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  1. Looks like a textbook 8.0 to me as well. Sure presents awfully nice though.
  2. Looks awfully nice for a VG as many VG's look far worse. I could see this getting a 5.0 IMHO.
  3. It's all there so I wold go with a 1.0 at least.
  4. Prices lowered. Probably going to Ebay this weekend if they don't sell.
  5. Sorry Picky, I only have available what I posted.
  6. First gets it. That will trump PM if by time stamp. If you have any questions please ask. Shipping to the US. Paypal or Personal Check/MO when clears! Each Book is $7.00 to ship. If you wish Insurance please ask and will be extra. SILVER SURFER #1 VERY FINE 7.5/8.0! Torn on the grade as is it screams high grade except for the upper left corner. Has OW pages. PRICE $440 SOLD! SILVER SURFER #2 VF/NM 9.0! AWESOME copy with only that page turning crease on the right edge or would be an easy 9.4! OW to WP! PRICE $160 SILVER SURFER #5 VERY FINE 8.0 OW to WP! PRICE $65 SILVER SURFER #7 VERY FINE 8.0 OW to WP! PRICE $65 SILVER SURFER #14 VERY FINE+ 8.5! WHITE PAGES! PRICE $100
  7. PGM: Superman 172

    I'm not real adept with grading these darn dust shadows. I want to say 7.5 but it definitely appears like a higher grade than that, IMHO.
  8. That's a pretty copy. I'm with the 8.0's as well. If you get a picky grader I could see a 7.5.
  9. PGM Star Wars 1

    Nice looking book, unfortunately that little tear in the upper right probably 6.0, shot at 6.5!
  10. I was thinking a 7.0 before I saw the bc. I would think 5.5/6.0 IMHO...
  11. xmen 101

    Great colors just a little too much going on with some flaws especially on that back cover. Just my .02 but I don't think a book is worth grading unless you think it can get a 9.0 or better. Unless you have a KEY book, or something worth a couple hundred or more. Don't waste your money spending $35-$45 to get a book graded that is worth less than $100.00 or so. OH, I would grade this one a 5.5 IMHO.
  12. I agree completely. This was a dizzying thread to go through, wow! I think I am looking at a 4.0, possible 4.5 with any luck. And I don't know why it would go any higher than a 5.0 with a press IMHO.
  13. All American Comics #25

    That seems like at easy 4.0 and possible GA bump 4.5 IMHO.
  14. Please grade this Voodoo #19!

    I think a 3.0! Just a touch too nice for 2.5 IMHO.