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  1. Currently have a Batman 227 CGC SS 6.5 (Giordano and Neal Adams Signature) Have been looking for a Batman 227 in 7.0 - 8.5 condition willing to spend up to $750.00 depending upon if it is graded or not. Looking for one unrestored and always looking for a CGC SS to add to my collection. Thanks for reading my post. Mike
  2. Always a pleasure working with Terry on the boards. I picked up a nice Wonder Woman #98 from him. Quick shipping and will definitely continue to buy from him on the boards
  3. Just sent you a PM with pictures of an ASM #129 CGC 9.0
  4. Boardies, I used to have a Batman 227 CGC 9.6 CGC SS 9.6, but sold it about two years ago. I still have a Batman #227 CGC SS 6.5 (Giordano and Adams signature) but have been looking to get a higher grade one to add to my collection. I am willing to spend between $300-$750, depending upon the grade and if it is already graded. I am willing to purchase it graded or raw, but want it to be unrestored. I am willing to purchase one with the CGC SS label also. Shipping is to Texas, and I would like to see a picture of the book if you have one. If you have one available and are looking to sell, please let me know. Thanks for reading my post, and hopefully will get lucky. Respectfully, Mike
  5. at $6.00 each Captain America Winter Soldier Prelude TPB Unread 1st Edition Thor Dark World TPB Unread 1st Edition