JLA and it's 2nd JSA crossover. This is the comic that imprinted me. This story is long, but it involves a Mexican vacation, minimal cash for gas to get back to Texas, a comic book vending machine at a HoJo, and $0.15. What really makes it special is that Kathy bought it for me. She has not always been a fan of my hobby as you can read here, but she knew it meant a lot to me. I have a wonderful wife! Thanks to Will Gabri-El for a quick and fair deal. What I'd like to know is the location of the splash. If six pages have surfaced, that indicates that more may be out there. That splash means a lot to since my brother and I stared at it for a long time trying to figure out who these people were before we read the comic. I value it higher than the cover. I suspect it's mostly stat, but I wouldn't care.
  9. Yeah, I just grabbed two examples of team shots. It was a shock when I picked the first 5YL book, but I really grew to enjoy it and the cover to LSH #4 is an all-time favorite. Keith's Original Jim Lee's Tribute Keith's recreation for me
  10. A more or less complete list of those not represented: Shuster Superman Kirby Thor or New Gods page Marshall Rogers Detective (Batman) page from his wonderful run with Steve Englehart and Terry Austin Sprang Batman Ditko Creeper Everett Sub-Mariner page Plus two that are, but not in this specific combination: Swan/Klein Superman or LSH page Mayer Scribbly page (if there are any) - $$$$ are the main reasons.
  11. Did you see Bill Cox's Comic Art Fans interview with Mike? If not, you might enjoy it.
  12. I am probably the only LSH / DC fan on this thread, but the one that usually gets dragged over these coals is Keith Giffen. His early LSH work was classic; his later work for LSH (the 5 year later story line) and pretty much everything after is wildly different. I actually enjoy both, but lots of LSH fans will lose their minds over the change. Before: After:
  13. I didn't read the series, but I did enjoy his covers.