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  1. Raised a slave? Come on now. I would hope that someone with the name ThothAmon would have actually read the stories, not just watched the arnold movie.
  2. The original box/store display is one of the coolest things ever. This is going in my comic room.
  3. Been quite a while since I've done a sales thread, but I came across an awesome find this past week and thought I would share some of the goodies. Standard rules. No probies or HOS. Paypal preferred. Domestic shipping $10. No international -- sorry. trumps all PMs. So last week I picked up an case of 24 of the Whitman King Kong treasury size comic from 1976, including the original box that folds up to make a store display. THis was one of my all time faorite books as a kid and I read my old copy to pieces many years ago. So this was a huge nostalgia find for me. Obviously I'm keeping a few for myself, but I don't need 24 copies. So I'm going let a few go if folks want one. Although they are high grade copies, many of them do have some minor flaws from storage in the box over the years. Like the DC treasuries it is regular staple bound not square and super tough in high grade. I'll be very conservative and call the ones with just the slightest flaws VF-NM (NCB stress line, soft corner, etc.) and the ones with a few more flaws VF (one or two stress lines, slight color break, etc.). But these are about as nice as you can find. I'll post some more pics as well. Thanks! Jeff VF-NM - $60 (5 available 3 available) VF - $30 (5 available 3 available)
  4. So got em all bagged and boarded and the display set up I'm not going to lie -- the display is frigging cool. I love it!
  5. I plan to keep a few (and the display of course) and sell off the rest, so I'll do sales thread when i get a chance. I'm very glad that the box was already opened so I have no tough decision to make. I'm setting this puppy up in my nerd room. I can use it to store my other treasuries too.
  6. They were sealed apparently, but the seller opened it. I'm actually glad because it saves me from having to make that call. Now I can set up the store display in my nerd room with no guilt.
  7. This an unexpected grail find for me. My favorite comic as a kid -- the Treasury size Whitman King Kong. Full case of 24 hg copies with the original box/store display
  8. Yay a treasury thread! I need to venture out of Gold more often. So i loved treasury editions when I was a kid, but by far my favorite of all was the King Kong Whitman. I loved this book. i still remember where i bought mine. That original copy got read to pieces a long time ago, but I am very excited to have found a full case with the display box. I'm like a kid in a candy store.