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  1. Here are some incredibly nice Captain Marvels and Hulks that I just started listing for sale!! Check them out!!!
  2. Wish I could say this was an easy return but not so much. First of all I messaged the seller while the auction was live and said the book looked trimmed and could he guarantee there is no restoration. His response was: The Person I bought it from claimed they was sole owner and I haven't touched it since I received it and did my original reading and pictures for insurance and then again for this so if it was done, it was not done by my hands. I have seen a few touch up jobs and this doesn't look like one. But I am moving them out so no, I will not be taking returns as it says in my listings but as my feedback shows I try to list and show damage where I can. Usually on trim jobs they screw up and make too perfect or too uneven but this looks really close to the cuts of 6 and 8 so I don't think anyone as messed with it. Then when I got it and requested a return and sent him the pictures of the color touch and bleed through on the inside he said he will take it back but disagrees about the CT! HUH?? Finally got the refund today but with no acknowledgment or apology or anything like that. Disappointing...
  3. ADDED THROUGH #105 and Still going!!
  4. Here is Avengers #2 up, only missing #5. Some High grade keys! Satisfaction is guaranteed. Please take a look!
  5. It's going back for a refund. I don't have any desire for restored books. In his defense I have gotten some awesome books from him including Batmans in the 100's that were high grade and most of the books have gorgeous white pages. Very white!
  6. I did realize it right away!! I'm trying to educate the seller on it. He has bought from me in the past. He's a good person just didn't know that much about the resto.
  7. Boy do I feel stupid! In my defense I did ask him ahead of time and he denied knowing of any restoration.
  8. He's not happy about it but has acceppted the return. I honestly believe he did not know it was restored.
  9. You can see the color touch on the cover as well. Let's not forget it was done with two different colors. Also, I am concerned it was trimmed, but I am not sure how to detect that.
  10. Can some of you please comment on here to this Ebay seller I got this book from that it has been color touched. I told him so and requested a return and here was his response: I am taking the return but I disagree with you as it being touched up. I had 2 others looked at it that rated it. Seller is milo_jagworth
  11. YES! In hand this book looks like an easy 9.2 and maybe 9.4. What in the world are they seeing to call it 8.0??