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  1. Really convenient that the seller (wholelottashakin) decided to sell off ebay. Sure, fees saved, reputation tarnished.
  2. I'm pretty sure alot of the '80s and '90s pieces which hit 'high' prices were nostalgia driven. We are in 'That was my very first comic territory!' and we know that money is no object when it comes to grails.
  3. Thanks. I also have a vague recollection of buying a copy of the final issue of Transformers as an Aussie variant. I'll dig it out next week and post a pic. When I confirm that, I'll pop that on the list.
  4. @nesqrick2 Did you ever compile lists of titles and issue numbers? Seeing as the ASM, Thor and SS runs have been documented, I thought I would start by listing out titles I've seen with Aus variants and extrapolating dates from the documented runs to come up with issue numbers. Perhaps you could help? Below are the titles I've seen either here, online or in person: any chance you could have a look through and add anything I missed? Thanks!
  5. Thought you guys might be interested in seeing an image of this one. There's been lots of chatter about it existing but no one's seen it etc etc. Picked it up yesterday.
  6. Looking to fill some gaps in my Bronze Keys. Eternals #1 CGC9.8 Nova #1 CGC9.8 Thanks! Shawn
  7. I have to say, this is an amazing thread. I lived in Australia for over a decade and honestly didn't see many of these (granted I wasn't looking very hard). I've only bought ASM #361 Aus Variant and missed out an a NM #98 variant. Great work! Now, to chime in on the value of these... the closest example would be the Pence variants. Printed at the same time as the US issues, exactly the same book except for the pricing on the cover. Pence books routinely go for +/-30% of their US counterparts despite the smaller print run (call it 'rare' if you want). This applies even for keys. My take is that the majority of the comic book collectors are US-centric: heck the population of the US is 300 million vs 65 million in the UK. The market has spoken: collectors favour cents copies. I think that equipping people with better knowledge of foreign price editions/variants will help increase demand and in turn, price...but ultimately, cents copies will still be the yardstick by which prices are set.
  8. 10k seems to be in line with Gold/Platinum variants from the 90s. - Spider-Man #1 Platinum - Venom Lethal Protector #1 Gold - Death of Superman #75 Platinum - Valiant books Maybe the answer to the sign/unsigned version is simply that stores which ordered above a certain amount got a signed copy and those who ordered less than said threshold got the unsigned versions. The unsigned versions are actually going to grade out better as they won't have the silver in smudges on the back. Finally, Anyone know the print run of the Another Universe Variants of Battle Chasers #1 (Red Monika Gold variant) and the Battle Chasers Prelude (Gold)?
  9. Thanks. I'm still trying to find out what the ratio is and hope someone here knows! The print run of Wildcats #1 is estimated to be at least a million copies. Even if this was a 1:100 ratio, there are 10k copies out there? Anecdotally, they seem rarer than that?
  10. Picked up a Wildcats #1 Gold (signed in silver by Jim Lee) and couldn't find much information online about the book. Overstreet states that there is a regular Gold and a signed Gold. I believe Jim Lee signed a bunch because the backs of all the signed one has silver ink transfers from where he signed and stacked the books. This is consistent across eBay images for the books signed in silver. The questions I have are: - What is the print run of this book (and other Gold books of the era)? - How were they distributed to retailers? 1 per store ala the Platinum Spidey #1? Or as Incentive Variants for ordering XXX number of copies? Does anyone know? Google searches haven't turn up much info. Also, does anyone have information on the print run of the Another Universe Variants of Battle Chasers #1 (Red Monika Gold variant). Thanks in advance.
  11. My kudos thread: