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  1. i think it's both back them if the covers were miswrapped they just let it go and corrected it on the fly as they were making the issue. My copy is a IARVEL issue
  2. There is a Thor 126 cgc 8.0 in the sales area now with a beautiful wrap
  3. This is all bad. Don't call them replicas of Facsimiles they're counterfeits and should be treated as just that. reported let's see if ebay does anything about it. I wander if Disney would care about these?
  4. And I'm finally done. Sometime ago I jumped on the CBCS bandwagon I won't go into details why but I did. Some of the directions as a company they are going down I no longer wanted to follow with, to the point i wanted all CBCS slabs out of my collection. Well this was the last batch of slabs I had at home and they are done except for the wasted grading fees and the shipping to and from CBCS it all worked out fine i guess. I was happy with the end results from CGC. The ones that dropped a grade was no surprise and the ones that went up were a small gift to cover some of the funds I had spent so unwisely with CBCS. I hope CBCS can somehow workout what they need to workout and stay in business. But it will not be with my money. This group was all CBCS 9.8's and only one fell to a 9.6 needless to say it was the one I probably knew that would but I hoped the most it didn't So i'm done with all my crossovers I hope everyone can have as good of results moving forward as I felt I did and good luck to all of you that are rolling the crossover dice.
  5. Had to go back and check why he was on the "list" I remember it going down but forgot what he did. And shame on you for bumping a ten year old thread for that price i would love to buy it.
  6. This show could definitely be on the hit list. That list lat year looked like a "murders row" of dealers. This would be a great show to hit after the Ontario show 2 months before it. It will give me time to reload the war chest.
  7. Hopefully this is just a computer delay or something not as serious as the books being lost. I'm sure media mail is cheap but I quit using that long ago. Just a heads up for anyone following this thread if you use Fedex you don't ship to a Po box you actually ship to a street address. I'll also add hopefully your books are "in Line in the vault" just not entered yet. My last books were never verified they went directly to scheduled for grading about a week after they arrived and sat there for 4 to 5 weeks they have been in grading quality control for about a week now.
  8. The second print newsstand copy was considered to be "rare" some time back with only a handful of copies know to exist. It was selling for hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars. It looks like more of these have been discovered with 20 something on the census now.
  9. Hi Mollie could you please add a slot in the batman complete set for this book. It's the second print newsstand edition. It is available in the Batman (Complete) Set in the Batman 457 slot. I also added it to the Batman (Complete with Variants) with a slot of it's own.
  10. I have this list of 10 on the way back now. They were all CBCS 9.8's and this is what they are now
  11. I picked up these and a stack of silver and bronze books at some pretty good prices (ED's booth was greatr). There was a super sharp journey into mystery 11 that didn't get that I kind of wish I would have pulled the trigger on.