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  1. Another great show. The selection was very good again. The room had some dark spots in it but I think Terry was aware and was actively working on it during the show. I saw the guys with the ladder adjusting the track lighting. I didn't think of the mall parking for free and used the hotel parking for $20.00. Picked up some filler books, a few hard to find low print run spawns, and a cool pre code atlas from the Bunkies. My kid got what he was looking for also a Nice Iron man 128 from A-1 comics and a selfie with John Dolmayan. He's 13 and getting into music and this was the first time he had the confidence to ask a stranger for a picture and John was so nice about it.
  2. Set ---Spawn Issue Spawn 300 Variant cover L Cert 2076316004 Updated. Thank you
  3. I went It took 2 hours to get in the line very disorganized I will not be going back.
  4. It's a toilet reading copy. I kind of made it up but not really
  5. You got to go fishing right? Not like it would flush anyway. On a side note it would be outstanding if someone had the picture of the Action 1 TR copy to post.
  6. Better the a TR copy for sure But you never see TR copy's listed anywhere they are super rare. Although I don't think they are as rare as people seem to think they are.
  7. If anyone's on the bubble about this show I just got and e-mail to lighten the ticket burden a little the code works bought my tickets for Sunday.
  8. I don't care about personal collection that means nothing really. Unless maybe it's from someone's personal collection like Nic Cage or someone like that. I get more excited with OO or original owner
  9. Long Beach is just around the corner. Looks like Ed is setting up again, he always has a nice selection. CGC has it on there schedule to be there also. Looks like the tickets went up this time "ouch". May hold off til Sunday. Long Beach Comic Con CGC schedule
  10. I google body paint cosplay and clicked images
  11. I tried to do the picture thing just couldn't get it to look like the bigger websites picture, so I went back to my old reliable HP8250.
  12. Looks like your hitting the grays pretty hard that poor "peach" light switch
  13. Is that one of the books that the work was done by the people who CGC will no longer grade their books?
  14. @VintageComics I also stated CGC needs to recognize books pressed by CCS. But then again my motive is it's a crock they are able to do work on a book then grade their own work on said book. I know you stated they had Mark Zaid come in for an internal audit to show there was no conflict of interest. With just the action of bringing Mark in to do this shows they had the idea of how this could (and should) be perceived. This is like being in school and the teaching giving you a quiz them after said quiz instead of passing it to the person behind you, the teacher put up the answer on the overhead projector and has you grade your own test.
  15. The Spine ticks will probably keep it down if you count 2 or more probably no worth the money involved to try and upgrade
  16. As far as I know there isn't a 9.4, it's this one Action 1 CGC 9.0
  17. That's why I stated only books pressed by CCS would be noted. They would know 100% for sure the book went through the process. I was not happy when CGC brought CCS into the fold. Grading books from CCS is basically grading their own work. They state that none of this info is know by the graders but they are so closed lip on certain aspects of the process how can you be sure. If the FBI were to come into our hobby hopefully it would be to split the "pressing" departments on both grading companies into a separate entity. In-house work is a conflict of interest period. Keep in mind I have no problem with a pressed book. As a matter of fact if I had a choice between 2 books and both had cuts and wraps alike and the unpressed copy was a weak 9.8 and a pressed copy was a strong 9.8 I would take the pressed copy 10 out of 10 times.