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  1. FF# 46 VF/NM. Starting bid $699 Buy it now $999 Other Silver Age books include more Kirby FF, Kirby Cap, Ditko Amazing Spider-man, Kirby Thor, Superman, Action Comics, Strange Tales, and others. Auctions close this coming Sunday night. Any books that don't sell by this Sunday I'll offer to board members for 10% off starting bid.
  2. GOLDEN AGE GREEN LANTERN ARCHIVES Vol. 1 NM. Signed by MART NODELL creator of Green Lantern & SHELDON "SHELLY" MOLDOFF Green Lantern main cover artist. MART NODELL signed the 1st leaf to me, and SHELLY MOLDOFF signed page 7 reproducing the cover he drew of the very first Green Lantern comic A true one of a kind ultra-rare comic collectable. Signatures of both of the main artists responsible for the original Green Lantern in one item. Scan shows Martin Nodell and me with the actual book that he signed for me that day at the Tampa Comic Con in 2006 shortly before he passed away. At a
  3. They following auctions are scheduled to be on eBay in about an hour and a half: 6pm Pacific time, 7 Mountain; 8 Central and 9 Eastern time. More books will be added each Sunday night same time. CAPTAIN AMERICA #104 CGC 8.5 Starting bid $69 BIN $124 SOLD $69 CAPTAIN AMERICA #105 CGC 8.5 $54 - $89 SOLD $89 TALES TO ASTONISH #95 CGC 9.0 $59 - $99 SOLD $60
  4. #127 Starting bid $79 - BIN $125 SOLD $79 #138 $59 - $99 SOLD $59 #141 $69 - $99 SOLD $24 #146 $99 - 199 SOLD $99 #154 $69 - $124 More scans on eBay. Shipping $3.95 for up to 3 books, each additional book $1.
  5. Previously had these listed together in one lot. Are now listed separately on eBay. The grades listed for some of these books are my personal opinion. See the scans on eBay for detailed condition. Scans are currently being updated, should be done by Monday night. All come with Gerber Archive Mylar bag and board. Shipping for up to 3 books $5.95 USPS First Class, each additional book $1. #21 VG 4.0 Starting bid $63- BIN $108 #25 VG/F 5.0 $129 -$168 SOLD $168 #28 $90 - $179
  6. Lot separated and individually listed on eBay. No longer available on Forum Only Selling Area.
  7. FF #49 Starting bid $285 BIN $399. SOLD for $355 FF# 52 Starting bid $425 BIN $554 SOLD $425 More scans on eBay
  8. ACTION COMICS #254 Starting bid $119. BIN $215 SOLD $108.50 ACTION COMICS #276 Starting bid $124 BIN $259 SOLD FOR $124 More scans on eBay
  9. SUPERMAN #146. $89 free shipping. Nice condition. No major defects. Any minor defects are shown in scans. Looks VG/F. That is my conservative opinion which is no guarantee of how a 3rd party grading company might grade this book on any particular day. Comes in a Gerber Archives bag and a Gerber backing board. Sorry about shadows on the scans. Free domestic shipping.
  10. Nice mid-grade collection of Steve Ditko's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #s 21,25, and 28 through 38. $799 plus shipping Priority mail with Signature Confirmation and insured for full sale price for $18.60. I am not a dealer and am grading these comics from a conservative buyers perspective That, however, is not a guarantee of how any 3rd party grading company might grade these books on any given day. Excuse the glare in the scans caused by light on the mylar bags. Here is my estimate of the books' grades. 21 VG 4.0 25 VG/F 5.0 28 VG 4.0 29 F 6.0 30 VG 4.0
  11. SGT. FURY and his HOWLING COMMANDOS #13. Captain America appearance. Nice looking book, nice pages. Some dealers might call this VG but in my conservative opinion its a G at the least. Starting bid $69 BIN $99. FREE SHIPPING. More pics on eBay.
  12. 13 books. More pics and description on ebay. Sorry about the glare and shadows in scans. Starting bid $899. BIN $1,170.
  13. Starting bid $99. BIN $199. More pics on eBay. Just changed to Free Shipping.