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  1. Another Ant Man - and another lower grade but presents well
  2. Nice Cap - one of my favourite covers Some of new arrivals today Ant Man
  3. Meant to say completed the Creepy Worlds FF run!
  4. Nice Gary I completed the Alan Class Creepy Worlds run a while back and was putting together all the Marvel super-hero covers as a low cost past time but prices definitely rising
  5. Love these threads great pictures. I have multiples of every issue of Western Comics - here's a couple
  6. That's the issue that got me collecting them
  7. Went through a Gunsmoke Western phase a few years ago - great Kirby covers and as you say more attainable. I have multiples of #'s 60 - 77 if you need any help with those.
  8. Very impressive. I’m in UK also and can appreciate the effort.