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  1. Hey everyone... Clearing out some stuff for a move, and this is the first to go. It's 35 copies of Heavy Metal, including two copies of #1. All are in what I would call average used condition. I've included a few sample pics, but if there are specific issues you want a better look at, let me know. $150 plus shipping cost (shipped however you like). All are bagged and boarded. No probies. I have no sales on the board, but I've been a member since 2008 if that helps. Ebay handle is mackenzie999, 100% positive for the few sales I've done there over the years. Similar lots of Tales of Suspens
  2. I haven't bought a comic in about eight years.
  3. Give the guy a break, he suffers from a rare variant of somnambulism called sleepcracking.
  4. I think the appeal is that they are investing in something they have (or at least think they have) extensive knowledge of. I invest in stocks, but as I find that deadly boring and have zero interest in learning about them, I pay my financial advisor to make those decisions. I still think this is a terrible idea, but I understand the appeal. It’s easier to predict that AF15 will increase in value than it is to figure out how possible government legislation will impact your energy portfolio.
  5. If I were his editor I would cut it down to "doesn't like books."
  6. I foolishly took a gamble on a mid grade ToS39 around 2007 or so. What arrived was more brittle than an old pulp, and when I decanted it from the manilla envelope it shipped in, it rained dark tan confetti all over my desk. Inside the envelope, swaddled in Saran Wrap, was something CGC would have invented a grade of Zero for. For the record I eventually won my not-as-listed dispute and got my money back.
  7. This worries me, as I've never shipped books before but will be liquidating my collection (starting here!) in the next couple of weeks and have a few decent books to move. What is the general consensus about who is best to ship with? Most likely within conus.
  8. Maybe for their 50th anniversary they could embrace a super-convenient digital format? No, seriously...why are you all laughing?
  9. Don’t have a price in mind yet but a similar copy sold for about $6,300 recently.
  10. Is there any time of year that produces better or worse results on CLink? For example, maybe the holiday season is slow because people are committing their money to other things (just a guess).
  11. Thanks for all the input everyone, looks like Clink is the way to go for me. I appreciate all the info!