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  1. somewhereintexas

    Celebrity Signed Books

    I had just about given up hope on ever getting this done and was that close to selling this as a blue label. Kudos to @Kevlar for making this possible!
  2. somewhereintexas

    Sketch commission SS grading

    Your father might be able to submit the book directly with CGC without him having to go to a convention where CGC is. But Sam Peterson is the man with all the answers. Call CGC's toll free number, select customer service and ask for Sam.
  3. No love for Jamie Foxx?
  4. Django Unchained #5 SS CGC 9.8 signed by Jamie Foxx $250
  5. Batman '66 #1 SS CGC 9.8 signed by Adam West (not personalized!) and Burt Ward $650 SOLD
  6. Just a couple of SS books this time, including one signed by an Academy Award winner! The usual rules apply. PMs and offers are welcome, but the first in this thread controls. Priority mail shipping U.S. addresses and insurance up to $50 is included; additional insurance is optional. International rates are available upon request. PayPal, money orders and checks are welcome. If you pay by money order or check and I don't know you or somebody that can vouch for you, I'll wait about 7 days after the money order or check has been deposited to make sure it clears.
  7. somewhereintexas

    The official: Post your SS sales thread announcements

    15% off promotion is over, but now there's a 10% eBay Bucks promotion through Saturday.
  8. somewhereintexas

    Signature Series Cost

    Paper form is $8 handling Not for SS because there is no choice but to use the paper form.
  9. somewhereintexas

    The official: Post your SS sales thread announcements

    Not exactly a sales thread, but here's a link to my books for sale on eBay, including some signed by celebrities Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Elizabeth Olsen, John Boyega, Anthony Daniels, Dave Prowse, Krysten Ritter, Famke Janssen and Tom Holland, as well as a 9.8 Maxx #1 signed by Sam Kieth. No reasonable offers refused, and 15% off if you purchase and pay today with promo code PRONTO15. Link to eBay Books for Sale
  10. somewhereintexas

    Signature Series Cost

    The Signature Series fee is $10 more than the regular grading fee for any tier. Otherwise, all the costs should be the same as a regular submission. Looks like FedEx Ground is $14 for one book. If the book is pre-1975 with a declared value of $100, it could be submitted under the Value tier for $37. Handling fee would be $5 and FedEx Ground shipping would be $14, for a total of $56. Fast track would be $10 more, and would cut the estimated turnaround time from 60 business days to 29 business days. And of course Neal Adams will have to be paid whatever he's charging these days for his autograph.
  11. Roy Thomas is scheduled for TerrifiCon in mid-August. @Rich_Henn is facilitating.
  12. somewhereintexas

    John Byrne Coming To Fan Expo Canada

    Thing is, there are probably a bunch of fans that would have no problem doing that if would get their non-ST items signed!
  13. somewhereintexas

    The official: Post your SS sales thread announcements

    I have some Ben Affleck SS books and Wonder Woman/Gal Gadot photo covers for sale.
  14. Justice League of America #15 Convention Edition CGC 9.8 signed by Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller & Ciarian Hinds $1,250