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  1. That takes balls...I'd have totally blown this deal. "Really? Only $6? Are you sure? Awesome!" and my nervous giggling would have totally sent them to the internet to look them up.
  2. The boards have opened my eyes to so many things. My real collecting was 1973-80 or so, and I was primarily a Marvel zombie to the point where I passed on so many great books. I returned to collecting in '08, when I joined this board, and I had no idea people took Archie comics seriously, or that things like Fiction House or Centaur even existed. I'm pretty much just a tourist now, I rarely ever buy anything, but if I did I would probably start with a Ricksneatstuff thread, books I never would have given a second glance to back when I was more active.
  3. Depends on the group. I belong to a couple of Fb comics groups where the default mentality is, "if it exists, clean and press it," often accompanied by little or no knowledge of what pressable defect means.
  4. I didn’t mean to cast doubt on the authenticity of the sig, I was just having a bit of fun. Looks legit to me.
  5. You don’t see many Demon 1s signed by Jack Ruby!
  6. I’m not sure if this is okay to post, and I’ll gladly remove it if requested. This is just a pretty cool looking bat chair that I think would be of interest to a few boardies. First let me say I have nothing to do with these chairs or the company that sells them, I do not benefit from this in any way. Nor have I seen one in person, so I cannot comment about build quality, comfort, ergonomics etc. It’s just a cool chair for a comics room. Source
  7. This used to baffle me as well, until I realized that the actual books are secondary for some people who simply collect grades. I find this especially true on other comic sites where the members are perhaps a bit less sophisticated than on CGC; sites where "clean & press" is the default maneuver on anything below 9.8, often accompanied by no understanding of the concept "pressable defects." Trying not to sound judgmental here, my favorite book in my collection is a 4.0 and I sure would be happy if it were a 9.8, but some of the behavior of grade collectors just kind of has me shaking my head.
  8. (Weird Sci 29) I've seen this described more than once as the finest comic cover of all time. Maybe not my pick, but certainly a contender. GLWTS
  9. That was awesome, thank you!
  10. Common selling tactic to allow yourself to be negotiated down to the actual going rate.
  11. You should tell that story here, in general or flea market finds or something (not this sales thread, and my apologies for the non-sales post). I bet a lot of people here would love to hear about a recent AF15 attic find.
  12. That's amazing (pun only half-intended). I had an FF1 GRR when I was a kid in the 70's and I drew in the #1, thought I was the only weirdo who would do such a thing. GLWTS!
  13. That has got to be the ultimate low grade ToS39! It even has decent centering and pq. GLWTS