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  1. Chris Evans is scheduled for ACE Seattle at the end of June. If you check SigSeries Event Central you can find which facilitators are accepting books. As far as I know, Brie Larson does not have any appearances scheduled.
  2. Since the book is SS, it should go without saying that it should be left in the slab when sending it in, even if it's not going to be screened.
  3. @Kevin Boyd, does this really mean no SS or similar authentication, or are we on our honor not to submit the book for grading of any kind (such as a qualified label)?
  4. Is it just me, or has PayPal taken down the May 7 Policy Update? When I use the web address at the top of this thread, the link in the e-mail I received from PayPal and the link going through "Legal" at the bottom of the PayPal webpage, in each case the March 29 Policy Update is all I see.
  5. The ASM #129 was already included. I would also add an ASM 194 for $1.
  6. Gotham Central is great!
  7. You could try contacting them. Their schedule only goes through May, so it may just be the case that they haven't listed it yet.
  8. Try Scott's Collectables. They facilitate a number of UK shows.
  9. I would advise against using a Sharpie, as even when the ink is dry it can smear. Usually not a big deal for signatures, but definitely a problem for sketches.
  10. It's the same weekend as Fan Expo not that far away in downtown Dallas. Maybe there's a facilitator who wouldn't mind doing the Texas two-step that weekend.
  11. The scanners that work well for scanning CGC slabs are so old that the manufacturers quit updating the software long ago. As such, they pretty much are not compatible with any version of Windows in use today. That's where VueScan comes in. It enables the scanners to be used with the more recent versions of Windows.
  12. If you end up taking the plunge on another scanner, you can send me a PM for the VueScan settings I use. I got them from the scanner thread, but at this point it would take a while for someone to dig up that post. Otherwise it's quite a bit of trial and error to come up with good settings. And while I'm thinking of it, another tip is to scan with the lid open. That provides the black border you see in my scan, as opposed to the inside of the lid.
  13. The thread started in 2010, but is updated regularly. Most of the scanners described are readily available on eBay, some costing more than others. VueScan is pretty much a necessity, and the settings make a huge difference. I have a scanner just like this one currently on eBay, and it works great! Scanner Listing on eBay Here is an example of a recent scan:
  14. This thread has everything you could ever want to know about what scanners are good for CGC slabs.