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  1. The Certified Collectibles Group recently asked its shipping carriers to prevent its shipments from being rerouted. This measure was taken to make it more difficult for packages to be rerouted and intercepted by unauthorized individuals. We regret the inconvenience that this has caused our submitters. We believe immediate action was necessary, however, to provide a higher level of security to our customers and their collectibles.
  2. CGC / CCS Customer Service always tries to find a quick and satisfactory solution to any problem, but when someone repeatedly harasses our Customer Service representatives in a belligerent and unprofessional manner we cannot continue to work with them. In this specific case, we felt that a customer repeatedly crossed a line with our CCS / CGC Customer Service representatives, particularly by publicly attacking her in a hostile way, and we made the decision to terminate this customer's membership and prohibit him from further participation on the Boards. This was not a decision we made lightly. We are always willing to listen to complaints and will do everything possible to resolve them, but understandably we will not tolerate abusive behavior towards any of our excellent and hard-working staff.
  3. We made the decision to close the thread about the new CGC holder. While we welcome an open dialogue that includes constructive criticism, we will not allow people to use the CGC message boards to make posts that are misleading, malicious and untrue. After many people provided legitimate feedback, which we acknowledged and addressed, some continued to use this thread to post claims that were completely false. CGC Customer Service attempted to follow up on these claims and complaints only to find that the poster could not substantiate them. This has included numerous posts with images of fabricated holder damage and book damage, as well as claims about books supposedly holdered in Philadelphia with certification numbers that prove otherwise. The vast majority of feedback that CGC has received about its new holder has been positive. As we stated previously, there were a few relatively minor issues with the new holder, particularly an issue that resulted in a slight wavy appearance. Immediately upon hearing this feedback, CGC conducted a thorough investigation, determined the causes and took corrective action. We reached out -- and continue to reach out -- to customers who we believe may have been affected and offer a solution. We are not aware of a single book that was damaged as a result of any of these issues with the new holder. We realize, however, that these issues can be an inconvenience for those affected. If anyone thinks they have a holder that exhibits a slight wavy appearance, CGC would be happy to evaluate it and, if we agree with your assessment, reholder your book at no charge, as well as cover your shipping expenses. If we feel that reholdering is not warranted, we will still cover your shipping expenses. Any such returns will receive Fast Track service. It is no surprise that a few minor issues would be found after a major update to CGC's holder. The overwhelming response has been positive, however, and this has resulted in record-breaking submissions for CGC at recent shows. At our recent Philadelphia on-site grading event, thousands of newly graded books were returned to customers without issue. Reholder submissions to move books from our old holder to our new holder continue to arrive at CGC in large numbers. CGC will always stand by its product and services. We listen to our customers and if there is an issue, we will act quickly to address it. We have done that here and we will continue to do it as we build upon our position as the world's first, largest and most trusted third-party comic book grading service. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and support. Thank you, CGC