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  1. The "airport show," as locals call it, is back again in just a few weeks. Some of the same ol' dealers and some new ones too will be setting up and selling their wares. As with the previous shows, there will be scheduled entry from 9 to noon, then come-one-come-all (if not at capacity) after 1. Contact Derek (the promoter) directly to schedule a time -- his email is dwoywood@yahoo.com -- or you can PM me and I'll get your info over to him. Admission is FREE and parking is free. No guest artists or door prizes. Clarion hotel 76 Industrial Highway Essington, PA 1902
  2. Yes! It is happening! This Sunday, with a couple more dealers than last time, too! Scheduled entry from 9 to noon, then come-one-come-all (if not at capacity) after 1. Contact Derek (the promoter) directly to schedule a time -- his email is dwoywood@yahoo.com -- or you can PM me and I'll get your info over4 to him.
  3. It has. It has been rescheduled for January 24. After that, March 7, April 18, and June 6. Let's hope everything gets better by then.
  4. UPDATE: The December 27 show has been postponed due to local and state restrictions, and has been rescheduled for January 24th! You're sick of your family and want to venture out (with a mask, of course)? Well, head on over to the Philadelphia Comic-Con two days after Christmas. Not sure if there is going to be the assigned entry as of yet, and I'll post updates when I find out, but there will be more dealer tables than last time (36 total, so I figure around 15 dealers). As soon as the list is finalized, I'll post that. Admission is FREE and parking is free. No guest artists o
  5. Very sad news. When I lived in Chicago, Bob would always stop by when I set up at local conventions and was always there with a good joke or jab.
  6. This weekend's show was significantly better than last month's, and a lot more people showed up (and they had money, too). Derek sold an X-Men #1 15 minutes into the day, so he gloated about that for a while until I sold about 20 different issues of Power Pack from my 50-cent bin, so that shut him up pretty good. I think the next show is sometime in November.
  7. I have no idea why that Excalibur special isn't more valuable. First appearance of the team, great Alan Davis art, higher cover price (so it didn't sell nearly as well as the first issue of the regular series). I buy them all the time, too.
  8. Now that I re-read the thread, you're right. That's totally him. (Looking at his stuff on Facebook, the signature looks 100% and the style too: https://www.facebook.com/markaspears).
  9. Message him on Twitter -- https://twitter.com/bartsears -- maybe he can verify if they're by him. They don't look like his art (he has a very distinct style), but who knows.
  10. I know Zapp had several boxes of Marvel horror magazines there on Sunday. (I almost bought all of them, but resisted.)
  11. This weekend, people! Don't miss out! Also, Derek has the new Overstreet volume in stock with about 350 different covers (a slight exaggeration) at 20% off cover price (10% off for the oversized edition).
  12. Again, I'm not defending the guy, but he has a significant dollar presence at local shows. I have never bought anything from him, but I've sold to him on numerous occassions.
  13. I wouldn't say that an area with the comic buying population of New York would only have room for two large buyers. I'm not defending him AT ALL, but he spends money. I've never bought from him, but I've sold to him many, many times.
  14. He buys a lot of books and sells a lot of books. He has very quickly become one of the larger buyers in the New York area.
  15. Super excited to set up again! Picked up a nice collection of 60s Dells, Marvels, and DCs that are newly bagged and priced and ready to go into your collections!
  16. It really, really looks like John Romita re-drew his face. I'd love to see the original art for this to see if there were corrections.
  17. Looking for a customer, if anyone has one for sale. PM with any availabie.
  18. I don't believe he has any space left, since he had to cut down on the number of tables. You could always send Derek an email.
  19. Let's try this one again! The last show was thrown together quickly (because Derek got the OK literally 5 days before the show was happening), but now you have a little more time. So what's different this time? Same great dealers (plus Gary Platt and Bob Cook added to the mix), but some changes on how you get in. From 9 to 12, one-hour slots are available to reserve. (No senior hour this time.) But if you're wanting to find that one special book, reserve a spot and come on down. (Email Derek to request a slot: dwoywood@yahoo.com). From 12 to 4, you can come in and stay as long
  20. The first con I went to was a small Jubilee show in Allentown, PA probably around 1985 or 1986. They mostly did shows in Maryland and Virginia, but once in a while there'd be on in the Lehigh Valley. There was another show in Allentown near the mall that I went to once that had some sort of flooding in the ballroom so they set up the dealers in the space around the indoor pool. I remember buying a Justice League #4 there. The first big show I went to was a Great Eastern Show at the Penta/Pennsylvania Hotel in New York. Fred was an interesting guy...
  21. It was a fantastic show. Turnout was good, and money was being spent. People were really excited to have a comic book con again, and there was a lot of pent up comic buying funds, I suspect. Every dealer I spoke with (including talking to myself) did very well.