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  1. If they don't do this show they most likely will be out of business.
  2. it has nothing to do with profits, it has to do with living and enjoying life, Freedom is everything. Marxist accuse their fellow citizens ( or Comic Collectors) of killing people for profits.
  3. I get it now, Down with Capitalisim, up with Marxism. Wake up people we are under attack from every side.
  4. keep drinking the kool-aid, the lock down did not work, the virus is here and we have to open things up again. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Cleary lockdowns don't make it go away! Some people will get it and die, it is unfortunate. People get killed in car crashes also should we ban cars. This the only Virus in my lifetime where the government isolates healthy people and is not focused on sick and most vulnerable people. remove the tyrant dictator Gavin .
  5. OK Bob, you win, I don't know if someone at the show got the VID, but I also don't know if no one got the VID, and even if they did get the VID, how would I know where they got it? My whole point everyday to anyone that will listen is this: We have to separate the Economy from the Virus, they are not connected!
  6. Two weeks gone by and no reports of mass infections from this show. oddly people go about their business everyday and enjoy life, wearing masks( I prefer face shield) and safer ones even wear the gloves. the point is we must get things going again and take personnel responsibility. what happened to; my body my, choice?
  7. Thursday, August 20, 2020 Wizard World Chicago Comic Con (All Day Event) Wizard World Chicago Comic Con Public Show located in Hall A, B, C, D, F & G.
  8. It was a good day and felt great to be back doing things that we used to take for granted , The Valley con in CA went off without a hitch, attendance was low but everyone that showed was eager to spend money. Everyone had a mask on except me, I wore my clear plastic face Shield and everyone wanted to buy one for their selves. If no got the Covid, this was a great success!! It was probably safer than going to Walmart or Target.
  9. I was not planning on bring too much Golden age as this usually is a Silver/Bronze show. I will gladly bring requests but have way too much Golden age to have a General selection. I need titles and Publishers.
  10. I will be selling mostly the reference material that was part of the Billy Shelly collection, but will also have some heavily discounted Marvel and DC Silver/ Bronze age comics in higher grades. T.
  11. Upcoming Events: August 20, 2020-August 23, 2020 Wizard World Chicago Comic Con (All Day Event) Donald Stephens Convention Center the Convention center site says the show is still on.