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  1. Back when they had the physical comic stores in Texas the grading was not as tight in their online presence. It was still way better then Milehigh but not nearly as tight as it is now.
  2. Buddies son Conan shows up here sometimes @mycomicshopsend him a PM or Email Buddy directly and try bending the knee to get back into the good graces.
  3. I was curious what other collecting markets took a hit with this rate increase. If I'm not mistaken the Coin, Stamp, paper money and sport card sites weren't affected. It's cheaper to send in a bulk sports card submissions as compared to TCG bulk card submission. Another thing why aren't the sports cards and TCG cards not grouped together? Comics and cards are two different hobbies no matter how much some people think they are crossover collecting.
  4. I cracked a 20 year old slab a month or so ago. It was a 1950's Atlas book so cheap old new print paper nothing fancy. Everything was fine the microchamber paper was just a tad off color not bright white.
  5. DONE I just printed my last shipping invoice hopefully these books will be back before Christmas.
  6. If you think turnaround times are bad now wait til the 27th of April It will be months before books are graded at the new inflated prices Sorry the submission site keeps going up and down if I'm doing books I'm sure everyone's doing book.
  7. Sorry but no way these hikes drive people to CBCS if anything they may see this as a time to up their prices too.
  8. They seem to be all over the place on grading check these out the received dates and where they're at.
  9. Got this in from MCS over the weekend. It looks
  10. Looks like this is going again pretty quick turnaround. Facebook Home page
  11. Got a statement from CGC dating back to 2014 sure the phones are going to be off the hook today if everyone in the world got a random statement/bill today
  12. Picked these up at my first con of the year. The Spellbound was a CGC 5.5 that was grade in 2000 I cracked it out it had a couple of notes on the label that I wanted to see what they were about "writing on first page and 2 pieces of tape removed from back cover." pencil notes on the top of page and and back cover had discolored paper where the old tape came off mystery solved.