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  1. I've seen an interior Frazetta signature on a comic book, and it looks like the one you have. Congrats!
  2. One of the stipulations that DC gave HERO Initiative, for both the JLA covers and now these covers, is that they do not want to have the originals auctioned off on eBay. I am unsure as to why they said that, but this is a request from DC. It's why those books are auctioned off locally and not on eBay.
  3. I won the Bill Morrison, Grace Allison, and 2 others. I wanna say Rich Ellis and Dennis Culver.
  4. Yes, even the Wonder Woman HERO books will qualify for CGC Signature Series, but you have to specify you want CGC SS Grading the moment you win and pay for the book. I've got a few going in myself from last Saturday's event.
  5. Words cannot express my gratitude, Mike. Seeing those pics of you and Elyse smiling will always warm my heart. Here's to bigger and better things!
  6. Paid for my table, getting books ready. I've been holding some GA acquisitions to premiere at this show! Can't wait!
  7. My least favorite sig - Chris Yost. Looks like male genitalia. He signs next to a characters mouth, it's EXTREMELY inappropriate.
  8. IDW released a Maxx #13 blank cover but it's sold out and goes for big money on eBay nowadays, sadly.
  9. Wait a few months, I've got some on the way to CGC
  10. You can mail any books you want submitted for the HERO signing to the below address, books must arrive by Monday, July 18th: Joel Elad 5694 Mission Center Rd, #602-444 San Diego, CA 92108 Completed invoices and books in window bags are preferred. Make sure the $10 per book payment for HERO is part of your package, separate from your CGC invoice and CGC payment. I cannot add the HERO payment to your CGC invoice. Thanks!
  11. You were also extremely unlikely to have 4 large regional conventions soak up all the CGC employees and facilitators in the country, it seems: Heroes Con in NC (30+ yr in existance) Denver Comic Con (Stan Lee, comic and media guests) Comicpalooza, Houston (Heavy media guests like Aliens cast, Kate Beckinsale) Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con (Claremont, Kevin Eastman, Steve McNiven and more) Too many shows in 1 weekend.
  12. So... How much is it if I get more than 3 signatures on a book? Hmm, gotta dig up those Michael Turner tribute books with 41 sigs, crack it open and get some more sigs, now that I have the back label to work with... As I type this, Paul Litch will feel a disturbance in the force and strike me down, so maybe I shouldn't...
  13. I know it's last minute, as this festival is in a week and a half, but with Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra, Steve Skroce, and Adrian Alphona, not to mention Jeff Lemire and Chip Zdarsky, I thought someone might be going. I've got a few books for Brian K. Vaughan and maybe one of his artists, if anyone is going.
  14. He signed at the Desert Wind booth, I believe, at SDCC on that day.
  15. are you looking at the right show? this guest list is really great. It really isn't - I've been to every C2E2 show since they started and this year's guestlist is probably the weakest they've ever had. ECCC is only 3 weeks out and their guestlist blows C2E2 out of the water. I think both shows have a weak guest list. At least for C2E2 I see Snyder/Capullo, Garcia/Lopez, Art Adams, Mark Brooks, Granov, Claremont, plus favorites like Manapul, McGuinness, and Skottie Young (last 3 are also at ECCC) ECCC, I've seen Fiona Staples, Gillen/McKelvie, Remender, and maybe new additions Brubaker and Hickman, and many of the mid-range Image/Oni teams. First ECCC in years I decided not to go to.
  16. Are you going to the show? I will have 2 tables, selling comics and trades, and can provide a witness. It's probably too late to mail something, but if you're coming, I can make sure your books are witnessed.
  17. Seeing that pic reminds me that I forgot to go back to the Jay Company table to score some great deals. Alonso, sorry I missed you, as I was only at the show on Sunday due to me being at a retailer conference in Portland on Saturday. From the look of it, you did VERY well at this show, like you always do. I think I saw the Mrs. in passing while I was walking around, hope you all are doing well!
  18. Pulled into OC tonight, got my great room at the Ayres, just ran into Joey and Greggy and some of the NorCal dealers. Looking forward to the show tomorrow, praying for a break in the rain during morning setup. I brought a weird mix of stuff so c'mon by. Comics, trades, slabs, even some artist editions if space allows. Boardies that stop by to say hello can get a free DC Showcase floppy Trade. (While supplies last) see y'all tomorrow!
  19. Sorry for the late update, but it looks like I will be at the Comic Fest and can take in submissions for the event. PM me for more details. Joel
  20. I know a shop owner who specifically asked CGC, before the books shipped, and was told no. It's a shame they weren't informed to have DC mail in the book, I never thought DC would trouble with that. Live and learn, I guess...