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  1. Interesting, I don't have a huge amount of slabbed books but I would be curious to try this!
  2. Did anyone ever read the Pertwillaby Papers that the RBCC published in the mid to late seventies? It was pre-duck Don Rosa doing Barks' like tales with humans. Not sure if it ever got reprinted but I used to really enjoy reading it back then.
  3. Hanging with Don Rosa at a San Diego Comic-Con about ten years ago. He was always fun to talk to about his duck work.
  4. I always assumed the book is removed for grading and that the grader's do a detailed evaluation of the book including all pages. Not sure how having it in a holder could influence the grade; that doesn't sound right.
  5. I was so enamored by this cover when I was a kid I recreated it for inclusion in a 'zine we published back in the day.
  6. Distributed with the Sunday papers as a comic supplement. Wish I had been around when they came out as they were great stories. Will Eisner was ahead of his time and a great guy. I used to talk to him at San Diego Comic Con in the nineties. Most people wanted to see the Image guys so you could hang with Will and talk and he was very approachable and totally a gentleman.
  7. Atlas Shrugged is a challenging book to read clocking in at over 1000 pages as I recall and the last 100 pages or so Ayn Rand espousing her philosophy disguised as a speech by one of the protagonists. I read these in my twenties; I don't think I would have the patience to get through them now. Cool copies though; I always appreciate a nice clean paperback.
  8. The book, "Ten Cent Plaque," has some great stories on the round-up of comics in the fifties to get them out of the hands of kids and into the bonfires!
  9. Wow! What college had bound pulps in their library! I should have gone there. I went to college at Stevens Tech in Hoboken, NJ in the late seventies and early eighties. At the time it was pretty small with our freshman class size about 250 people. Today it is much bigger. On Wednesday's I would go to the library to work on my physics homework. When I got bored I would start looking through the stacks and discovered that the library had bound volumes of LIFE magazine going back to 1940 when it became the photo cover magazine. The issues were so clean it looked like I was the first one to have ever bothered to look at them. I was in Hog Heaven looking at the old car ads and the amazing WWII photos. Great stuff, and much more fun than Physics homework!
  10. Didn't Mike Carbonera have a bound set of the early Looney Tunes at Terry's Show in 2018?
  11. I've always wanted a bound volume and bid on a few but never won. Perhaps the coolest one I ever saw was in the early nineties at a shop in Burbank that dealt in movie collectibles. It was a bound set of Walt Disney Comics and Stories 1-12. Price was beyond my means at the time but I sure wish I could have afforded it then. It would have made completing that run so much easier!