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  1. I believe Anastasia collectibles will be there
  2. I have a lot of Stan on and Todd signatures I seen good-quality bad quality but these are probably the worst fake signatures I've ever seen the fact that it's a PGX just confirms to me that they are fake I've sent the information to eBay also the reason being is that I want to protect my items that I have we should just talk about how fake they are you should send complaints to eBay to let them investigate this because it doesn't just hurt to consumer It hurts the real deal because the market would be flooded with fake signatures
  3. I really like that other Civil War book from Humberto Ramos Who's gonna be selling that book
  4. Anastasia's collectibles going to be there with Stan lee
  5. All I can say is that I looked on his previous sales on eBay stand signature at the time when these were available were $100 he selling these for less than $100 and the cost for it was 20 or $25 so it's hard to believe that a person would except a loss of that much to in my eyes they're fake