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  1. This worries me, as I've never shipped books before but will be liquidating my collection (starting here!) in the next couple of weeks and have a few decent books to move. What is the general consensus about who is best to ship with? Most likely within conus.
  2. Maybe for their 50th anniversary they could embrace a super-convenient digital format? No, seriously...why are you all laughing?
  3. Don’t have a price in mind yet but a similar copy sold for about $6,300 recently.
  4. Is there any time of year that produces better or worse results on CLink? For example, maybe the holiday season is slow because people are committing their money to other things (just a guess).
  5. Thanks for all the input everyone, looks like Clink is the way to go for me. I appreciate all the info!
  6. I think the newest book is a GL/GA 76. They are mostly Marvel keys, again nothing major, with a smattering of Adams DC
  7. Hi everyone... I'm in the process of buying a new home, and I am cashing out my collection. Nothing major, the best things I have are mid grade ToS39 & Avengers 4, followed by a few grand worth of books in the $100-500 range. I have neither the time nor inclination to list them myself, so I am considering dumping them on one of the auction sites. Any advice on which would provide the best return for me? I did a basic search here and found nothing, my apologies if this topic has been discussed before. Thanks!
  8. I'll comment for them. "The reason for the 400% markup is quite simple. We really love money."
  9. Hi everyone... I am preparing to move, and GotJunk are coming on Saturday to clear out my house. I have several hardcover books that will end up being tossed, and I'd rather find good homes for them if possible. There's an FF Omnibus, a bunch of cool books on pulps, some other comic stuff, etc. Send me a message if interested, must pick up before Saturday.
  10. I imagine when we move on to whatever the next round the apocalypse brings (my money is on alien invasion) that the CGC board will be pretty busy with lookouts for stolen slab serial numbers. We seem to do a great job with that sort of thing.
  11. I have to admit, as a huuuuuuuge R&M fan from early on, season 4 has turned me off to the series and I no longer watch. I can't quite put my finger on exactly why, but it just seems terrible to me now, which I hate because for three seasons it was some of my favorite tv of all time. .
  12. I’m surprised it’s only 120 being a warehouse find, especially factoring in that registry update issues could make the actual number lower. Still, for a book that age in that shape that’s a pretty decent supply.
  13. Hey everyone...I've often wondered how many pages per day the King put out. I'm sure it varied greatly over time, but let's say during his 60's Marvel era where it seems like he had his finger in nearly every pie they baked. Any ideas? I've searched for this info online before and always came up empty handed. Thanks!