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  1. Would be nice if someone could add (in Toronto) or something to the thread title. There are a number of "Paradise Comics" in North America who are not involved here.
  2. CKB

    VIN or Watermark identification for Comics?

    I think if there was a solution that did not hurt the paper in any way, it could work. Especially in the margin on an interior page. You have so many grades and types of papers used in comics, though. Wouldn't be completely straightforward to test and be confident in the safety of a marking procedure. Just an anecdote... I was selling a model train collection for someone and was worried about fraud on the more expensive engines. I marked them in invisible blacklight ink and did catch someone returning a different, broken engine to me. eBay sided with me at the time but I doubt it would go my way today.
  3. This has to be the worst thing I have ever read, period. You can single or double quote me on that.
  4. CKB

    Cerebus 1 - Real or Fake?

    Who would counterfeit DK 1-4??
  5. CKB

    Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    That won't usually work. It's like the pages were held improperly when the book was stapled. Like it was twisted somehow. I have over 100 unread overstock copies and none of them are 9.8. Obviously flat ones do exist, it's just not as easy as you would think. Couple that will sloshing in cheap boxes for years and it's even worse. Paper stock stinks too. There are so few in the census that I would not hesitate to send candidates to CGC for 9.8 pre-screening. The Unity storyline will always hold some nostalgia for a certain age group. I can't envision not being able to sell a 9.8 well into the black all this year, regardless of the doings in the Valiant world.
  6. Alas, I think the non-performing seller strikes have gone the way of the Dodo. Once a seller refunds your money there is no longer a web-mechanism to complain about anything, except to call eBay.
  7. CKB

    JIM #83 Graders notes

    I don't have my OGG in front of me, and OGG is not CGC, but I would be surprised if small pieces out of the margin affected grades at 8.0 and below. The notation was put on the label because the defect is hidden by the encapsulation, IMHO.
  8. CKB

    How to break into Valiant

    If you head over to, you can find the release order for all the new VEI books, which is what I assume you are currently reading. I doubt there is anything better than release order! For VH1, you can not only find "release order" but a number of suggested "reading orders" for the first universe. It is 100% not required to read VH1 to get into VEI. But you are missing out if you don't at least get the background of the pre-unity books from the early 90s. Missing out just because they are very good.
  9. CKB

    What are the best all-ages story arcs?

    There is a collected edition of Spidey Super Stories that introduces a ton of marvel characters. I'd recommend the whole run to pre-teens. But really what I think you might want right now is the Infinity Gauntlet mini, given your new guidance.
  10. CKB

    Exciting Comics 30 - CGC 6.5 Advice Please!

    Yeah, with something like this I would want enough in my favor to replace the traded "scarce" book with a lower grade copy. Really a book you hate to see go. Hulk 181s are readily available in every grade and every variation within each grade. But liquidity can be king nowadays, so I can definitely see it making sense. I hesitate to mention what I sold a 9.0 and 9.2 Hulk 181 for about 10 years ago. It was a very good price at the time, but it sure makes me ill now.
  11. CKB

    Shooter’s Valiant

    Even Shooter's involvement could not save the "Dark Key" line. The art doomed it, IMHO. The physical books are nice, though, and they do have a throwback quality to them. You can pick up full runs every so often for a few dollars a book sometimes. The GK properties were excluded from the VEI reboot only because VEI could not strike a deal to get the licenses for them. There was a ton of drama when Shooter left VEI to bootstrap the "Dark Key" books... all part of why VEI could not get them to license the properties. Anyway, there is no one more nostalgic for the pre-Unity and Unity valiant era than me. Not only has it been my lifelong collecting focus, it was the crux of my side business while I was pretending to be a comic dealer while attending college. I believe it was the 1992 or 1993 New York City Javitz convention that I was set up at with almost every book on my display board a pre-unity valiant. It was quite a time.
  12. CKB

    New Collection We Looked At

    The collection is a dream and a nightmare at the same time. So much stuff that is rarely traded and even rarely seen. How do you know what to pay for it? How do you price it once it's purchased? It's maddening enough to think the right move is to walk away at anything but the most comfortable pricing. And then there is the time already invested just trying to go through it. Uggh!
  13. Hey that would go nice with my Little Lulu 16. Hmmm... But to your question...yes, they were printed in huge numbers, widely distributed, bought mainly by kids and the *spoon* was read out of them. So something along the lines of a 7.0 is going to be tough. Maybe lower your standards a bit and go with more presentation than overall grade.
  14. CKB

    Anyone own a CGC 10?

    A discussion about knowing there should be more or less 9.9s or 10s seems futile. How can anyone comment meaningfully unless the standard that is used for each grade is known? I don't think they can. We can speculate about the standard these books are held to all day long (indeed, I do it all the time) but until then we really have no clue. Or has CGC published a grading standard that I am unaware of? Oh and...
  15. Wow. It never goes this way. Great to see the police interested and the community helping out and such a meaningful result.