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  1. John from Bronze and Modern Gods popping in to say, thank you for the shoutout! Also, a longtime boardie!
  2. Popping in after a few years absence because I saw this on IG and suspected there would be a thread here - thanks for the intel, another lesson to wait and hear both sides before grabbing the torches and pitchforks...
  3. Another to add - https://www.ebay.com/usr/hooperatscc No payment, no contact, nada - strange, as he has decent feedback prior.
  4. Just off the phone, they noted our call in case he tries to leave me a neg. Thanks!
  5. Just found the cancel button. Love these boards!
  6. He just won my GSX #1 auction tonight, plus an ASM 101 - can I cancel before he pays? How?
  7. Jumping in to say I think he may have gotten me for two high-value books whose auctions ended today. My Spidey sense started tingling, one Google search later, and here I am. I will keep you all posted!
  8. The cover of Cap #193 alone gets my vote - so iconic.
  9. All love to Royer, then Sinnott - and let's not forget how awesome Romita looked over Jack's pencils!
  10. Were these perhaps giveaways from the Marvel British Weeklies of the time?