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  1. Posted these in the Kudos thread and just now noticed the Star Wars thread. Almost 15 years in the making, and more than 8 years since the last time the books were signed. I have been trying to add Harrison Ford for quite a while. Sadly, all of the signers were still alive the last time these books were signed, and five have passed since then.
  2. Kudos to @Kevlar for making these two books, which are almost 15 years in the making (with almost 9 years since the last signature), possible. Hard to believe that my older daughter, who is now 28, was barely a teenager when I started these, and my younger daughter, who is now 24, was in the single digits. I probably should hold my tongue, but very irritated with Harrison Ford's pricing for this signing, as a book that had more than three signatures already was about 50% more than if he were the first one to sign the book. What particularly rubs me the wrong way about this is that I submitt
  3. Doesn't seem right that if you just want a refund instead of committing to an event for which you're unsure of the guest lineup that you get stuck with the service fees.
  4. For now the prohibition is only for a week. They should still cancel, but it gives them a little bit of wiggle room to hold off.
  5. In addition to the set, I also have a SS CGC 9.8 #3 variant signed by Brie Larson for sale.
  6. I was able to add Zoe Saldana to this with the help of @YEPITSME. Unfortunately, CGC didn't add her to the label, so I need to send it back to be corrected.
  7. There are only paper submission forms for Signature Series, so whoever it is won't be completing forms electronically.
  8. Ah. I didn’t know that, thanks. Guess I haven’t done a prescreen in a while. I have one in now and will look for that when the hit QC. And if you're really obsessive and check regularly, you might catch the prescreen results even before the submission gets to QC.
  9. But it can be done with a little help from my friends (thanks @joeypost).