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  1. They must be swamped and business is probably booming. Sooooo many examples of bad teeth in precode horror.
  2. Mister “Hang” variant! Great book Pablo. Congrats.
  3. True Classic. Easily one of the best precode horror stories.
  4. My goodness what a Thread! Looks like I missed out on quite the party. Glad to see a sales thread do so well. These boards are my favorite comic book hangout! Keep posting the precode horror Andy! 🙂
  5. Not sure about that mailman of yours. You sure he’s not a Comic Collector? He could be “reviewing the cargo”. And congrats on the book. I recently discovered the great Lou Cameron did the three covers of this mini run.
  6. Just saw it and thought it was great. That said I’m a pretty big ShymalanaFan. I think most of his work is pretty brilliant. Glass is not perfect but I loved it. Took a bit of time to mull over some parts but it all makes sense.... Nice to see these characters again on the big screen. Gotta go with the Goobers over the Snow Caps as well! 🙂
  7. Nice one! Love the title logo with the ghost looking over the SP. and those gravestones....
  8. Looks like this copy was actually read by a werewolf. Well loved copy.
  9. Congrats on completing this run. Some of the best Precode horror stories are present in this title. Many Precode horrorheads say there’s not a bad issue in the whole run. Having read through them all, I agree. What’s your next title to complete?
  10. She’s one of the best. You are awesome Sharon!
  11. Amazing looking books everyone. Jimbo, I think I saw this copy in a photo in The Leaders Con report.. Glad to see you grabbed it. Such a great far out SciFi story in this one as well! The FF always has that cosmic edge compared to the other titles. I also believe the splash from this issue is the art used to create the Third Eye black light poster. Anyone on here have the poster?
  12. The letter and story are as collectible as the comics. Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy the Leaders Con reports. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Gene at a show and I’ve yet to meet Jimbo in person.
  13. Awesome thread! Thanks for sharing and taking us along for the ride. I love getting comics in the mail. I often joke that I should just mail old comics I already own to myself to save money on buying books. My wife thought it was a good idea. That Famous Funnies is a gem. Great books and welcome back! 🙂
  14. And here’s the later reuse of the cover art in 1969.
  15. It’s a nice little run to put together without too much trouble. I remember having all three at one point and then selling off the number one. It didn’t feel right having issues two and three only, so I was able to pick up another copy of issue one here on the boards. Now the trilogy is back together and it’s hats on the ice. 🙂 Congrats. Love that date stamp as well.
  16. Just finished reading through this short series of Marvel Feature and the fifteen issues. Not bad. Started strong and then thinned out. I enjoy the offbeat storylines that often happen as titles begin to wind down. I wasn’t too familiar with Frank Thornes work. Some creative drawings and layouts in there.