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  1. I have a World's Finest 10 with a great yellow cover. This is a title that is a bit underappreciated considering the variety and contents.
  2. Interesting; can you find old color proofs on line that would give you clues as to the color percentages used in that era?
  3. Can't imagine you could exactly replicate paper stock from 80 years ago; surely the composition and processes to make the paper have changed?
  4. While not at the same level, Mike Zeck's work on RBCC must have been influenced strongly by Finlay's ink work.
  5. Thanks for popping another one Richard. I didn't realize how much those plastic holders aged as shown. Nice to see such a pretty book in the light of day (or fluorescent light of your comic lair)! Looking forward to your next Crackin' adventure. I vote for an early FOX book next time. They have great interiors.
  6. 1936; the middle of the depression. Look at the haggard expression on that guy in the foreground. No work? No food? Sold out of Weird Tales?
  7. I've posted this before in this thread but it's so perfect for Halloween I need to post again!
  8. This isn't necessarily a Halloween book but with this cover it should have been one! The insides are equally as fun. I picked this up at the first Long Beach Comic Con. I don't go to that show anymore but the first couple actually had fun books!
  9. If I had been a kid in the forties I think I would have been a big Flash reader. Even with the wacky Winky, Blinky and Noddy characters they did some wild books!
  10. WDCS always had some great holiday themed covers. Here's an early one with Barks on the inside!
  11. Beautiful and one of the best of the Four Color Ducks!!
  12. I would go for either Olde Castle's Secret with the tale of Scrooge's homeland or Back to the Klondike with tales of a young Scrooge and how he almost fell for Glittering Goldie! Probably would nod toward Klondike between the two.
  13. By the way would highly recommend Voodoo Hoodoo for your next purchase of an early Scrooge tale. By the way, how did you get to tour the Disney Archives?
  14. You should really enjoy this book!