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  1. Definitely a bridely bride. Unfortunately, this slab has Newton rings up the yim yam.
  2. Love Kelly's Our Gang covers. I think I have most of them. Way better than his WDC&S covers, imo.
  3. Yeah, you never know. I've bought slabbed books that have ncb stuff. Had the books pressed and got back lower grades. Not the usual outcome, of course, but it certainly happens. Probably more common some years ago, but there were people who thought of CGC as being a resto check/grading check service. Once they got the book back and knew it had no resto and had CGC's opinion of the grade, they cracked it out and filed it away, having it available to read when they wanted to.
  4. I was kinda thinking the same thing. I'd be surprised to see it do much more than $10K, but then I get surprised a lot.
  5. There was a character in a P.G. Wodehouse novel who when asked how he was doing would say, "I grow thinner and thinner." Somehow that came to mind.
  6. Pretty sure I posted this one before, but I sure do like Alice Kirkpatrick.
  7. Just got this one back. Thought it might grade higher. She's choosing between two, but there are three guys shown. I wonder if she's contagious and the guy in bed is the same as the kisser at the bottom?
  8. That's just superb! I watched Vertigo a couple of weeks ago. Had the same reaction I had when I first saw it years ago: More interesting than entertaining. I know, though, it's gradually climbed up the "Best Films" lists. Some people have it in their top 10.
  9. As I'm sure most people have noticed, Heritage has been auctioning off quite a few Fox romance books. One group were high grade (often census toppers) but bad pq -- including LT and SB. They went for pretty strong prices, despite the pq, and I didn't win any of them.
  10. Speaking of Louise, I rarely hang on to multiple copies of a book, but I have to admit that I have four copies of this one.
  11. Pretty much agree with you about Fox although some of the covers are pretty good. St John would, of course!, be first with me. Colletta Atlas has really grown on me, so I might rank them second. Big fan of just about anything by Alice Kirkpatrick and Louise Altson.
  12. The Birds gets my vote. Never been a Rope fan. How the heck did those masterminds expect to get the body out of their apartment? Iirc, Hitchcock wanted to film it all in one long take, but the technicolor cameras of the day had to have film reloaded every 8 (or maybe 12?) mins. So at those marks, he would focus on the back of a dark suit or something that disguised the transition between takes.
  13. I agree on that. I have a 1, 2, and 4, but no 3.
  14. Bought raw as a Fair/Good, so I guess this one also counts as a favorable result. My only copy of this one.