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  1. Looking at the GCD, I think it *is* the copy there. Look at the foxing spot in the R in Gordon.
  2. The one that just sold last week on eBay will be coming to a thread near you shortly. ( ) The one shown above also sold on eBay a couple of weeks prior to that for about twice the price.
  3. My first thought was 5.5 too. Fine doesn't seem out of the question though.
  4. Ah, Pogo, my first vintage run completed. Love 'em. (Hmm, my photography skills have come on a lot since then!)
  5. Better than 2.5 but how much? I'd say 3.0 is about right but if the book feels nice and solid VG- quite possible.
  6. Wow, thank you for your dedication to the thread! Yes, that one counts, but it's a first appearance in the thread because I had that one before I started it. And yours is so nice a copy it's certainly welcome. If you want to see other war bonds covers, have a look at the gallery I set up. (Should be linked in my sig below.)
  7. I have the first four JIM/Thor volumes and Kirby's art is great in B&W. And the run from about 115-165 is terrific reading in any format.
  8. That does look like the glossy stock. As I said earlier, I *think* my 62 was glossy a lot of handling ago, but can't be 100% sure. If someone would like to send me a high grade copy I promise to report back! (For that matter, better send a 9 and 29 as well - we can't be too careful...)
  9. Thanks @Scrooge - a consistent picture is starting to emerge of a switch to glossy stock in the first part of 1948. (Though WDC&S never had anything else.) I have only one Four Color below 100 and that's too low grade to be of much help. Do you think the early ones were glossy or matt? I.e. Was the pattern: gloss --> matt --> gloss or was it just matt --> gloss?
  10. Drop me a PM if you like Kevin, as I'm fishing in the same pond and sometimes have things to sell. (I have a vague recollection we've corresponded before but I can't find a PM stream.) If you're interested in Australian Disneys I just bought a small collection of those I'm about to sell. You can see my Australian comics here: Andrew
  11. I think we should try to answer this! Let me start with some data points from my own collection: 1) WDC&S never had matt covers 2) Animal Comics #9 (Jun/Jul 1944) and #23 (Oct-Nov 1946) were printed with the matt cover stock. I don't have any of the surrounding issues to check, but we know that at least one other Dell title had the dull covers. 3) My #62 (Jan 1945) is low grade but I *think* it is on glossy paper. Four Colors 108 (May 1946), 147, 148 (May 1947), 159 and 178 (Dec 1947) all had matt stock (so presumably all of the copies in between?) but 189 (June 1948) and 199 are back on semi-gloss stock. Perhaps @Scrooge could help with this? That caused a falling out between Walt Kelly and Dell. He thought they were trying to cash in on the popularity of Pogo (could well be right, as other Dells remained 10c) and it led him to dropping all comic work to focus on the strip.
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    And much. much bigger! I'm not sure what's going on in that picture...