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  1. Any reasonable offer will be accepted.
  2. Ok a one time big discount. $200 plus shipping.
  3. A sweet Cap from a Cap artist Mitch Breitweiser. Not an easy sketch to get these days. PayPal accepted, shipping is $10 in conus. trumps all Asking $250 ]
  4. Thank you. You are the new owner of an amazing sketch.
  5. Im selling my Gabriele Dell'Otto watercolor Super Skrull 9.8 sketch. I'm hoping for a quick sale so this will be the cheapest painted Dell'otto sketch you will find. Plus, I will throw in a Tom Raney Punisher sketch in for free if I get my asking price. The Raney is on a custom blank and had a NR (no rating) grade. It is a yellow label so it is authentic. PayPal accepted, shipping is $10, time payments are available and trumps all Asking $480
  6. Ok I'm going to lower this book as far as I can I without taking a beating. How about $150?
  7. Here we have a Esad Ribic Thor sketch for sale. Esad has numerous Thor books published by Marvel and he doesn't disappoint with this sketch. Asking $180 PayPal accepted, shipping is a flat $10 in the concus and discounted elsewhere. :takeit:trumps all
  8. Oh yeah I am always open to trades for key Marvel books too.
  9. The one and only time you will see this for sale on the boards. Here we have a full figure Stan Lee sketch by Joe Sinnott. The book is also signed by John Romita. Get this amazing piece of art signed by Stan. Paypal accepted, shipping is free in the conus and discounted elsewhere. trumps all. Asking $700
  10. Oh and I am always open to trade for Marvel keys.
  11. Allan Bellman asking $240 Craig Rousseau and inked by Bob Almond asking $225 ]
  12. PayPal accepted, shipping is FREE in the conus and discounted elsewhere. First up, Alex Maleev watercolor Cap asking $290 [/img] More to come.
  13. I'm selling 10 copies of the Hateful Eight Roadshow program as a bundle. All are in excellent condition. I'd like to sell them all to one person hence the cheap price. All 10 for $35 shipped conus. The centerfolds are 9 of Walton Goggins (Chris Mannix) and 1 Kurt Russel (John Ruth). PayPal accepted, trumps all.
  14. Final price drop on the Bachalo. $460. For a triple figure sketch from him this is a major bargin.
  15. PayPal accepted, :takeit:Trumps all and shipping is free in the conus, discounted elsewhere. Bernard Chang WWII Captain America. sold The boardie who "bought" this originally strung me along for a few weeks and never paid so here it is again. Chris Bachalo triple figure sketch. $550 $500 ] ]
  16. Very easy transaction and he shipped the book very quickly. I hope to do business with you again.
  17. So this book was sold and the "buyer" has not followed through wiith one important part of the process, the paying. Anyway, I'm now going to see if I can get a trade going for this beauty. It's a yellow label 9.8 I'm looking for Marvel graded keys in return. Silver or bronze are preferred but I might be open to newer keys. Chris Bachalo