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  1. Looks like your copy is the highest on the census. Heritage auctioned a group of Archies in VF a few years ago. Since there were 22 books in the lot, whether the 111 was actually VF would be hard to judge. I can't recall ever seeing a high-grade raw copy in the flesh.
  2. Sqeggs

    Baker Romance

    These are neat. The bottom one looks as if it was redrawn. (Maybe the top one was as well.)
  3. Sqeggs

    Baker Romance

    That's cool.
  4. Sqeggs

    Church books on Heritage

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure these are distinct copies. Chuck didn't list FC 133 in his catalog (he listed the FCs under the name of the title character). He has FC 96 and FC 163 (both D. Tracy issues) listed as NM+. If I had to guess, I would think that the 9.6 White copy Heritage auctioned in 2004 is the Church copy and the raw FN- copy they auctioned earlier this month isn't actually from the Church collection.
  5. Sqeggs

    Church books on Heritage

    The graded copy was sold on Heritage in 2004. The raw copy was sold as a FN- in the auction this thread refers to (closed July 1, 2018). Possible that the graded copy was cracked out and received the wear it has now? Doesn't seem too likely given that the graded copy has a dust shadow that isn't apparent on the raw copy. Possible that there were two Church copies? Or is the attribution on the raw copy wrong?
  6. Sqeggs

    Best Barks' stories

    Neat having those. Would be a cool way to read those stories. I like the Fantagraphics reprints, but having the originals together in a form that's easy to read through is way better.
  7. Cross-posted from the Cigar thread. Only five copies on the census. Probably (although not certainly) one of the few WW II covers showing Stalin.
  8. Sqeggs

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    I think we've had the discussion before about whether the guy on the left is supposed to be Stalin. I think he is, making this one of the few WW II covers showing Stalin. Main argument against, in my view, is that if you are making one guy Stalin, why not make the other guy Hitler, rather than a miscellaneous Nazi? Only five copies on the census.
  9. Yup, an infamous tool. Does anyone know if Berk knew that they had been worked on when he bought them? I think some (many?) of Berk's books in the CC auction were newly graded for the auction.
  10. Sqeggs

    Best Barks' stories

    Has some very nice art showing the forest, as well, I think.
  11. Is this the only U.S. GA book with a cover showing plans for a Japanese invasion of Australia? There are several, of course, showing plans for an invasion of the United States.
  12. Sqeggs

    In the Shadow of the Atomic Age

    I don't remember Tarzan typically being shown having the kind of strength holding a boulder that size with one hand would take.
  13. Sqeggs

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    That's great! I think we've had the first Lois cover debate before and I'm on team 27, but it looks like Overstreet/CGC are still hanging in there on 29.
  14. Sqeggs

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    ACGs are kind of the undiscovered country. Their books from the 1950s are pretty tough to find. That book, for instance, has only two copies on the census. As a kid, I remember liking their Unknown Worlds and Forbidden Worlds books. Not as good as the Lee/Kirby/Ditko pre-hero books, but still good reads.
  15. Sqeggs

    Newton rings!

    CGC did reach out to me about this yesterday, but I haven't yet connected with them.