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  1. I'm closing this sale down in the next 24-48 hours. I reached my first goal. Any other sales goes into the war chest to start saving up for something big next year. I might add a few new pieces in that time frame. Thanks to everyone that checked it out. jeff
  2. I am raising some funds for a potential big purchase. I have listed a number of pieces in a CAF gallery. The sale will run for a week or until I raise the desired amount. Many pieces never offered before and won't likely be offered again. Some pieces are priced aggressively but they are at prices lower than my normal threshold would be on them to consider an offer. Take a look if so inclined. Contact me via CAF or my website, I don't visit the board very often.
  3. i am looking for a copy of this in any grade that is readable. i need it for reference for some original art. i'd be happy to get some digital pics of the interior if you have one but not looking to part with it. thanks
  4. Congratulations on bringing home such an important piece of art for you. I am sure you will think of your brother every time you look at it.
  5. I have gone through several stages here. I am shrinking my collection so my ideas on organizing have been changing. Almost every piece of art I have is in mylar and then the mylars are inside Itoya portfolios except strip art and really large pieces. So my 11 x 17 art is all in 12 x 18 mylars and they are all stored inside 13 x 19 Itoyas...nice fit. I have mylars made to fit inside the 18 x 24 and 17 x 22 itoyas too. The strip art I store in mylar bags that I have had custom made and stack them flat. The larger art goes into large flat file storage cabinet drawers and I try to have those in mylar too. I have the drawers organized by strip art, large art, giant art, complete stories, illustration art, prints and archival materials. I usually sort by artist but I have a best of Itoya where anything goes and that way I can see my favorites all at the same time. It is also the the portfolio I bring when visiting other collectors for show and tell. I have a lot of art that would bore most other collectors so I spare them that... I then have Itoyas for specific artists I collect deeply. I do have a few character specific portfolios too like prints of Milton Caniff (3 itoyas), Dragon Lady commissions (3 itoyas), Daredevil (down to one itoya now), archie, flash gordon, other commission themes. I have artist specific Itoyas but as my collection shrinks, I might have more than one artist in a portfolio. I also sort by themes/genres so there is an indie art portfolio, illustration art portfolio, jungle girl and fiction house portfolios. I have had 2 portfolios of covers and splashes but most of those have been reorganized or moved on to other collections. A lot of what I have been doing is going through and deciding how badly I need to hang on to stuff. At its peak, my collection was over 5000 pages. I am closer to 3000 now with a goal of 1000 plus extra art from about a dozen artists I'll collect more deeply. Ideally, a smaller, more refined collection with better pieces will be more enjoyable and a better use of my time/money. That is the plan anyways.
  6. hey, That is me! sorry if i missed an email inquiry, i check my emails at least daily so somehow missed it. i'll go through my spam mail shortly to see if it fell in there. my site is usually up to date in terms of what i have sold or not sold but there are pieces i missed taking off in the past and i don't realize they are still there until asked about them again. since caf was set up, the need for a website has declined. i still keep it because interesting things still come my way because of it. sorry for any delay. jeff
  7. there are two issues here. one about the ethics of doing this. the second and bigger issue i think is if it is done is disclosure. i think restoration like cleaning, de-acidifying, removing damaging glue stains, cleaning up stats are for the benefit of the art without adding new elements to it. once pen/ink touches that board or other new material is added, you are into another thing entirely and one i do not personally agree with(with the exception of replacement of missing stats). there is a long history of fine art repair with paintings being cleaned and touched up so this not new and i don't think it is new in our field either other than now it is becoming more common because some of the art has been around long enough that there are aging issues and we are now looking at more pieces that can use some help. for me, i get that getting the original artist to re-ink there work is one way to get things done and would keep the original attribution but as mentioned previously their styles might have changed enough to change the piece(think of neal adams when he re-inked his batman many years later). i agree, a professional restoration expert might produce a more accurate job on the piece than the original artist. in the end, both are re-inked and this is where the second part comes into play, disclosure. how the market values re-inked by original artist vs. accurate re-inking by a professional restorer remains to be tested but personally i'd take the more accurate image over the attribution although i am likely to pass on both. like comic book restoration, disclosure is important. i am sure there are art experts (just like there are comic book experts) who can spot restorations most of the time but for many of us, it might not be possible to make that distinction. whether we agree with restoration or not, it is part of our hobby now and we need to get used to it. i think if a dealer is doing this or knows about this with the piece they are selling, their credibility is on the line if the disclosure is not there. i have had a half dozen pieces restored over the years. in one case a piece of the painting was missing and replaced with some new material. that area had a white base layer of paint over it and this was matched on the new piece. if i were to ever sell this piece, full disclosure would accompany it. who knows what subsequent owners and sellers would disclose but i think it would be their duty to do so. so how do you protect the knowledge so disclosure follows a piece?
  8. Prime era Tracy for sale. I am selling it on behalf of a friend. If interested, please contact me. Price for a quick sale. jeff
  9. hi everyone, i am selling a piece for a friend. Byrne pencils and Rubenstein inks for the Official Marvel Universe Handbook. Kree Sentry. $700 obo plus shipping. Contact me via CAF if interested. First email by time will get it. jeff
  10. both the tos and demon pages are sold. the darrow is a prime, early piece from a sough after vintage and should sell quickly.
  11. hi everyone, i am selling some art for a friend. a nice tos99 page with lots of black pather by kirby/shores, a demon page by kirby and a darrow page from bourbon thret from the 80's featuring a very early shaolin monk. contact me off list for prices and images. they are all priced to sell quickly. it is a zero in b0y, not an o. jeff
  12. hi everyone, i have been looking for tank girl pages for over a decade. they are not easy to find but sometimes when it rains it pours. after getting my first page last month, i have since gotten a second one i am paying off and now have gotten offered a third that i really like. i didn't think i'd be getting rid of any so soon but three is too many and so time to share the wealth. if anyone is interested, contact me off list for details. that is a zero in b0y, not an o. jeff
  13. i checked off the last big thing on my want list from years ago in 2017. a krazy kat sunday. a crumb also got checked off earlier in the year. so, i am onto the ever changing but less important want list. although i won't be in a position to buy for about 2 months, here is my want/wish list of the year colan/everett page - i prefer twice up jhwilliams batwoman page with great layouts hewlett tank girl page - i have been looking for a long time chris ware piece - probably building stories charles burns panel page manga art - tezuka, mizuki. i have never seen art from asano or urasawa for sale but if i found some, i'd be all over that. valerian page by mezieres art by hermann and vance i'd like art by peyo and morris but i doubt i'd pay up for what it will cost. i am not interested in studio art. one day, a nice corto maltese page. if i had the money available, i'd pay up for that. little nemo by mccay is another pipe dream. for the hewlett and williams pages i prepared to overpay for. if you have one you would consider selling, do let me know. jeff
  14. hi everyone, i am going to angouleme for the comic festival next week. it is my first time and i am super excited to be going. any list members going? do drop me a line off list at thanks jeff