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  1. Double posted from the Four Color thread. Was going to post it in the Walt Kelly thread but I can't seem to find it. CGC neglected to include the artist attribution.
  2. A couple of you reprobates made me pay more than I wanted to for this one.
  3. Tanning mostly from my scanner. I'm not, not I tell you, collecting all the Colletta Atlas romance covers. Just not happening. Anyone happen to have any of the ones I still need?
  4. Really happy to land this one a while back. I had let a copy slip by some months earlier. Great cover by sweet Louise.
  5. Saw that. Thought I was going to win it cheap. But I'm such an optimist!
  6. Sure looks like an RC copy to me. Great book!
  7. I've been told we should reserve this thread for our very best acquisitions, so here goes.
  8. Wow! Just love this one. I was looking through the Bookery pulp guide and I hadn't realized just how active Saunders had been drawing pulp covers.
  9. Had this for a while. Not sure if I ever showed it. If I did, here it is again!