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  1. Golden was a little light but a few dealers had some nicer golden age stuff and one dealer, a third or so of his wall books were PCH. Silver age was pretty good saw some keys. There was dollar boxes up to higher end Bronze/Silver stuff. Kind of reminds me of the Long beach show with a lot of the same dealers.
  2. reported as a counterfeit to ebay. Let's see how long it lasts before they pull it
  3. @comiconxionWere you the guy with the convention pizza around 4:00ish or so collecting the money for Mike. I waited for the line to die down and had 3 prints signed for me my boy and my cousin plus a couple of Zeck covers I liked. There was ALOT of comic dealers there. Plus that hall is pretty huge. Overall it was a fun show and I may put this on the list of shows I attend next year if they put it on again.
  4. Good eye on that top edge. I didn't even look at that picture. Not sure why the top edge didn't improve.
  5. I don't ever remember the sight ever crashing like this during an auction although it has been slow to fresh at times during the auction time. I'm hoping they just don't let it runs it course when they get the sight back up that would be a real disservice to the consignors in this one.
  6. JWKyle

    i give up

    Op I've read this thread and can see where your coming from. Sounds like you have a friend that has a couple of high end books that they want in the new holders with new labels. An AF15 and I don't know if you said it or not but I would assume the other is a walking dead 1 9.9. Here is the deal paper products are not as resilient as metal products comics vs coins. CGC does certify a comic to be real and restored or unrestored and they will make a owner right if they miss this although they don't advertise they will pay if they make a mistake. What I think you or your friend are looking for is a guarantee that your re-holder will just happen and even if that 9.9 book is no longer a 9.9 it will still be slabbed a such and if not you will be reimbursed for the difference in price. I for one don't see this ever happening ever. CGC grades a book and there are things that can change the grade of that book that CGC doesn't control. Owner could put it in a fireproof safe and the staples could rust Owner could display the book in a brightly sunlight room for an extended amount of time. Owner could drop the book from a height that is enough to bend the cover paper without cracking the slab (also kind of falls into SCS) Owners house could flood and book could be submerged in water All of these things are out of CGC's control. They can not predict how people will treat the books so I would never expect them to cover any type of fee if a books goes down in grade for a re-holder
  7. Got my tickets. Maybe I'll stop by his booth and get something Cap signed.
  8. Happy Star Wars Day to all. My plan is to keep it simple with the original 3.
  9. Posting this just in case it was on anyone's radar for a show down in the LA. area. I've never been to this one so not too sure what to expect. https://comicconrevolution.com/ontario/index.php
  10. I know the 10 point system was created with the number grades to coincide with the letter grades maybe something like this would work. 9.0 VF+/NM- 9.1 VF++/NM- ? 9.2 NM- 9.3 NM-/NM 9.4 NM 9.5 NM/NM+ 9.6 NM+ 9.7 NM+/MT- 9.8 NM+/Mt 9.9 Mt 10 Gem Mt
  11. I need to re-up my membership I closed my Photobucket account and no longer have a copy showing
  12. I sold my cgc 9.6 copy right before infinity war hit it brought a good price I am planning on buying back in around the end of the year. That should give the book some time to cool a little and stabilize in price. I hoping to get back in at a nice mid grade raw copy for my run and a graded 9.2. Oh and to answer the question I think it's over valued and has been for sometime but then again this is just my opinion
  13. @RockMyAmadeus The grading scale is a great topic and should probably have it's own thread. I for one would like to see some additions to the scale
  14. I for one don't like seeing a Golden age book with color touch or glue on the spine in a blue label. I thought I heard that CGC did this to lure out some of the bigger golden age collectors to use their service full well knowing the books had a little "extra" going on. I for one think CGC is well enough established now they shouldn't be allowing this at all anymore. Or if they allow this for the Golden age they need to allow it though the other ages. An even playing field Golden age should not be held to different standards then silver, bronze or even copper when it comes to restoration.
  15. I have some of these for on the floor storage. They stack nice but are too small to hold a 775M2 with a 750FB from E Gerber
  16. Years ago E Gerber was out of the grey acid free boxes. I bought a lot of the Bill Cole ones and they are off white in color. But they were the same size so they"worked". E Gerber finally restocked the grey boxes and I bought what I needed to fill out my comic storage shelf. I think even at the time I started a thread saying where can I get these and even back then there was none that were the same. There could be a chance they do restock but they don't advertise it.
  17. If anyone wants a blue label restored book you can have that across the street. They don't have a purple or green labels. It's Blue ,Yellow or red. I for one prefer to live in a world with a purple label.
  18. Do you guys and gals have a you tube channel I would love to see a video tour of you facility. From some of the pics in your weekly e-mails it seems to be pretty well maintained.
  19. @nocutename looks like they want to keep you as a customer as they will waive the restocking fee. I'm sure they have that in place to keep people from buying items and then returning them after they read it or feel they can't flip it for a quick dime.
  20. So did they sent you what you ordered or they sent you the wrong thing? Or did you order the wrong thing thinking it was what you wanted?
  21. CBCS has blue labels for their restored comics and I hate it. In a big auction when stuff is ending in rapid fire if I see purple that makes me take a second to actually see what was done and decide if I still want to bid.