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  1. The other half of the story would be appreciated. I'd be interested in it as well. Do tell, Mike. Tell the other 1/2 that I paid you in 2013, I assisted you when you said you needed help, was promised refunds but were never sent, then the moment that you think someone makes you look bad publicly, they get paid. Whatever it is that you think I "wronged" you, please let it out and I'll respond. How am "I" the one swaying public opinion when I simply responded to probation discussions from TWO OTHER Opps that people were in that resulted in the same (no art and years waiting for a refund). A quick search in SS yields 2 others as well. So, again, feel free. I've left out everything but the Mattina Opp not for my sake, but yours. And if you're referring to Michael Sta Maria, where I agreed to commissions on an "Opp" you were running and agreed to reduce the gross amount of refund owed to me by off-setting CGC costs. Then, the moment you learned that Adonis and I and Jun and I were buddies and spoke about the books outside our conversations, you tell Jun then tell me that you want me to sub the commissions under my own account thereby requiring me to hit 10 commissions for an approve-able Mail in amount. Then, it taking me about a month to come up with additional funds to pay for those commissions, cgc costs, and fed ex from the Phillipines to Florida. Sure, there it is. Oh, and somehow you think it's a binding modification of our "contract" for the Mattina Opp where you think you are deserved a $120 (was it) reduction of the original Opp price for further expenses that I incurred, you thinking you're owed $120 in relief for no costs that you incurred. Or is it that you're upset because i acted amicably at Boston comic con because you were 1) witnessing for the cgc booth and 2) because my Maria books were in limbo as I specifically emailed Mike Balent rather amicably allowing it to appear as though it was a transfer of a private mail in as opposed to you ditching it causing the need for the three of us to discuss. Andy please stop, you're twisting the story around. Again. I gave you your refund, you paid for the remainder of the sketches yesterday right before you posted here. You weren't communicating to artist about payment until this happened. And once you got all you could out of me and got your sketches done you cut me off and demanded your refund. Stop it please
  2. It was later disclosed/discovered that the artist never received the money. But at this point, it's been so long, I forget where that information was posted/came from. Whoa, the time to remediate is crazy. Glad it's finally being dealt with. Certainly not the first SS sketch opp that has gone sideways. If the artist never got the money where did it go for so long? How many people got the short end on this, and how much money total was involved? The artist never recieved the funds, funds were sent to someone in connection with artist. Person stopped communication, Paypal protection was long gone. Had to pay out of pocket
  3. Andy you're telling the story in a way to sway public opinion, but you and I know the entire story so if you want to tell half of the story regarding transactions that's on you. But you and I both know better. Refund sent
  4. Right? I hope ALL the people owed money/sketches get an explanation and apology too, as well as their money (obviously). I've been working on refunds before Doug posted doing the best I can thx So what about mine? From the Mattina Opp found HERE. Last you told me, I would be refunded within two weeks of May 28, 2016. I've tried to communicate privately but if my refund gets pushed back to refund those that go publicly (those that are rightfully owed refunds), maybe this is where it should have been taken to begin with. Hey Andy sure I can refund you not a problem. But while we're on the topic do you think you can pay the artist for the 5 sketch covers that I tried to help facilitate for you overseas? You have 5 sketch covers that haven't been paid yet where the artist is waiting for payment from the transactions. Did you want to deduct what's owed to the artist towards your refund? Please email me or text me thx
  5. Right? I hope ALL the people owed money/sketches get an explanation and apology too, as well as their money (obviously). I've been working on refunds before Doug posted doing the best I can thx
  6. Hi Doug what's your paypal? Will refund you in full by this evening thank you My email is please send me your paypal so I can refund you thank you
  7. As I stated in my emails and will state publicly I never said I was waiting for refund from Ryan or his rep from the Benjamin opp. I said I made an error from this opportunity and will be sending a refund Not an interest loan; I had a SICK CHILD and left ALL opps to attend to him. Left job, left everything to take care of personal situation. I APOLOGIZE to you as this was my responsibility; I will refund you the money you sent me for the sketch opp thx
  8. Hello Niro and Juan, Yes I've given partial refunds to some people and full refunds to others. Going down my list and giving out refunds as best I can, have given up sketches of my own to boardies as well to make good on the transactions Like I stated to both of you before in the email communications I've sent to you both, I can give you partial refunds with the rest shortly thereafter. Doing the best that I can, have not ran away and have given you both my email for communication. Will be sending partial refunds to you both this weekend, my apologies as this was my mixup. Told you this in our emails, still sending the refunds, doing my best to send portion shortly like I stated in the communications I've had with you both this week Ryan Benjamin opp 2 of 4 sketches were completed. Gave out 3rd refund a while ago and Niro you are the 4th refund Have not disappeared; both of you have been communicating with me through my emails. Have responded to emails as soon as you sent them Juan I am sending you a portion of the refund this wknd; you have recieved 1 of your 2 sketches you've purchased from my opps, sorry for long delay but it's coming your way thank you
  9. From what I've heard Gerald has gotten out of the comic business
  10. I've had your book for some time now, please email me and I can send your book to you My email is thx
  11. I asked this question a while ago, thought it was time for a revisit What are the top 5 sketch covers in your collection? Your personal favorites? Any backstory behind obtaining the sketch? If you got 'em show' em, my pics will be coming soon!