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  1. This is so true. I belong to a couple of whiskey groups but left when I realized over 50% of the posts were people showing off their collections asking, "did I do this right?"
  2. When it's time to move the books I bet you can move both newer books more easily than X-Men 1.
  3. I'd say this could be pretty handy when presented with opportunities outside one's normal area of expertise. There are other, probably better sources of this information, but I always have my phone with me and if I came across a box of Archies or something well out of my wheelhouse I'd be more inclined to investigate.
  4. That will facilitate your sale enormously, and provide potential buyers a relatively solid baseline for evaluating your asking price (and you as well; you may discover that you are over or under charging). Best of luck with your sale, that's a great looking copy!
  5. Wow, this really took on a life of its own. I expected one reply, starting with a sensible explanation and ending with " !diot." For the record, I was never trying to suggest this become some sort of rule or policy, just wondering if anyone else felt the same as I.
  6. I never meant to suggest more rules, I think what’s in place is fine, and I’m sure there are plenty of instances where hiding it is a very good idea. I was just curious if others felt the same, and any dealers looking in are obviously free to use or ignore this insignificantly small sample size of opinion.
  7. I don’t doubt that for a second. Those guys are working though, and they don’t need me bugging them all the time.
  8. I like salting my own wounds. "Oh dang, I missed out on that FF5. Wait a minute, it sold for HOW LITTLE?" @#$%#&!"