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  1. This looks so familiar so I either still have it or had it once. AFTA was the craziest 'zine of its day and Bill Dale Marcinko was indeed in possession of a deseased (sic) and disoriented mind. I should know I met him at a meeting of the Central Jersey Comics Collectors one evening long ago. He walked in wearing a tee-shirt that said, "Eat S**T and Die!" Heady stuff for me and my buddy who were in high school. Anyway the issues of AFTA he put out were raucous and amazing in scope. If you can find one buy it. He came to a bitter end.
  2. Oh you made me remember something. When I was in like 5th or 6th grade they had the local detective come in with examples of joints and bongs to warn all of us of the dangers of drugs. That would have been in '71 or '72 I was clueless; I had no idea what he was talking about and could have cared less! Back then I only cared about comics and my model trains. I'm sure some of the kids with older siblings must have got it but I sure didn't!! In high school I used to take the bus to school. My freshman year I was still an innocent and we would pick up this group of kids at a development. One of the kids wore this denim jacket with a white collar and sat in front of me every day. I couldn't figure out why he smelled like Hay every morning!! Years later thinking back I was like, "DUH!"
  3. Yeah Barks just wasn't into Mickey; story just doesn't ring true like the Ducks. Nice book though.
  4. That's a beauty; tough issue with the non-glossy cover but despite that the reds really pop on this one!!
  5. Great subset; reminds me of the films they used to show in Driver's Ed! Not that that made a difference.
  6. July 4th weekend always brings back memories of back issue Dells as it was the old weekend of Phil Seuling's annual New York Comic Art Show back in the seventies. I would attend religiously and usually arrive home with stacks of vintage Dells, mostly Disney. I wish I had looked a little deeper back then as I bet I could have picked up some other classic Dell fare for a song. No matter prices on these are still quite reasonable today. I bought a group of Our Gangs last year and I've been pulling them out to read when I get a chance. Today was issue #20's turn a Cookeville copy to boot. I enjoy Dell's various logos and the small circle aound the ten cents mark is one of my favorites for its simplicity. Kicking off with the lead story is Walt Kelly on the Our Gang series. This particular entry was not as good as some others but still fun.I wonder if Mr.Kelly was a wanna be yachtsman as many of these entries have the gang in rowboats off to small islands! Following the lead story we find Tom and Jerry. When I first looked at the simplicity of the drawing it really struck me as John Stanley and sure enough GCD confirmed my suspicions. A fun little romp. Flip and Dip is a funny little strip created by Oscar LeBeck who wanted to create wonderful children's books. These are funny little stories; a bit odd and eccentric for today's audience. Carl Barks hands in a fun Barney Bear and Benny Burro tale. This one made me chuckle as Barney suffers from nothing but is convinced he is very sick. A great Covid tale! The last entry is pretty forgettable although a bit fun. I'm sure no one remembers this character! And Carl Barks does us the favor of delivering a gag strip on the back cover which is good fun. An enjoyable book; lots of fun for a dime in the day and proving as always that "Dell Comics are good Comics!"
  7. And Tony still shows up at our local shows but I never see too many people buying from him which is a shame because this is wonderful material. Back in the early seventies I discovered our County library had a great collection of the strip reprint hardbacks that had been published back then. One of them was a Buck Rogers collection which I quickly devoured. They also had the Gumps, Little Orphan Annie and Popeye. They were all great to read. To round things out the library also had a copy of Seduction of the Innocent which I also read! Great times.
  8. Universal is the blue label whereas a qualified label is something else (not sure if it includes restored?) so therefore this does make sense. More surprising is the lack of any graded books above 3.5!
  9. Boy those monkeys look a lot like the characters in Flip and Dip from Our Gang; I wonder if it is the same artist?
  10. Thanks for the tip Bob; I might inquire but funds are a little low now!!
  11. I should have picked those up years ago but never did! Proves that the Barks quest is never ending! Oh and there's always the kite special too and Atom Bomb; more Barks fun!!
  12. Well half the fun of this is actually the hunt for the right copy! Now that I've clicked off FC 29 I will be looking for some other duck grails (not many left) like WDCS 31. I can't seem to build up too much enthusiasm for chasing FC #9 so I may instead start looking into the Christmas giveaways as @Yellow Kid has suggested to me. Duck hunting continues! And of course so many fun holes to fill in the early WDCS run to keep me occupied in between bagging these bigger ducks!
  13. That's a mystery I doubt we will solve. I looked up Mr. Joseph Crowell on Google and was surprised to find he was married only three years after he acquired this book in 1943. His wife would have been 21 at the time but I can't find his birth records with a simple search. So all I can suppose is he was an older collector which would explain the preservation and marking his books. As for the 1 who knows but it appears to have been written at the same time? Maybe the first duck book he owned?
  14. And speaking of obtainable grails; there is one that would have been on my list above except for the fact that I had just obtained it! I've been looking for the right copy of this book for over a decade and finally landed a very presentable copy at a decent price. !