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  1. I originally had a Wolverine #1 Limited CGC 9.8 (Frank Miller) but it got damaged in a flood, so now it is a CGC SS 7.0 (Frank Miller) I have been looking to upgrade for about a year. Would be willing to spend up to $600.00 depending upon the grade. If you have one and wouldn't mind selling please let me know. Looking for the grade to be from a CGC SS 9.2 - CGC SS 9.8 Thanks for your time, and hopefully will hear back from a boardie looking to sell.
  2. Was able to pick up a CGC 8.5 on the boards Gotta love the board sales Mike
  3. Recently picked a TMNT #3 CGC 9.4 (White Pages). Figure I would work my way down to the #1 issue. In any case looking for a TMNT #2 (1st Print) Preferably graded but would take a raw unrestored. Looking to spend up to $750.00 (Depending upon the grade) so that puts me in the range of a 7.0 - 9.2 (Last CGC 9.2 sold for $500.00 in October) If you have a TMNT #2 (1st Print) looking to sell, please let me know I would appreciate it. Thanks for reading my post. Mike
  4. FINAL PRICE DROP::: Amazing Spider-Man #86 CGC 6.5 - $125.00 Detective Comics #359 CGC 1.8 - $250.00