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  1. Jeez. I can’t believe I forgot my annuals. ...and to resume...
  2. Unstable asbestos. It can withstand Kelvin Scale high temperatures with zero side effects. Because Reed majored in Science.
  3. Stan was never one to let facts get in the way of a good story.
  4. Too many to list. For the most part, all those memories do is make me better appreciate the ones I did buy. For those of you who are haunted by this sort of thing, try thinking of it this way: You passed on the book, so it was not then incredibly meaningful to you. The chances are therefore pretty good that, sometime between then and now, you’d have sold it off. I know I would have.
  5. I miss my Baby Huey 1 sometimes. I do have a reader copy of this. A boardie brainwashed me to need one.
  6. That’s a killer splash! I forgot how cool it was.
  7. I sometimes forget how much I like Ayers inking Kirby. Nice!
  8. I can recommend no guidelines to getting along with a woman. Get along with a person. My wife is like no one I've met before, and few "rules" apply. But start with Trust (only honest communication will do) and Mutual Respect.
  9. Considering that Thor is my second favorite, easy call.
  10. But the most accurate depiction of hippies in SA comics is, no doubt, Brother Power The Geek.
  11. From a tiny, free show in Omaha today. It’s very easy to buy on eBay, but I knew I’d find a reader at my price. This is the unofficial First Appearance of The Head Men; a very goofy supervillain group from The Defenders. I seem to have a weak spot for this sort of thing.
  12. Little show back in Omaha. My skinflint ways stayed consistent.