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  1. And one of my rules of life is that when me and my family see @Sqeggs hanging around on a ledge outside our cave, we are coming out swinging!
  2. @EastEnd explains the mystery in a post on the previous page.
  3. Me, too, I mentioned to a few people that I thought it would do $20K. The consensus was that was too high. Apparently not!
  4. Yes, I was in the neighborhood that night.
  5. One of my rules of life has always been that if I feel like hanging out on mountain ledges, I avoid the ones outside ape-man caves.
  6. Apparently Dorothy's two-timing you.
  7. If you get on their mailing list, then before each auction they'll send you five or six e-mails that list every book in the auction with a link to the page. The links remain active after the auction closes, at least for a while. Otherwise, once an auction closes, the book usually disappears from the list that comes up searching their site by title. I believe they report most (or maybe all) of their results to GPA. So the prices should show up on there.
  8. Nice looking book. CR 2 just recently entered OS Top 10 Crime books. Worth every penny, and no I didn't win it. I'll take your word for it, but seems awfully high to me. With 28 copies on the census, it's not a super scarce book. But I guess when you're hot, you're hot.
  9. Census indicates that there's 7.5.