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  1. That's true unless there is particular potential good circumstances acceptable to seller and buyer. And Plan B is in place. I'm not as stupid as I look!
  2. The post saying the erroneous statement that I am now going with Heritage Auctions was not by me. A gentleman was trying to make some point and tickle funny bones I gather. We do need more humor in these troubled times. I hold Heritage in the highest of esteem but my collection is not with Heritage but temporarily now squirreled in my bank and I have developed other interests besides art collecting and moving on. Thanks!
  3. To be in the Moondog collection would be a great honor. Maybe you're like me: I can't afford this art--or afford to keep it!
  4. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm not selling on eBay and not too familiar with these shows. Pretty busy with pursuing other avenues at this point but welcome all ideas.
  5. Yep, I'm HERE! Yep, selling my collection. I don't have a printed catalog. I have put together a big digital sample "catalog" of my 50 year+ collection. I am talking to motivated, passionate, honest, more than fair, nice, very qualified types of various sorts that I know or potential buyers good trusted friends and expert advisors have put me in touch with. I'm in serious relationships/talks/actions, making final inventories (not a super speedy process with my Yoe Books work, kids, life, etc.) and will see how this goes. Based on what is transpiring, I have VERY high hopes, but I also have a Plan B in place (I'm not as dumb as I look). It took a lot of thinking and resolve to acquire my collection, I am applying the same to passing it on. We'll see! Meanwhile, because my momma taught me it's nice to share, I'm sharing some images that are fun to look at on Facebook. on a page that's for sharing not for selling anyway, though some folks apparently would like me to. Some kind folks don't like how I'm exactly handling everything, they might do it different. I respect that. Mutual respect is nice but it doesn't always happen like that and that's okay. My best, Craig
  6. Hi Fellow Golden Age Comics Lovers! The second volume of Super Weird Heroes is at the printer ready to roll, but is sadly being held up because it turns out one page is low-res. We need a scan, from an actual comic, not the inter-webs, of just the Torpedoman splash page. We need this at least 300 dpi, 400 is better. Can you please help or know someone who can?! Thanks very, very much! Yours extremely gratefully, Craig Yoe/Yoe Books
  7. I don't know if scanning through a slabbed copy will work but we're very desperate so I'd love if you would try it! Thanks!
  8. Mr. Bedrock, What are you smoking?!? I don't KNOW any good local comics shops--all the good ones are in Texas!
  9. My new book with hilarious over the top comics by Kirby, Frazetta, Robinson, Meskin, Siegel, Shuster, Kinstler, R. Crumb and many more greats! Superhero comics, crime comics, romance comics, government comics! Crazy cool!
  10. Here's the final cover with Cameron's amazing art: part horror, part carnival schlock, even part art nouveau, yo! This book is selling out fast!
  11. We are about to go to press but realize our cover illo is too low rez. We need at least 300 dpi or better 400+. Can you help us or know someone who can? We'll credit you in the book and give you a complimentary copy for your kind help!
  12. Here's an update list of help we still need, (whittled down thanks to the generous boardie who is now providing 8 covers from our previous list! ) We need help on our Fiction House history book that we are finishing right now! We need HIGH REZ (300 or 400 dpi scans from actual comics--NOT from internet sources). Thanks so much! Here is an updated list of help we need: ***Covers needed:*** Fight Comics #1,13 Jumbo Comics #49, 55 Jungle Comics #17, 33, 80, 81,85, 161 Planet Comics #21, 41, 46, 65 Rangers Comics #1, 42 Wings Comics #13, 37, 87, 94 ***Stories Needed:*** Planet Comic #22 complete Mars story needed Fight #50 complete Kayo Kirby story needed.
  13. Hi! We, at Yoe Books/IDW, are excitedly finishing up a book on the history of Fiction House: "FICTION HOUSE: FROM PULPS TO PANELS, FROM THE JUNGLE TO OUTER SPACE"! We have a number of covers that we need to find scans from actual comic books at 300 DPI, or better yet 400 DPI. And we need one story scanned. We also are looking for hi-rez scans of original art that we have found on-line but don't know who owns it. If we can't find that art we're looking for great alternative examples. We don't want anything from the internet--too low-res, even the Heritage scans. We need scans for actual comics and art. I can be reached by email at YoeComix on the H()Tmail (dawt) com email service or East Coast time by phone 7 days a week at NINE-Juan-for-3-2-five-OH-NINE-Juan-$EVEN. Our books can be seen at YOEBOOKS (d-a-w-t) c ()m Thanks deeply for your kind help!!!--Craig Yoe Here is a list of help we need: ***Covers needed:***Fight Comics #1 Fight Comics #13Fight Comics #35Fight Comics #39Jumbo Comics #49Jumbo Comics #55 Jungle Comics #17Jungle Comics #33Jungle Comics #81 Jungle Comics #80Jungle Comics #85 Jungle Comics #161 Planet Comics #21Planet Comics #29 Planet Comics #41Planet Comics #46 Planet Comics #65 Rangers Comics #1 Rangers Comics #26Rangers Comics #33Rangers Comics #42Rangers Comics #60Wings Comics #13Wings Comics #37Wings Comics #87Wings Comics #94 ***Story Needed:*** Fight #50 6 page Kayo Kirby needed. ***Original Artwork Needed* (Or other primo examples) Original Art for Rangers Comics #37 entire story of "Glory Forbes, M'deah, Mrs. Plush Bilt's ball…”Original artwork for Planet Comics #22 entire story of “Mars God of War, Under the impenetrable, cloud-hidden surface of the planet…” (I have pages 1 thru 5 only. I need 6 thru 10) Original artwork for Jungle Comics #146 last page of Camilla "Downriver--far below the mine of the seven serpents"Original artwork for Jungle Comics #46 Wambi, The Jungle Boy splash page of “Murder!" Original artwork for Wings #124 second page of Captain Wings “Death Below Zero" Or other great art?!? Thanks again!!!--CY
  14. You can help! I'm about to approve the proofs now to the book "Super Weird Heroes: Outrageous But Real". I just wish one cover was at higher resolution. Does anybody have The Funnies #48 with Phantsmo that they can get me a scan of the cover ASAP? The book needs to go to print Monday! Will thank you in the book! Craig Yoe/Yoe Books