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  1. Threw more books up today and still a handful to go on Sunday. Thanks and good luck!
  2. I am listing a really nice and mostly HIGH GRADE Strange Tales run! Check them out!
  3. If it was mine I would want to call it a 6.0. But I think it is technically a 5.5 IMHO.
  4. I would not. Why?? You had some 2.5-3.0 guesses and mine was 3.0. So what if it comes back lower? Also I think a clean and a press would do nothing to increase the grade on that book.
  5. More will be listed but nice average books! Higher grades coming!
  6. These were exactly my grades before scrolling down.
  7. If you think you get 9.4 minimum then send it in! I assume your goal is to sell it?
  8. I think as soon as you open the cover that is going to happen. What exactly is your question? If others have the same experience? Also, I never thought of using my Washing Machine as the background! How Cool is that!!
  9. TAKE IT OUT of the BAG! You must show front and back cover or will not get an accurate guesstimate at all.
  10. You should have immediately asked to return it. That is perfectly within your rights and his grading on it was atrocious. It's probably a 3.0/3.5.
  11. Fortunately not tanning but some light soiling and discoloration and is not near as prominent in hand as the scan shows.
  12. Picked up a 26 issue Avengers run. Here are some examples!!