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  1. Completely off topic, but I was reading one of the news stories on the BW collection a while back and one of the family members said at the time that they were holding a few books back. Anyone know any details? My suspicion is that the books held back--if, in the end, any actually were--might have been lower-grade copies of not particularly desirable books that the family kept as souvenirs. But interesting to think that there might actually be some BW copies of significant books still with the family.
  2. I have 2 copies One of my copies was autographed by Stan Lee.
  3. Making this possible is one of the few improvements on their new site. Otherwise I liked the old site better. But on the old site, once a book was sold, it was hard to locate unless you had saved their emails with the links to the individual books.
  4. I wonder if they'll all come up if you search on "Pennyworth" in the archive once the auction is over? Not sure.
  5. Thanks. It's one my favorites. Raboy was endlessly inventive with his covers.
  6. Same ! Much as I like seeing movies in theater, I won't be doing that again until probably next summer.
  7. It’s a Christmas Day theatre and HBO max simultaneous release Interesting. I know which way I'll be watching--in the comfort of my living room.
  8. Has that been confirmed? I missed that. Thought they had pushed its theater release to next year.
  9. Some issues of Wilbur are very tough. Probably a combination of not very high print runs and not widely saved/collected at the time.