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  1. PLease take a look at my accurately graded and low starting bids books on EBAY!
  2. Here is a large Silver Age run of World's Finest always starting at very low starting bids. Nice Justice LEague run coming up starting with #15.
  3. For your consideration is this nice Doom Patrol run mostly mid-grade with some higher grade examples. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Take a look!
  4. I have an incomplete but HIGH GRADE run of UNEXPECTED! Going to see if anyone on here is interested before I go to Feebay. wins first, or PM me. Paypal is preferred. If you want them all, make an offer?? UNEXPECTED #114 NEAR MINT 9.4 with absolute WHITE PAGES! ASKING PRICE $40 Shipping $5 UNEXPECTED #116 NEAR MINT 9.4 With WHITE PAGES! WRIGHTSON ART! ASKING PRICE $40 Shipping $5 UNEXPECTED #120 VERY FINE NEAR MINT 9.0 With WHITE PAGES! ASKIN
  5. 1.5/1.8 IMHO. I've seen 1.0's that look much worse than this one.
  7. Here are some incredibly nice Captain Marvels and Hulks that I just started listing for sale!! Check them out!!!
  8. Wish I could say this was an easy return but not so much. First of all I messaged the seller while the auction was live and said the book looked trimmed and could he guarantee there is no restoration. His response was: The Person I bought it from claimed they was sole owner and I haven't touched it since I received it and did my original reading and pictures for insurance and then again for this so if it was done, it was not done by my hands. I have seen a few touch up jobs and this doesn't look like one. But I am moving them out so no, I will not be taking returns as it
  9. ADDED THROUGH #105 and Still going!!
  10. Here is Avengers #2 up, only missing #5. Some High grade keys! Satisfaction is guaranteed. Please take a look!
  11. It's going back for a refund. I don't have any desire for restored books. In his defense I have gotten some awesome books from him including Batmans in the 100's that were high grade and most of the books have gorgeous white pages. Very white!
  12. I did realize it right away!! I'm trying to educate the seller on it. He has bought from me in the past. He's a good person just didn't know that much about the resto.