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  1. The cover of Cap #193 alone gets my vote - so iconic.
  2. All love to Royer, then Sinnott - and let's not forget how awesome Romita looked over Jack's pencils!
  3. Were these perhaps giveaways from the Marvel British Weeklies of the time?
  4. I have no idea if my ID merge worked or not. Nearly 10 years of history gone?
  5. KID COLT OUTLAW #103 CGC 8.0 C/OW (singsongy voice) These are sharrr-arrrrp... $215
  6. KID COLT, OUTLAW #83 CGC 8.5 C/OW Stellar high-grade example of an early Kirby Kid Colt Kover! Tied for highest graded, no GPA data on this one. $225