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  1. I have to admit, as a huuuuuuuge R&M fan from early on, season 4 has turned me off to the series and I no longer watch. I can't quite put my finger on exactly why, but it just seems terrible to me now, which I hate because for three seasons it was some of my favorite tv of all time. .
  2. I’m surprised it’s only 120 being a warehouse find, especially factoring in that registry update issues could make the actual number lower. Still, for a book that age in that shape that’s a pretty decent supply.
  3. Hey everyone...I've often wondered how many pages per day the King put out. I'm sure it varied greatly over time, but let's say during his 60's Marvel era where it seems like he had his finger in nearly every pie they baked. Any ideas? I've searched for this info online before and always came up empty handed. Thanks!
  4. Agreed. You can always decide to open it later, but you'll never be able to un-open it.
  5. I certainly haven't given up on the show yet, but I suspect the thrill is gone, at least for me. I desperately want to be wrong about this.
  6. Is it me or has R&M lost something this season? I was an absolute fanatic in seasons past, and I was rabidly eager for season 4, but so far I am underwhelmed which is enormously disappointing.
  7. That takes balls...I'd have totally blown this deal. "Really? Only $6? Are you sure? Awesome!" and my nervous giggling would have totally sent them to the internet to look them up.
  8. The boards have opened my eyes to so many things. My real collecting was 1973-80 or so, and I was primarily a Marvel zombie to the point where I passed on so many great books. I returned to collecting in '08, when I joined this board, and I had no idea people took Archie comics seriously, or that things like Fiction House or Centaur even existed. I'm pretty much just a tourist now, I rarely ever buy anything, but if I did I would probably start with a Ricksneatstuff thread, books I never would have given a second glance to back when I was more active.
  9. Depends on the group. I belong to a couple of Fb comics groups where the default mentality is, "if it exists, clean and press it," often accompanied by little or no knowledge of what pressable defect means.
  10. I didn’t mean to cast doubt on the authenticity of the sig, I was just having a bit of fun. Looks legit to me.