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  1. CAPTAIN AMERICA #117 CGC 9.2 (White Pages) - 1st Falcon: $1200.00
  2. CAPTAIN AMERICA #117 CGC 9.2 (White Pages) 1st Falcon Below 1. Price includes Shipping CONUS in the US. Outside the 48-states I will pay for $20.00 of the shipping cost the rest of the shipping price is on the buyer 2. I will not sell to folks on the boards Hall of Shame or folks on the probation list 3. Paypal is preferred, other forms of payment are based upon a case by case basis 4. Payment is expected 48-hours after you purchase the item. If I don't hear from the buyer when I reach out after the 48-hours I will repost the book 5. Book will be shipped in a Medium-Size Flat Rate box via priority mail. It will include full insurance on the book and tracking will be sent to buyer as soon as book is mailed 6. Returns are accepted if the buyer notifies me No Later Than (NLT) 48-hours after they receive the book. 7. If the book is returned, the book needs to be in the same condition that it was shipped out in, and buyer is responsible for return shipping 8. My KUDOs thread is below Mike22 KUDOS Link 9. First gets the book in order that it shows up on the boards 10. If I am negotiating on a PM offer, and an is posted, the boardie who posted the gets the book 11. If we are negotiating a price, and we decide on the price, the buyer needs to post an via PM. Until that is posted, the book is still for sale, and can be purchased by another boardie. 12. PM offers are welcome 13. Any questions or issues, drop me a message on the boards 14.Book is listed below GPA with White Pages. (Last 4 x Sales: $1250.00, $1112.00, $1350.00, $1235.00) 15. Pictures and price is below
  3. Mid-Week Shoot me an offer on the book, you may be surprised what price I would be willing to sell it for
  4. Journey Into Mystery #85 (1st Loki) CGC 4.5 (White Pages) - $1200.00 SOLD
  5. Just 1 x Book for sale: Journey Into Mystery #85 (1st Loki) CGC 4.5 (White Pages) I have a CGC SS 5.5 on this book, so I figured I might put this up on the boards to see if their are any hits, as I am trying to put together some funds for a grail. 1) Price Includes Shipping USPS Priority Mail, with Insurance and tracking number for United States buyers. Outside the US, I will pay for $20.00 of the shipping the rest is paid for by the buyer 2) No issues with returns, as long as I am notified NLT 48-hours after you receive the book. Shipping back is paid for by the buyer, and comic needs to be in same shape as when I shipped it out. 3) Payment is expected within 48-hours after you purchase the item. If I don't hear back from the buyer or receive payment within those 48-hours, I will relist the book back on the CGC Boards 4) PM offers are welcome. But if I get an when we are negotiating the price, the gets the book. 5) I consider the book sold once an or a via PM is posted by the buyer. Up to that timeframe the book is still for sale on the boards 6) Book has not been pressed. I bought it raw, and just sent it out to CGC grading. Recently got it back from CGC about a month ago. 7) My Kudos thread is below Mike22 Kudo's Thread 8) I will not sell to a someone on the Hall of Shame or those on the Probation's List 9) Paypal is the preferred form of Payment. If you want to pay a different method, you would need to discuss that with me via PM. 10) Last sales of a Journey Into Mystery #85 CGC 4.5 have been: $1,000, $1,170, $1,300, $1,200 11) This book does have White Pages so I am going to ask $1200.00 for the book 12) Any questions or issues about the book, please don't hesitate to PM, and I am open to reasonable offers.
  6. Mike22

    AXMEN's Kudos

    Axman/Joe, Sold him a ASM #5 CGC 4.0. Quick payment, great communication, great person to sell to on the CGC Boards to. Pleasure doing business with him.