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  1. Hello all. I'm looking to have Mr. Layton sign a few of my old Valiants and I'm hoping this raw Solar 3 is a strong 9.8 candidate. There are 2 areas I noticed but am not sure if it will knock the book down a grade or not. Bottom left corner and back cover near the letter A. Thanks for any observations you have!
  2. Hi all, I'm in the market for a couple mid level keys: Ms. Marvel #1 (1977) Raw or Graded : I'm looking for somewhere between 7.0 to maybe up to 9.0 Fantastic Four #67 (1967) Raw or Graded : looking for something up to the VG / 5.0ish range I appreciate the time and Happy Mothers day!
  3. No damage to the board or package. It doesn't appear to be fresh damage. I was thinking 8.0 myself.. maybe a good pressing candidate. Seller is supposed to give me a partial refund.
  4. Hello all! It's been a few years since I was active on this board. I hope to be around more often! In the mean time I picked up this Thor #339 on the bay. Seller described as NM and for the most part looked accurate with some general over view pics. Once I got it in person I noticed a crease on the top right hand corner running through the book. I'd like opinions on a truer grade for this book with the crease. Everything else looks flat. I'm thinking VF / 8.0-9.5 range?
  5. I remember there was discussion about what comics he will and won't sign. Does anyone know if he still has restrictions and what they are exactly?