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  1. Don't do it, Red Label books are cool.
  2. Yes, mine is in about the same condition and cost $225, about 2 years ago and FD called that a 'good price' when I posted it.
  3. Hey congrats, post a scan of it out of the bag if you wouldn't mind. It looks better than my copy by a bit and I paid a lot more. I actually had it in my watch list, but the long weekend was nice in California so what can you do (back to Hogwarts) had it not been the long weekend, that book would have cost 3x more at least for sure.
  4. Somebody got a deal over the long weekend. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Marvel-Wierd-Wonder-Tails-15-30-Cent-Price-Variant-Extremely-Rare-Vary-Scarce-/383121385467?nma=true&si=KtXZ9uAsz6d%2Bclj%2B3cN09leRbvQ%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  5. Its a course of action designed to increase the revenue of a 'for profit' business, nothing out of the ordinary there. Its not the worst idea that encapsulation services have ever come up with *cough cough, Wizard First anyone? Or the 9.9 New Mutants 98?* so the new Pedigrees will get the label and over time some of the old label pedigrees will get re-encapsulated in the new label, some will stay in the old labels. I think where the certification companies tread a VERY slippery slope is when they seek to enter the 'manufactured collectibles realm, but again, they have just as right as any other business to generate revenue. I think that some people attribute this air of UBER transparency to certification companies, and will all due respect I think the 2 main ones try, but they are as fallible as any company; sometimes they resemble transparent business entities and occasionally they do not.
  6. They should burn into your brain until they re-educate you to never own them again. Evey time someone gets a Pedigree book signed for sig series an Angel Dies.
  7. I haven't signed up in a few years but have the time to do so for this one, how do you claim a spot for next week?
  8. I'm about 80% paid packed and shipped by tomorrow, thanks to all for some quick turns. The following have sold Via PM Iron Man 161,162 and 163 Batman 339 Detective 475 GI Combat 144
  9. I will keep the thread up over the weekend and close it down on Sunday. I will NOT be applying a % off to the entire thread, there are too many books in here already at 50% of guide/less than what I probably paid but I have listened to offers throughout the thread and will continue to do so. About 2/3 of the Invoices are out, will have the rest out through the day today. Will still do a Summary of whats left in Session 3 (this will take another 1-2 hours) - All SOLD books have been noted either in the thread or In the Summary Section for Session 1,2 Shipping starts tomorrow - now where did I put my box tape
  10. That's a bold statement, even though I love my Copy of this book.
  11. Ok if you say so shouldn't you be looking for another HOM 175
  12. Just want to thank everyone for hanging out with me on the Month Long journey through Comicdom. Hopefully you found something you liked in this thread. It is obviously the largest Sales thread I've ever done. It was a lot of work but also really great to just see books I haven't looked at in a while and get them to some new homes. Cheers Jason Invoices will begin tonight, Shipping tomorrow, need to get these things out of here
  13. Chamber of Darkness 7 [Bernie Wrightson] And FINALLY Bernie's 1st Marvel Work 7.0 - looks better but faint color scrape FC $30
  14. Fantastic Four 137 [John Buscema] Big John = Big Battler Cover in the Bronze Age 9.0 $35
  15. Superman 242 [Neal Adams] Neal Adams drawing Superman 7.5 $20
  16. Creatures on the Loose 17 [Gil Kane] Gil Kane doing his thing on another Marvel Picture Frame. 8.0 $10
  17. Let's end how we came in with one from each of my Mount Rushmore Artists Captain America 148 [John Romita] Check 3 Boxes, Romita, Marvel Picture Frame and Red Skull Cover. 9.2 - White Pages and the colors will knock you out. $35
  18. CONAN 11 [Barry Smith] No list is complete without him 8.0 $30
  19. New Teen Titans Keebler Drug Abuse Issue [George Perez] Had to get one from George in there 6.5 $2
  20. Marvel Feature Presents 11 [Starlin/Romita] 7.5 $28
  21. Alien Worlds 4 [Dave Stevens] I mean you have to have one Stevens book in this thread 9.2 $15